Appointment of Ombudsman for taking action on the observations of Social Audit

Government of India vide their letter have issued directions under section 27(1) of the MGNREG Act, for appointment of ‘Ombudsman’ for adjudicating disputes regarding entitlements, under the Act.

have decided to appoint ‘Ombudsman’ in every district entrusted with the responsibility of examining all complaints of irregularities pointed out by the Social Audit and passing ‘Awards’ expeditiously.

Notification have been issued inviting applications for appointment of ‘Ombudsman’ to fill up the vacancies in districts from the persons of eminent standing and impeccable integrity having at least 20 years of experience in Law, Public Administration, Social Work or Management.

The Selection Committee after scrutinizing the applications, approved the following ‘4’ candidates for appointment of ‘Ombudsman’ to the districts as detailed below:

1. Sri M.Naga Rao – Adilabad
2. Dr. G.Tirupal – Mahabubnagar
3. Sri B.Tirupathi – Nizamabad
4. Sri K.Praveen Kumar – Karimnagar

In compliance with the instructions given in para 2.2.1 (appointment tenure and removal) of Order No.J-11011/21/2008 NREGA Dt.7.09.2009, the list of selected candidates were displayed on the RD website.

After examination, Government hereby appoint the above selected candidates as ‘Ombudsman’ for the ‘4’ Districts under the instructions issued under Sec 27 of MGNREGA by the Government of India.

The Administrative and the Technical Support required for the functioning of the office of ‘Ombudsman’ is to be provided by the Project Director, DWMA, of the concerned district. Transportation facility is to be provided by the Project Director (DWMA) by hiring a vehicle as per the Government norms.

The tenure for the post of ‘Ombudsman’ is for a period of one year, subject to extension for a period of one more year, basing on the performance appraisal made by the Selection Committee at the end of the year.

The cost towards the expenditure for appointment of ‘Ombudsmen’ shall be met from the administrative cost under MGNREGS.

1. No.J-11011/21/2008-NREGA Ministry of Rural Development Government of India Dated 7th September 2009.
2. G.O.Ms.No.142 PR & RD (RD-II) Department, DT:21-04-2010.
3. File No.795/A/CVO/Omb/2010 of the Director, Rural Development, Hyderabad Dt.17.01.2013.

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