2331.47 Crores Revised Estimate for Jawahar Nettempadu Lift Irrigation Scheme

Telangana Government with GO 68 on 7 November 2016 2nd Revised Estimate for Jawahar Nettempadu Lift Irrigation Scheme for an amount of Rs.2331.47 Crores.

History Jawahar Nettempadu Lift Irrigation Scheme

Telangana Govt orders were issued according administrative approval for Jawahar Nettempadu Lift Irrigation Scheme for an amount of Rs.1428 Cr. Subsequently, the Government has accorded the approval for Revised estimate for an amount of Rs.1862.73 Cr.

2. In the circumstances reported by the Engineer-in-Chief (I), Hyderabad in the referenced, Government after careful examination of the proposal hereby accord 2nd Revised Administrative sanction for Jawahar Nettempadu Lift Irrigation Scheme for an amount of Rs. 2331.47 Crores (Rupees two thousand three hundred and thirty one crores and forty seven lakhs only) subject to the following conditions:

1. Consider the arrears amounts in terms of G.O. Ms. No.146, I&CAD (Reforms) Dept., Dated.08-10-2015 towards variation in concrete quantity for the additional structures over structures provision made in IBM only in the packages.

2. Consider the ‘R’- value as work done value excluding VAT, Cess and Seigniorage charges while making payment towards Price adjustment for Labour and other materials.

3. The Chief Engineer is responsible for the correctness of approved/ paid amounts towards price adjustment for E&M parts, Cement, Steel, POLs, Labour and Other Materials.

4. Taking up of new works are subject to following due procurement procedures and relevant codal provisions.

3. The above sanctioned amount details appended in Annexure-I to this order.

4. The above expenditure is chargeable to the Head of Account “4700 – 01 – 144 – 11 – 26 – 530 / 531 – 27 – 530 / 531 – 26 – 532 – Lands – 27 – 532 – Lands – 49 –500/501-Compensation /274 HTCC Charges”.

5. The Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation), Hyderabad shall take necessary action accordingly.

6. This order issues with the concurrence of the Finance (WP) Department vide their U.O. No.12154/181/WP/A1/2016, Dated:17-10-2016.

G.O.Ms. No.68 Date:07-11-2016 

GO. Ms. No.108, I&CAD (Maj. Irr.-IV) Dept., Dt.22-06-2005.

GO. Ms. No.88, I&CAD (M&MI-T1-A1) Dept., Dt.02-09-2013.

From the ENC (I), Hyderabad, Lr. No. ENC(I)/DCEIV/ OT6/ AEE14/ JNLIS/Revised estimate, Dt:17-06-2016


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