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Toopran Municipality 16 wards

Toopran Municipality into sixteen (16) wards Final Notification Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Toopran Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Toopran Municipality into sixteen (16) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed and requested to issue final notification.

Toopran Municipality into 16 wards Reservation list for Municipal elections on 22 January 2020

Seats Reserved for STs Total :- 1
Seats Reserved for STs General :- 1
Seats Reserved for STs Women :- 0

Seats reserved for SCs Total :- 2
Seats reserved for SCs General:- 1
Seats reserved for SCs Women :- 1

Seats reserved for BCs Total :- 5
Seats reserved for BCs General :- 3
Seats reserved for BCs Women :- 2

Unreserved Women (G) :- 5
UnReserved / Genaral:- 3

Last date for withdrawal of candidature 14.01.2020 (Tuesday) upto 3 00 PM)
Date for Publication of final list of contesting candidates 14.01.2020 (Tuesday) (After 3:00 PM)
Date of Poll 22.01.2020 (Wednesday) (From 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
Date of Re-Poll, if any 24.01.2020 (Friday)
Date of Counting of votes 25.01.2020 (Saturday) (From 8.00 AM onwards)

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference 2nd read above, Government hereby decide to issue final notification of division of Toopran Municipality into sixteen (16) wards.

The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette:

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Telangana Municipalities Act No. 1 1 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Mse.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Toopran Municipality into sixteen (16) wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect. Annexure to Toopran Municipality G.O.Ms.N0394 , MA & UD (MA) Department Dated:17.12.2019


Toopran Municipality WARD 01
NORTH Starts From railway track bridge to Gouraram Narayana Reddy House Narayana Reddy House to Sri Ram Reddy House towards Bayer Company
EAST Starts From Bayer Company along Main Road to Nandala Durga Prasad House
SOUTH Starts From Nandala Durga Prasad House to Brilliant School and from Pedda Chervu Shikam to BiPass Road
WEST Starts From Bi-Pass Road(DABHA) along HighWay Road to NagualaPally Chowrasta, from NagualaPally Chowrasta to Brahmam Gari Gudi(RailWay Track)

Toopran Municipality WARD 02
NORTH Stars from Haldi Vaagu (Bayer Company) to TatapapanPally Hanuman Temple and from TatapapanPally Hanuman Temple to Gundreddy Pally Road.
EAST Stars from Gundreddy Pally Road to Medek Chervu Katta
SOUTH Starts from Medek Chervu Katta to Tholla Wajid Ali House .
WEST Starts from Tholla Wajid Ali House along main Road to Bayer Company.

Toopran Municipality WARD 03
NORTH Starts from Wadiyaram Prakash House to Medek Chervu Katta( Parsa RajaMallaiah House).
EAST Stars from Parsa RajaMallaiah House to Puttakota Primary School
SOUTH Starts From PuttaKota Primary School to Potharaj Narayana House
WEST Stars from Potharaj Narayana House to Gaddar House(Laxmi Kiranam) from Laxmi Kiranam to SaiBaba Temple Kamaan, SaiBaba Temple Kamaan to Siddhartha School and from Siddhartha School to Wadiyaram Praksh House.

Toopran Municipality WARD 04
NORTH Starts From Potharaj Narayana House to PuttaKota Primary School and from PuttaKota Primary Schoo to Medek Chervu Shikam( Gundreddy Pally Road)
EAST Starts From Haldi Vaagu to Kistapur Road
SOUTH Starts from Haldi Vaagu to Tammadi Kunta(Abyasa School Road)
WEST Starts From Mandha Balesh House to Prathapa Praveen Kumar Sharma House and Praveen Kumar Sharma House Via Tirunagary Srinivasa Chary House to MD Gasyoddin House and MD Gasyoddin to Kodipyaka Takkayya House and Kodipyaka House to Chakilam Narsimlu House and from Chakilam Narsimlu House to Potharaj Narayana House

Toopran Municipality WARD 05
NORTH Starts From Kodipyaka Narayana(Raghupathi, Theatre Road ) House to Abyasa School, from Abyasa School(Tammadi Kunta Shikam) to Haldivaagu
EAST Starts From Haldi Vaagu
SOUTH Starts From Haldi Vaagu via Golden Park to Allapur Road , From Allapur Road to Golden Park, from Golden Park via RDO Office Road to S.Mohan Rao Pathulu House
WEST Starts From S. Mohan Rao Panthulu House via Uduta Yellam House to Kottamula Narsimlu House, Kottamula Narsimlu House to Luthpur Rahman House and from Luthpur Rahman House to Kodipyaka Narayana House(Raghupathi).

Toopran Municipality WARD 06
NORTH Starts From Sha Traders via Thetre Road to Katke Shankar House, form Katke Shankarto Mantri JayaLaxmi House, from Mantri JayaLaxmi House to Kotta Narsimlu House and Kottamula Narsimlu House to
S.Mohan Rao Pat House and from S.Moha Rao Panthulu House to RDOOffice Road(Goldark, Allapur Road) to Haldi vaagu EAST Starts From Haldi
SOUTH Starts From Hate: Vaagu to Double Bedroom Houses, from Civil Supply Godowns via Lingui eddy Garden to Mamindla Krishna House(Main Road)
WEST Starts From Mamindla Krishna House(Main Road) Via Raghaven&a Hospital to Shabhari Traders

Toopran Municipality WARD 07
NORTH Starts from Civil Str ‘Ply Godowns to Double Bedroom Houses.
EAST Starts from Hald
SOUTH Starts from Shevar
WEST Starts from HP ump, Olympia School and Toll Gate

Toopran Municipality WARD 08
NORTH Starts From Nat ur road & Lingareddy Garden
EAST Starts From RajaRajeshwari School
SOUTH Starts From Pothrajpalli Shevar(Gandhi Statue Street ), Main Road to Ravelly Village Road till Bi-Pass Road
WEST Starts From Highway 44 ( Ravelly Village Road till Bi-Pass Road to Beedi Colony Narsapur Road)

Toopran Municipality WARD 09
NORTH Starts from Mahfil Dhaba along Highway Road to Gandhi Statue Street & Geetha Reddy Colony(PothrajPally)
EAST Starts from 01 mpia School & Toll Gate
SOUTH Starts From Kareemguda
WEST Starts From Mallanna Temple & TATA Coffee Road

Toopran Municipality WARD 10
NORTH Starts From Padalapalli shevar
EAST Starts From Railway Station, TATA Coffee ltd.
SOUTH Starts from Narsapur Road(Tata Coffee to HP Petrol Pump Near ShabashPally)
WEST Starts From Voora cheruvu

Toopran Municipality WARD 11
NORTH Starts From Nagulapalli Shevar & Toopran Shevar
EAST Starts From Highway(from Nagulapally Chowrasta to Narsapur Road)
SOUTH Starts From Bramhanpalli Shevar(Tata Coffee to Geetha Colony (Bi-Pass Road) )

Toopran Municipality WARD 12
NORTH Starts From Thati Vittal House(VG Smart Cloth Store via Saaroni Thota, Shivalayam via Pedda Chervu Shikam to NH 44 to Vinodh Family Dhaba
EAST Starts From Thati Vittal House(VG Smart Cloth Store) to Goli Venkatesham House(Narsa ur X-Road
SOUTH Starts From Goli Venkatesham House(Narsapur X-Road) to ST.Arnold School and from Nalanda Degree & PG College and Mahfil Dhaba.
WEST Starts From Ravelly to Narsapur Road(Tata Coffee Front Side Road & Geetha Ice Cream Factory), from Tata Coffee to Geetha Ice Cream Factory and Geetha Ice Cream Factory via NH44 Vinodh Family Dhaba.

Toopran Municipality WARD 13
NORTH Starts From Municipal Office to Pulle Ramulu House , from Pulle Ramulu House via kottamula Balaiah House to Bollu Venkatesh & Mamindla Durgaiah House
EAST Starts From Mamindla Durgaiah House to Geetha Mandhir
SOUTH Starts From Geetha Mandhir(Theatre Road) to Katke Shnakar Shop(Manju Bakery)
WEST Starts From Katke Shnakar Shop(Manju Bakery) to Municipal Office(Main Road)

Toopran Municipality WARD 14
NORTH Starts From Siddhartha School Via SaiBaba Temple Kamaan to Gaddhar House(Jogu Maisaiah House)
EAST Starts From Jogu Maisaiah House via Jyothi Vidyalayam to Pola Manikyam House
SOUTH Starts From Pola Manikyam House Via Vinayak Temple to Majeed(Main Road)
WEST Starts From Majeed Main Road via Muthoot Finance to Siddhartha School

Toopran Municipality WARD 1 5
NORTH Starts From Daaram Sambaiah Kiranam to Kodipyaka Lachalu House , from Kodipyaka Lachalu House to Kammari Ramulu House, Kammari Ramulu House via MD Rahim House to Nin a Nagaiah House
EAST Starts From Ninga Nagaiah House to Tallari Nagaraju House.
SOUTH Starts From Tallari Nagaraju House to Baikaadi Ramulu Shed.
WEST Starts From Baikaadi Ramulu Shed to Bala Anjaneya Temple , from Bala Anjaneya Temple to Pole Pally Jagadeesh House and Pole Pally Jagadeesh House to Daaram Sambaiah House(Bukkolla Sandi).

Toopran Municipality WARD 16
NORTH Starts From Goyikaar Mohan House to Daaram Sambaiah House
EAST Starts From Daaram Sambaiah House to K.Srinivas Reddy House, from K.Srinivas Reddy House to Mangali Nagulu House and from Mangali Nagulu House to Kummari Shankar House.
SOUTH Starts From Kummari Shankar House to Gajam Pundareekam Cloth Store
WEST Starts From Gajam Pundareekam Cloth Store(Main Road) to Goyikaar Mohan House

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