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Karimnagar Municipal Corporation Election to 60 wards

Karimnagar Municipal Corporation Election to 60 wards

Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Karimnagar Municipal Corporation y has submitted a proposal for division of Karimnagar Municipal Corporation into sixty (60) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed and requested to issue final notification

Karimnagar Municipal Corporation into 60 wards Reservation list for Municipal elections on 22 January 2020

karimnagar municipal corporation election
karimnagar municipal corporation elections wards
karimnagar municipal corporation election results 2020

2019 issued thereunder, the State Election Commission, Telangana, hereby, calls upon the registered voters of
Karimnagar Municipal Corporation, in Karimnagar District to elect Members of the
Wards thereof and, hereby, notifies the following programme for conduct of election.
Last date for withdrawal of candidature	16.012020 (Thursday)
U to 3:00 PM
Date for Publication of final list of contesting candidates.	16.01.2020 (Thursday)
After 3:00 PM
Date of Poll
Date of Re-Poll, if an
Date of Counting of votes	24.01.2020 ( Friday)
From 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
25.01.2020 Saturda
27.0112020 (Monday)
From 8.00 AM onwards
Date of declaration of results	Soon after the completion of countin of votes

Last date for withdrawal of candidature 14.01.2020 (Tuesday) upto 3 00 PM)
Date for Publication of final list of contesting candidates 14.01.2020 (Tuesday) (After 3:00 PM)
Date of Poll 22.01.2020 (Wednesday) (From 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
Date of Re-Poll, if any 24.01.2020 (Friday)
Date of Counting of votes 25.01.2020 (Saturday) (From 8.00 AM onwards)

After examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference, the Government of TS decide to issue final notification of division of Karimnagar Municipal Corporation into sixty (60) wards.

The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette: NOTIFICATION

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Telangana Municipalities Act No. 11 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Karimnagar Municipal Corporation into sixty (60) wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect.


WARD 01:
Starts from 2-56/3 and moves southern side through main road up to 4-85/3A, then take western side 4-78/C then moves North east side up to H.No. 4-75/4/1, then move on western side up to, then moves on western side up to H.No. 4-61/52, then moves on western side up 4-64, then move on north side through Revenue colony road up to municipal corporation boundary, then move towards eastern side up to R&B Mancherial road. duly covering 1-90/2/1 to 1-101/C, 2-1 to 2-56, 3-1 to 3-103, 4-1 to 4-56, 4-66 to 4-69/27/E/40, 4-69/47/L to 4-69/51/H, 5-1 to 5-8/1,4-76 to 4-100, 4-70 to 4-73/6/1

WARD 02:
Starts at Vallampahad northern side corner and moves southern side touches Vallampahad S-E corner touches H.No’s 4-69/62/B/11, 4-69/63, 4-69/52/15 and moves all along Mancherial road and moves northern side up to H.No: 2-57/1 of Theegalaguttapally and finally closes at 2-88/1, duly covering H.No’s:1-1 to 3-59, 4-69/29 to 4-69/65/20, 1-1 to 1-91, 2-57/1 to 2-88/1, 3-6-649 to 3-6-769 &
10-4-713 to 10-4-799.

WARD 03:
Starts at H.No:10-5-723 and moves all along old Karimnagar boundary up to Pravista Apartments then takes S-W up to Peddapally Road then takes western side up to railway station road then moves northern side up to H.No:10-5-431 and moves through 10-5-719 and finally closes at H.No: 10-5-723 duly covering H.No: 10-5-431 to 10-5-825/4, 10-6-1 to 10-6-111 & 10-6-226 to 10-6-258.

WARD 04:
Boundary starts from North East covered at H No. 6-3-11 moves towards south via 6-3-7 upto Peddapally road at 6-3-20 and moves towards west direction touches Bharath petroleum H No. 6-3-35, LAF Church, 6-3-64, TATA Hospital 6-3-372 and turns towards North East direction touches H No.6-3-396/A, 6-3-315/1, 6-3-285 & 6-3-286/C/1 takes turn towards South East up to 6-3-287 and take turn toward North East up to 6-3-8/A, and finally closes 6-3-11 at North East corner duly covering to 6-3-400.

WARD 05:
Starts at North East corner at H No. 6-2-922, Health centre moves towards
South East touches Sufah convent school of urban 6-2-822/A/3, 6-2-822/A/1, 6-2822/A, 6-2-822/D/1/1, 6-2-822/F, and take turn towards south direction touches H No. 6-2-822/7, moves towards west direction up to 6-2-795/3 and take turn towards south touches H No. 6-2-551 / 1, 6-2-550/5/1, 6-2-554/2 moves towards north and duly covering H No.6-2-648, 6-2-750 & 6-2-875 and take turn towards East duly covering H.No.6-2-922 and finally closed at North East at H No. 6-2-922 duly covering H.No.6-2-490 to 6-2-926.

WARD 06:
It starts at H No. 5-4-232/1 on Municipal boundary then moves southern side up to H No. 5-7-356 then turns towards west side at H No. 5-7-622 then moves towards North up to H No. 5-6-368/11, runs along the internal road towards west direction up to Maruthinagar Junction moves downwards up to Hanuman temple then turns towards west direction along the internal road up to H No. 5-5-32, and then joins the Kapuwada Gandhi school road and moves towards north joining NN Garden road up to H No. 5-4-197, finally turns towards east and ends at H No.5-4-232/1 touching Municipal boundary duly covering H Nos.5-4-101 to 5-4-332/4,5-5-52 to 5-5-102,5-6514 to 5-6-663& 5-7-357 to 5-7-622.

WARD 07:
Starts at N-E corner of 2-94 Dilapidated house of Sadhashivapalli moves southern side of Warangal Highway – 563 east Hanuman Paraboiled rice mill Warangal Highway and moves towards west side crossing the Manair river of Hyderabad Ramagundam Highway up to H.No: 7-4-1 of HB colony moves towards along Peddapally by pass road up to 5-7-356 of HB colony moves towards H.No: 5-7-357, Sammakka sarakka Park to Varahala Swamy temple at 5-7-533 and moves toward southern side up to 5-7-900 moves towards eastern side via centre park and finally closes at 5-7-1 duly covering’s: 1-1 to 1-103/2, 2-1 to 2-102, 3-1 to 3-100, 4-1 to 4-51, 5-7-1 to 5-7-356, 5-7-623 to 5-7-1179.

WARD 08:
Starts at N-E corner of Old Pochamma temple moves towards southern side Warangal highway – 563 Vijaya poultry/ Arunodaya Industries and moves along Fields Hanuman temple (South side) and moves towards western side up to Manair Dam bank Pochamma temple and moves along bank of dam and moves toward east along Warangal high way up to 3-101 (Majid) up to Peddapanadi and towards N-E corner of old pochamma temple duly covering I -I to 1-100, 2-1 to 2-100, 3-1 to 3-101, 4-1 to 4-100/65/8, 5-1 to 5-100/48, 6-1 to 6-104.

WARD 09:
Starts at H.No.8-6-305/5 and moves along boundary of old Karimnagar and runs along the Manair river and comes back i.e to northern side along Kaman road up to H.No: 8-6-381 (Ford Showroom) and moves eastern side and finally closes at 8-6-305/5 passing through H.No’s 8-5-402, 8-6-110/14 duly covering’s: 8-5-553/2/ I to 8-5661, 8-6-1 to 8-6-406.

WARD 10:
Starts at Opp: Govt Primary school (H No. 8-1-1) road and moves Easter side all along the road and at temple turns down Southern side moves along compound wall to alkapuri grave yard to bypass all along water treatment plant turns to western side all along siricilla by pass road and turns northern side at gowthaminagar road and finally joins Giddapermandla temple road duly covering’s.8-1-1 to 8-1-208, 8-4-528 to 8-4-759, 8-7-185 to 8-7-344

WARD 11:
Starts at 8-2-462 beside kakatiya school moves downwards to P.G College road including H No.8-1-209 to 8-1-249 then turns towards East at H No.8-1-209 up to H No. 8-1-249, then towards down wall touching Giddeperumandla road and turns towards PG college and then goes utpo to bypass road and turns western side towards Siricilla bypass again takes southern side at H.No: 8-2-69/5/3 to 8-2-103/4,8-2-234/2 towards shivalayam at and joins at duly covering H.No’s: 8-2-1 to 82-462,8-1-209 to 8-1-249.

WARD 12:
Starts at Hanuman temple PG college road @ Kakatiya school and turns north up to brundhavan garden, 8-2-462/A to 8-2-512/1, 8-3-1 to 8-3-19, 8-3-63 to 8-3-109, 8-3-122/A, 8-3-123 to 8-3-137, 8-3-154 to 8-3-249 through peddamma temple Road.

WARD 13:
Start at 8-3-473/1 at Sapthagiri colony road turns towards eastern side and turn down southern side to Lahari Appartments moves down at Venkateshwara Society office road no.9, venkateshwara colony and turns western side towards Petrol bunk (Including) and moves northern side on bypass road all along Sapthagiri school to the end of Hasnapur colony and moves eastern side to the Starting point duly covering 8-3-250 to 8-3-473/1 and 9-2-134 to 9-2-186.

WARD 14:
Starts at and moves southern side up to moves southern side up to osmanpura chowrasta turns towards East side 9-4-469/1 and turns south side upto H No.9-4-462 then turn towards west KGBV school road again moves down through’s: 9-4-612, 9-4-669,KGBV school and moves eastern side moves northern side all along telephone quaters road up to touches main srcl-knr road and closes duly covering’s: 9-4-612 to 9-4-669, 9-5-1 to 9-5-190, 7-2-34 to 7-2-314, 9-4-460 to 9-4-515.

WARD 15:
Starts at 7-2-1 and moves along telephone quarters road up to hno. 9-5191, and moves N-W along bypass road up to larel school then moves north through 9-5-453,9-5-436/1 , 9-6-33/1, 96-101 and touches sircilla – karimnagar road then turns east closes at 7-2-ldully covering’s 9-5-191 to 9-5-453, 9-6-1 to 9-6-364, 72-1 to 7-2-33.

WARD 16:
Starts Opp: to 9-9-153 (PTC) to S towers 9-9-100 at Sircilla road and moves towards Eastern side up to and moves Southern side up to 9-7-171 to marked compound wall and moves Western side towards sircilla bypass through OHS to Northern side towards hanuman temple beside wallmart along Municipal boundary & Vemulawada road to Karimnagar dairy compound wall to the starting point duly covering H.No.1-1 to 1-108, 2-1 to 2-100, 3-1 to 3-32, 4-1 to 4-63, 9-7-1 to 9-7-171, 9-8-1 to 9-8-135/1, 9-9-1 to 9-9-100.

WARD 17:
mamidi thota moves down southern side to malkapur road duly covering pochamma temple,then moves western side on malkapur road and turns northern side at vikalangula colony then turns eastern side all along the old karimnagar boundary line finally joins at starting point duly covering’s: 10-2-213 to 10-2-602, 3-76 to 3-100/4/3.

WARD 18:
Starts at lions club eye hospital moves down northern side all along the Jagityal bypass road then turns eastern side at Ambedkar statue turn southern side till Eedga duly covering to 1-113/14, 2-1 to 2-100, 3-1 to 3-75/3/1, 4-1 to 4-100/1, (Rekurthi).

WARD 19:
Starts at rekurthi by pass road moves all along jagityal road duly covering’s:5-1 to 5-100/2, 6-1 to 6-93/4, 7-1 to 7-101/18/4/2, 8-1 to 8-100/1, 9-1 to 9100, 10-1 tolO-27, 11-1 to 11-223, 12-1 to

WARD 20:
Starts from H.No. 2-131 moves on northern side up to H.No.2-138/2, then move N_E up to to 3-43, move up to Municipal corporation boundary, then move on eastern side up to h.No.3-1-8/A, then move Southern side on through revenue colony road up to 4-61/4, then move on eastern side on hanuman nagar road up to, then move on south sode up to 4-4-75/4/1 /1, then move on western side up to 4-56/1 then closed on 2-131 duly covering 11 to 3-97, 4-57 to 4-65/3/22.4-73/6/1 to 4-75/9/3.

WARD 21:
Starts at Rajasree gardens moves to eastern side all along Rekurthi road up to 1-84 then moves S-W up to 2-44/1 IA, then takes western side up to and moves all along Seetharapur – Rekurthi Border then finally closes at Rajasree Garden duly covering to 1-100, 2-1 to 2-251/7, 10-3-625 to 10-3632/2.

WARD 22:
Starts at 10-4-202 and passing through 10-4-542, 10-4-528, 10-4483/Å, 10-4-483 and moves western side up to 10-4-476 then moves N-W passes through 10-4-432, 10-4-322, 10-4-202 and moves S-E and finally closes at duly covering H.nos 10-4-202 to 10-4-712, 3-7-151 to 3-7-167/4.

WARD 23:
Starts at North East corner at H No. 3-6-648, moves towards South West duly covering Subash statue bakery, H No. 3-6-372, 3-6-356, 3-6-350/1, 3-6-85 takes towards North /West direction upto 3-6-81 & takes turn towards North duly covering 3-6-33/2 & takes turn towards west upto 3-6-23, 3-6-46 take turn towards North East duly covering H No. upto 3-6-47 take turn towards North/West direction duly covering H No. 3-6-73 & take half turn moves towards north direction duly covering H No. 3-673/1 Arunodaya Chits H No. 3-6-173/A, 3-6-75/1, 3-6-620 and takes turn towards & duly covering H Nos. 3-6-632 finally closes H No. 3-6-648 North/East corner duly covering H No. 3-6-34 to 3-6-648.

WARD 24:
North/East duly covering 10-5-296/5/A moves towards South direction upto 10-5-296/4, turns west direction moves upto 10-5-339 takes turn towards South/West corner utpo 10-5-336m 10-5-360/2 take turn towards East upto 10-5-359, moves towards South/West upto 10-5-352, takes turn towards west direction upto 105-228/2/6 turns south /west direction upto 10-5-184/2 turns towards west direction upto 6-4-139 turns towards South/west direction duly covering 6-4-201/1 Hanuman temple takes turn south/East direction duly covering water tank, takes turns towards south/west direction duly covering H No. 6-6-723, H No. 6-6-656/1 takes turn north direction duly takes turn towards east direction upto 10-5-200/2/D & takes turn North east direction upto 10-5-296 & takes turn towards East & finally closes North East corner H No. 10-5-296 duly covering H No. 6-4-139 to 6-4-201 / 1, 6-6-656/1 to 6-6-745, 6-6-757 to 6-6-1078, 10-5-182 to 10-5-228/2/6, 10-5-282 to 10-5-360/2.

WARD 25:
Starts at North East corner along vacant land around H No. 10-5-401 / 1 / 1, takes turn towards south/west direction duly covering 10-5-402/6/A/4, 10-5-430/4/B, takes turns towards west upto 10-5-402/5/5, takes turn towards south duly covering H No. 10-5-354, 6-3-643 along Railway station to Gandhi road, upto Gandhi statue nearest H No. 6-4-78 takes turn towards west upto physically challenged students hostel /old age home H No. 6-4-216, turns towards North upto H No. 6-4-202, takes turns towards west duly covering 6-6-746/1, turns towards North duly covering substation, Madarsa Anwer UI Hak, H No. 6-6-756/1 takes west turn upto 6-4-107 takes north turn moves towards north upto 10-5-229, takes east turn upto 10-5-281 & takes north turn utpo 10-5-400, takes east turn upto 10-5-401, takes north turn upto 10-5-401 /2/B, finally moves towards east direction & closes North/East corner at 10-5-401 / 1/1 duly 6-3-643 to 6-3-700, 6-4-32 to 6-4-138, 6-4-202 to 6-4-216, 6-6-746 to 6-6-756/1, 10-5-1 to 105-181 /2/B, 10-5-229 to 10-5-281, 10-5-361 to 10-5-430/4/B.

WARD 26:
Starts at Vaishnavi bakery nearest H No. 6-3-642 moves towards east side up to H No. 10-6-225 moves towards south side up to then takes left turns moves towards east side up to 6-3-401, then takes right turn moves towards south up to Shahar floor mill near Naka and cross the Peddapally highway moves towards sough towards Samatha nursing home up to H No. 4-5-30 and takes right moves towards Hanuman temple road up to H No. 6-5-317 and takes right turn up to Gandhi statue and cross the Peddapally road towards H No. 6-4-20 and moves towards north finally joining Vaishavi bakery duly covering H Nos. 4-5-300 to 4-5-307, 6-3-401 to 6-3-642, 6-3-701 to 6-3-708, 6-4-1 to 6-4-31, 6-4-283 to 6-4-404, 6-5-1 to 6-5-93, 6-5-316 to 65-416, 10-6-112 to 10-6-225.

WARD 27:
Starts at Mahomodiya Majid nearest H No. 6-2-334 moves towards south duly covering H No. 6-2-370/1, 6-2-472, 6-2-198/3/1/3, take turn towards west NN garden road upto 150 Mtrs along vacant land & takes towards north duly covering H Nos. 6-2192/3, 6-2-142/1 & 6-2-51 and take turn towards north direction 6-2-70 belongs to Radiant school, 6-2-111 at Naka chowrastha & take turn moves towards East duly covering 6-2-124 along TATA hospital, 6-2-272 and finally closes at North East corner nearest H Nos. 6-2-334 duly covering H No. 6-2-51 to 6-2-489.

WARD 28:
Naka chowrastha duly covering H No. 6-7-398 moves towards south direction upto 6-1-372 & Ashoknagar Govt school H No. 6-1-373, 6-2-50 take half turn moves towards south East upto 6-2-46/A, 6-2-19/A/1 & takes turn moves towards south upto 6-2-4/6, takes turn west direction duly covering H No. 6-2-4/3, 6-2-4/2/1, 6-1-70/1, 6-1-64, 6-1-66/A/1 take turn towards North East upto 6-1-66/1 and take turn towards North West direction upto 6-1-1 and takes turn North East Naka Chowrastha road duly covering 6-1-332 SR Digi School 6-1-356, 6-1-391 final closes at Naka chowrastha North East corner of closing at H No. 6-1-398 duly covering H No. 61-1 to 6-1-424, 6-2-1 to 6-2-50.

WARD 29:
Starts at then moves southern side up to 5-4-160 then moves western side up to 5-5-56, 5-5-25 moves towards H No. 5-6-1 moves towards down upto H No. 5-2-84 touching Venkata sai theatre towards west upto 5-2-37 moves all along old bazaar road upto 5-2-47 and turns towards east direction duly closing at H No. 5-4-1 duly covering H Nos. 5-3-1 to 5-3-326, 5-2-1 to 5-2-167, 5-4-1 to 5-4-100, 5-5-1 to 5-5-51, 5-5-103 to 5-5-1 1 3.

WARD 30:
Starts at 5-6-368 then moves southern side up to 5-6-146/1 then moves N-W all along Venkatasai theatre road up to 5-6-4 then moves northern side up to H No. 5-6-1 then moves eastern side upto Hanuman temple and finally closes at duly covering 5-6-1- to 5-6-367/1, 5-6-368 to 5-6-513.

WARD 31:
Starts at housing board chowrastha to Eastern side all along Shusrutha hospital road till by pass and turns southern side from bommakal bypass to Western side at DGPS point turns west up to H.No.8-5-532/4, 8-5-534 to 8-5-532/4, to pochamma temple road to Hyderabad road and turn northern side towards Kaman junction to Eastern side towards starting point duly covering H.No.8-5-1 to 8-5-553/2.

WARD 32:
Starts from Gandhi statue /Koti Bomma Giddeperumandla road moves towards Hyderabad road duly covering H No. 8-7-34, 8-6-407 at Bangaru Maisamma road, takes turn towards west & moves down South along H No. 8-7-87, 8-1-284/4, 8-1-29214/2, along smashana vatika compound wall till Sircilla bypass road & moves west till Kattarampur road & moves along 8-1-605/c/2, and H No. 8-1-389 along Giddaperumandla temple along H No. 8-1-326 & 8-1-250, 8-1-273 and joins @ starting point duly covering H.No.8-1-250 to 8-1-605/c/2, 8-6-407 to 8-6-466, 8-7-1 to 8-7-184.

WARD 33:
Starts at Karimnagar function hall then takes southern side and moves through H.Nos 9-1-125, 9-1-182, 9-1-350 and turns west through Godamgadda road and turns to womens college road & moves east through Ayyappa temple & joins at starting point (Matheen Dhaba) duly covering H.Nos. 9-1-1 to 9-1-172, 9-1-181 to 9-1-291, 9-1354 to 9-1-381, 9-2-1 to 9-2-69, 8-3-550 to 8-3-665/2.

WARD 34: 9-3-86 moves towards Godam gadda and moves down southern side along Central ware house compound wall ( Excluding) and moves eastern side along compound wall along’s 8-3-474 and moves down southern side and goes along Peddamma temple road and moves northern side at 8-3-546 and moves northern side along the H No. 9-2-155, and turns eastern side at 9-3-116 and joins at starting point duly covering 8-3-474 to 8-3-549, 9-2-70 to 9-2-133, 9-2187 to 9-2-270, 9-3-1 to 9-3-275/1.

WARD 35:
It starts Osman chowrastha road H No. 9-4-202 and moves towards Eastern direction upto H No. 9-4-145, then turns towards south direction till Dhobighat chowrastha @ H No. 9-4-265 and then turn towards west direction along intern road upto H No. 9-4-611, and turns towards North direction all along Ramalayam road at H No. 9-4-459/2 and turn Eastern direction upto Macherla gardens and turn towards North ending at Osman chowrastha duly covering H Nos. 9-4-1 to 9-4-459, 9-4-516 to 9-4-61 1 .

WARD 36:
Starts at N-E corner of Zam Zam Masjid and turns southern side all along 7-2-1001 and touches down to Shalimar function hall road and moves northern side all along, 7-2-801 sand turns to western side up to and turns northern side at English Pharmacy and turns towards eastern side and finally joins at Compound wall of Zam Zam Masjid duly covering’s 7-2-315 to 7-2-1001.

WARD 37:
It starts from Sai baba chowrastha rurns towards south direction upto Vasara hospital & then turns towards west direction along Sircilla road upto H No. 9-9-213 then turns along the internal road covering H No. 10-1-1 to 10-1-17, 10-1-17/2/B, 101-19 to 10-1-303, 2-10-2135 to 2-10-2142/A, 9-9-213 to 9-9-300, 7-1-735 to 7-1-871 and ends at Sai baba chowrastha.

WARD 38:
Starts at H No. 10-2-1 towards the south direction along the internal road covering H No. 10-1-18/5 upto the Sircilla road at 9-9-140 and turns towards west direction upto H No. 9-9-101 then towards north direction along the internal roads @ H No. 10-1-353/1 and then joint Malkapur road @ H No. 10-2-212 and ends at H No. 10-2-1 duly covering H No. 9-9-101 to 9-9-212/5, 10-1-17/1 to 10-1-18/5, 10-1-21/1 & 10-1-21/1/2, 10-1-304 to 10-1-402, 10-1-654 to 10-1-733/2, 10-1-757 to 10-1-795,
10-2-1 to 10-2-212.

WARD 39:
It starts at Jagtial road @ SRR college and along the SRR compound wall upto H No. 10-3-33 turning towards west direction along internal road upto H No. 10-3-23 then turns towards Malkapur road @ H No. 10-3-50 runs along with the Malkapur road upto 10-2-603 turns towards north direction covering the temple area and joins the Jagtial road along the Rekurthy -1 boundaries then ends at SRR college duly covering H No. 10-2-603 to 10-2-923, 10-3-1 to 10-3-50, 10-3-336 to 10-3-483/1.

WARD 40: 10-4-201 moves southern side all along Teja school road up to H.NO:10-4-181/A and moves S-W through H.NO’S. 3-7-658, 3-7-652, 3-7-907 and moves N-W all along jagityal road Up to D-mart road and takes N-E moves all along old knr – Seetharampur boundary and closes at H.NO:10-4-201 duly covering H.No’S : 3-7694 to 3-7-945/1, 10-3-484 to 10-3-624/1 and 10-4-1 to 10-4-201.

WARD 41:
starts at SR college moves down southern side passing through st.pauls high school line till ramalayam temple then turn western side at RK hospital and moves down to CVRN road turn western side all along court chowrasta till gopikrishna function hall road and turn northern side and finally joins at staring point duly covering’s. 3-7-168 to 3-7-693, 3-1-661 to 3-1-788.

WARD 42:
Starts at North/East corner duly covering 150 Mtrs vacant land, Indiranagar vegetable market H No. 3-7-1 & 2 Renee Hospital Hindu Adarshnagar Grave yard, 3-616 & takes turn moves towards North direction duly covering H Nos. 6-6„604/2 State Bank of India H No. 6-6-649, 6-6-656 & takes turn towards east side duly covering JPN chowrastha H No. 6-6-635/3, 6-6-632/3 and takes turn towards south west duly covering grave yard, 6-6-598 Mohammadi Majid H.No. 6-6-566 moves towards west duly covering H No. 6-6-577/A Sawera hotel, crosses road, Mega medical 3-6-3, Indian oil petrol pump, Hanuman temple, Deepa Nursing home H No. 3-1-442, takes turn moves towards South/ West upto Sunrise hospital, Maxcure hospital, H o. 3-1-308 moves towards North / West direction duly covering Vaishnavi college H No. 3-1-275, 3-1-216, 3-1-204, 3-1-378 & takes turn towards South /East direction duly covering 31-660 & takes turn towards East duly covering Ramalayam & takes turn moves towards North duly covering H Nos. 3-7-117, 3-7-127 (Vijetha towers) H No. 3-7-134/A, 3-7-151 and takes turn towards East duly covering 3-7-135 and takes turn moves towards North/East direction finally closed duly covering H No. 3-1-204 to 3-1-660, 3-6-1 to 36-33/2, 3-7-1 to 3-7-150, 6-6-566 to 6-6-656.

WARD 43:
Starts at Mancherial chowrastha (Civil hospital) moves towards south side up to Raja theatre takes left turn moves eastern side up to Saibaba temple H No. 3-4-163 takes Right turn moves towards west side up to H No. 3-4-199 take left turn moves towards Forest junction moves towards west side up to court junction and take right turn moves towards including H No. 3-1-203/71 to 3-1-165 through Christian colony road and moves North to Sun rise hospital and joins at Mancherial chowrastha duly covering H Nos. 3-1-1 to 3-1-203/71, 3-1-789 to 3-1-895, 3-2-1 to 3-4-176, 3-4-199 to 3-4-210 & 3-4-222 to 3-4-266.

WARD 44:
Starts at Gandhi chowk nearest H No. 6-4-255 moves towards south side up to H No. 6-4-282 takes right turn moves towards west side up to H No. 6-6-46/1 takes left turn moves south side up to H No. 6-6-306/1 moves towards Raja theatre and takes and right turn cross towards up to Gemini hospital H No. 6-6-532 and takes right turn moves towards eastern side close at Gandhi chowk duly covering H Nos. 6-6-1 to 6-6565, 6-4-217 to 6-4-282.
H No. 6-5-94 moves down North @ TTD return East via Rajeevnagar (Beaf market) & @ 4-5-299 turns down @ Ashoknagar road at H No. 4-5-257 turns West via Raithu bazaar and joints @ Vysya bhavan road @ H No. 4-5-309 then moves down @ Anand sweet house west upto Star furniture & moves North side upto 3-4-221 then turns East side upto 3-4-214 then up @ 3-4-199 towards Sai baba temple & joins the starting point via H No. 6-5-282, 6-5-292/1 including H No. 3-4-177 to 3-4-198, 3-4-211 to 3-4-221, 3-5-1 to 3-5-404/3, 4-5-257 to 4-5-299, 4-5-309 to 4-5-331 to 4-5-402, 6-594 to 6-5-315 duly covering H No. 3-4-177 to 3-4-198, 3-4-211 to 3-4-221, 3-5-1 to 3-5404/3, 4-5-257 to 4-5-299, 4-5-309 to 4-5-322, 4-5-331 to 4-5-402, 6-5-94 to 6-5-315.

WARD 46:
Starts at H.No:4-5-170 moves southern side up to Ill town Police Station and moves towards N-W up to 4-4-1 including (1-6-1 to 1-6-30) then moves northern side up to H.No: 3-5-498 then turns N-W up to Masjid through Airtel office then moves northern side up to H.No:3-5-408 and moves eastern side finally closes at 4-5-170 duly covering H.No: 4-3-1 to 4-3-96, 4-4-1 to 4-4-109, 4-5-1 to 4-5-256, 4-5-403 to 4-5-512, 4-5-322 to 4-5-330, 1-6-1 to 1-6-30, 3-5-405 to 3-5-498, 4-2-91 to 4-2-132, 4-5-308, 4-6-1 to 4-6-168, 5-1-1 to 5-1-99.

WARD 47:
Starts at Rose talkies road (1-1-1) moves to eastern side through Venkata Sai theatre road at housing board chowrasta turns towards south direction along the back side of Sushrutha cancer hospital upto Gayatrinagar then turns towards west side upto H No. 1-5-570 and western side through Kaman road up to Kamal classic then moves north finally closes at Masjid Chowrasta duly covering H.No: 1-1-1 to 1-1-217, 1-2-1 to 1-2-193, 1-5-459 to 1-5-564/3.

WARD 48:
Starts at Matrustri School turns southern side moves up to Scholar English medium school turns towards eastern side 1-4-1 to 1-4-141, 1-5-1 to 1-5-458 upto Masjid turns back to Kaman circle till Boiwada chowrastha then moves northern side till Bharath Petroleum bunk and moves eastern side finally closes at Matrusri school duly covering H No. 1-3-3 to 1-3-199, 1-4-1 to 1-4-141, 1-5-1 to 1-5-458.

WARD 49:
Starts at Govt. Girls high school moves eastern side up to 2-1-36 then moves southern side up to Prem lodge and again moves towards western side up to Busstop through 2-4-16, 2-4-11, 2-4-2 towards northern side up to 2-4113 then turns eastern side up to 2-4-100 and finally closes at Girls high school duly covering H.No: 1-6-31 to 1-6-216, 2-1-1 to 2-1-152, 2-2-1 to 2-2-158, 2-3-1 to 2-3185/1, 2-4-1 to 2-4-151.

WARD 50:
Starts at Boiawada Petrol bunk and moves down east to SS Function Hall along Hyderabad road and at H.No. 8-4-238/6 moves towards west, at Ganeshnagar road moves till H.No. 8-4-11 and moves Marwadi Mandhir via LIC Chowrastha and join the Petrol bunk duly covering H.No. 2-3-186 to 2-3-274, 8-4-1 to 8-4-505.

1B Circle moves to eastern side up to Rajiv Chowk then moves southern side up to Urban Bank, moves along I Town Road, Marwadi Mandhir, LIC Chowrastha, to Ganeshnagar road, along H.No. 8-4-506 to 8-4-527, 8-4-522 to 8-4522/B/A, 8-4-509, moves along Stadium road to Thirumala Theatre opp road (8-4-510 to 8-4-518, 8-3-20 to 8-3-28 turn the On the Rock Bar, 8-3-62 to 8-3-110 and joins Peddamma Temple road, moves towards Excise Office road to Collectorate road covering revenue block and moves to Pratima Multiplex then turns left along Geetha bhavan circle finally closes at 1B Circle duly covering 2-5-1 to 2-5-129, 2-6-1 to 2-6-391, 2-7-1 to 2-7-357, 4-1-1 to 4-1-539, 4-2-1 to 4-2-90, 8-3-20 to 8-3-62, 8-3-110 to 8-3-122/7, 8-3-137/1 to 8-3-153, 8-3-666 to 8-3-746, 8-4-506 to 8-4-527, 9-1-173 to 9-1-180, 9-1-292 to 9-1-353.

WARD 52:
Starts at backside of Green Plaza then turn towards eastern side at Prashanth Hotel to Collectorate road till Revenue block again turn to southern side at towers till Saikrishna theatre turns northern side till Apoorva College, moves to eastern side and finally closing at backside of Green Plaza duly covering H.No: 2-7-358 to 2-7-897.

WARD 53:
Starts at Apoorva College turns towards southern side till Saikrishna theatre road at Bhagavathi School and again turns towards western side till ZP School road and turns northern side towards Womens college joins at Siricilla road moves right and finally closes at Apoorva college duly covering 7-3-329 to 7-3-360/A , 7-4-1 to 7-4-422, 7-3-309, 7-3-322/A.

WARD 54:
Starts at house no: 7-2-1002 at Siricilla Road and moves down towards southern side all along the 7-2-1147 and moves down all along womens college compound wall and turns towards western side at Shalimar function hall road and turn northern side at 7-3-142, 7-3-90, 7-3-45 and moves up northern side towards siricilla road 7-3-22 and turn towards western side and joins at starting point duly covering 72-1002 to 7-2-1147, 7-3-323 to 7-3-328, 7-3-1 to 7-3-308

WARD 55:
Starts at Big C road moves toward Siricilla road, along the road and at Vasara Hospital moves north till Paramitha School and moves east to Labour adda road duly covering H.No. 7-1-1 to 7-1-734.

WARD 56:
Starts at St.Johns school turns eastern side till Labour adda road and again turns western side towards transformer till Paramitha School and turns northern side towards Saibaba temple moves north and finally closes at ST.John’s School duly covering H.No: 2-10-1770 to 2-10-2134, 10-1-403 to 10-1-653, 10-1-734 to 10-1-756.

WARD 57:
SRR College Compound N-E Corner moves all along towards Court up to Chemist bhavan road then moves up to St. Alphores School to the western side of ST.John’s (Malkapur road), north at Kora High school road moves up till RTC quarters compound wall corner, Covering H.No. 2-10-1400 to 2-10-1769, 10-3-51 to 10-3-335

WARD 58:
Starts at District Court compound N-E corner moves all along R&B Guest house road up to Srilatha towers and moves towards Jenda Gadde inclusing 2-10-760 to.2-10-830 at Malkapur road and moves down at Moore super market then turns east at Venkateshwarara Temple Road and at labour adda to Shiva Theatre moves along Dr. Madhu Sudhan Hospital lane to Chemistry Bhavan Road and joins at District Court Compound duly covering H.No. 2-10-760 to 2-10-1399

WARD 59:
Starts at Srinidhi chits moves all along the Old Dig building line and moves up upto Jenda Chowrasta, then moves to western side through Santhosh Matha temple road and travels up to Saibaba Temple Kaman, again moves eastern side up to Venkateshwarara Swamy Temple opp. Lane, at H.No:2-10-311 turns towards north malkapur road and joins at starting point including H.No.2-10-186 to 2-10-759.

WARD 60:
Starts at CSI church moves eastern side to up to 1B circle moves down Geethabhavan Chowrastha and moves up to Green Plaza and moves not at Apporva College duly covering Aeroplane Building and comes back to Hanuman Temple, joining at CSI Church, duly covering H.No.2-8-1 to 2-8-313, 2-9-1 to 2-9-142, 2-10-1 to 2-10-185, 27-898 to 2-7-1009.

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