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Dundigal Municipality into 28 wards

Department Dundigal Municipality, Medchal – MalkajgiriDistrict – Division of Dundigal Municipality into Twenty Eight (28) wards – Final NotificationDirector of Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Dundigal Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Dundigal Municipality into Twenty Eight (28) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed in and requested to issue final notification.

Dundigal Municipality into 28 wards Reservation list

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference 2nd read above, Government herby decide to issue final notification of division of Dundigal Municipality into Twenty Eight (28) wards.

The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Telangana Municipalities Act No. 11 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Dundigal Municipality into Twenty Eight (28) wards as described in the

Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect. Annexure to Dundigal Municipality G.O.Ms.No.338, MA & UD (MA) Department, Dated. 17.12.2019 DESCRIPTION OF WARD BOUNDARIES

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 01
NORTH Its Starts from Mexon company via Open land its ends to chaitanya nagar colony
EAST Its Starts from chaitanya nagar colony via grave yard to Kothinar Cheruvu
SOUTH Its Starts from Kothinar Cheruvu via Agriculture lands to Narsapur Highway
WEST Its Starts from Narsapur Highway via kajipally chowrastha gagillapur X road to ends of Highway road to maxon company

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 02
NORTH Its starts from Ch.Mallaiah House and joins primary Schools along water tank.
EAST Its starts from Water Tank to E.Balaiah house proceeds towards sc basthi and its joins kapil Homes and end with N.Krishna House.
SOUTH Its starts from N.krishna House to B.Nagaraju House proceeds towards water tank and its joines Pirladi chelka near Ellamma temple.
WEST Its starts from Ellamma Temple K.Shankar House to proceeds towards muslim houses and joins Cinema Hall and end with Function Hall line.

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 03
NORTH Its starts from Muthyalamma temple proceed towards korvi Yadaiah House and it joins Laddipeerls Shankaraiah house southern side and its end with Ch.Mallesh House
EAST Its starts from Ch.Mallesh House to Ch.venkatesham house along Mudiraj sangham house and joins korvi basthi
SOUTH Its starts from Korvi basthi via muslim Basthi road proceeds towards northern side in a Zig Zag manner joins pirla Masid end with Rahim pasha House.
WEST Its starts from Rahim Pasha house via Dasari basthi proceeds towards Main Bazar eastern side and end with tailor shop.

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 04
NORTH Its starts from Cell tower near Jakkula Mallesh House and its joins to Chandraiah House.
EAST Its Starts from Chandraiah House via Ward (01) starts from H.No 11 and its continue with M. Narsing Rao new House
SOUTH Its starts from M.Narsing Rao House via Pakkira Pasha house and its joins vadla basthi and Ramalayam temple.
WEST Its starts from Ramalayam Temple via Chandram sate House and its joins chakali Basthi to end.

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 05
NORTH Its starts from A. Krishna reddy House proceeds towards Back side Houses PHC Center.
EAST Its starts from PHC Centre Via B.Srishailam Tent House near Mangali Bhavani thota and SC Basthi.
SOUTH Its starts from SC Basthi via P.Pentaiah house near Durgamma temple water tank proceeds towards weeker section colony.
WEST Its starts from Weeker section colony via K.satyanarayana House to proceeds towards Kummari Basthi joins Munnuru Basthi.

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 06
NORTH Its starts from Dundigal outer ring road to east durga colony
EAST Its starts from Durga colony to NTR Statue
SOUTH Its starts from NTR Statue to SR Petrol Bunk
WEST Its starts from SR Petrol Bunk via Kudukunta Cheruvu to ORR Ring Road

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 07
NORTH Its Starts from Narsapur ring road to Thirumala enclave
EAST Its Starts from Thirumala enclave via Raja Rajeshwar Colony to Gandi Maisamma X Road
SOUTH Its Starts from Gandi Maisamma X Road to Basava Raj Home
WEST Its Starts from Basava Raj Home via Sy.No.168 Pragathi Model Scholl to Saregudem Village via Laxmi Ganapathi Colony to ORR Ring Road

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 08
NORTH its starts from Indofab pvt limited N.Koteshwar Rao Plot
EAST its starts from N.Koteshwar Rao Plot to Ramlal Yadav Land via chandra shekhar Reddy Colony Pochamma temple to Grave Yard
SOUTH its starts from Grave Yard via Dumping Yard and Via Stadium to Oldage Home via MPDO Office
WEST its starts from MPDO Office to Sai pooja Colony Via Darga to Indofab Company

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 09
NORTH Its starts from Madhava Rao colony to B.Narsimha Reddy Land
EAST Its starts from B.Narsimha Reddy Land to sister charity trust via Municipality kaman
SOUTH Its starts from Municipality kaman to Sy.No.156, 158 via Sl Bhaskar Reddy Home
WEST Its starts from Sl Bhaskar Reddy Home to Bavarchi Hotel via Gandimaisamma X road to Madhva Rao Colony

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 10
NORTH Its starts from Sbi old complex kasim building to east mpdo office
EAST Its starts from Mpdo office to south bahadhurpally barder
SOUTH Its starts from Shanker naik barder to west gandimaisamma to suraram main road
WEST Its starts from Suraram main road to north old sbi complex office building

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 11
NORTH Its starts from Tech Mahindra back side to Gundla Pochampally forest boarder
EAST Its starts from Gundla Pochampally forest boarder to Indiramma Colony
SOUTH Its starts from Indiramma Colony to tech mahindra back side wall
WEST Its starts from Tech mahindra back side wall to gundla pochampally forest boarder

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 12
NORTH Its starts from 60 Yards via JNNURM colony blocks
EAST Its starts from JNNURM colony to via Gundla Pochampally forest land
SOUTH Its starts from Gundla Pochampally forest land to via Lambadi thanda
WEST Its starts from Lambadi thanda to via SC Hostel 60 Yards

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 13
NORTH Its starts from Govt.School via Rotery Club
EAST Its starts from Rotery Club via south indian bank to BC Colony
SOUTH Its starts from BC Colony to via old Old GP office
WEST Its starts from Old GP office to via mallanna temple to Govt.School

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 14
NORTH Its starts from KNR Homes to via old village SC colony
EAST Its starts from old village SC colony to via green hills colony
SOUTH Its starts from Green hills colony to Suraram road
WEST Its starts from Suraram road to via village Main road to KNR Homes

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 15
NORTH Its starts from Sriram Nagar Main road to via Hanuman temple Bahadurpally X road
EAST Its starts from Bahadurpally X road to sainath society
SOUTH Its starts from sainath society Bowrampet road
WEST Its starts from Bowrampet road to Companies via Sriram Nagar Main Road

Dundigal Municipality WARD 16
NORTH Its starts from Dundigal road proceed towards dumping yard and joins zig zag manner of Golla Basthi Houses and end with saregudem road .
EAST Its starts from RK town ship proceed towards Kummari basthi joins muslim basti end with Dundigal Road Boundary line.
SOUTH Its starts from Old Village SC qotras and dammagari basthi end with Busstop.
WEST Its starts from Praneeth pranav meadows proceed towards oakridge international school along Land mark Villas and end with Vivekanand Statue

Dundigal Municipality WARD 17
NORTH Its starts from North Bramarambha temple and end with R&B Road.
EAST Its starts from Chowrasta Ramreddy House proced towards tent house shop and end with bustop.
SOUTH Its starts from Municipal Ward Office Gp office beside end with Vivekananda statue.
WEST Its starts from SRK sukruthi villas and end with Vivekananda statue

Dundigal Municipality WARD 18
NORTH Its starts from R&B road and joins Zig Zag manner of kummari basthi houses ends with Bowrampet bustop.
EAST Its starts from Durga Vihar (Victory Model School) Survey No. 366 proceed towards chintabasthi along Boggula gudem and end with Vadla basthi.
SOUTH Its starts from Miyapur R&B road to proceed towards DRK engg College and end with Gajula ramaram Border.
WEST Its starts from Old village Vadla basthi proceed towards Police Basthi joins Mallappa gari basti and ends with Sai reddi gari basti

Dundigal Municipality WARD 19
NORTH Its starts from sargari basthi proceed towards sum of srk villas and ends with Vivekananda statue
EAST Its starts from Markaam Kunta Ambedkar statue to Old sc basthi and its ends with Sargari Basthi
SOUTH Its starts from Miyapur Main road proceed towards gruha shilpi nest and ends with Pragathi Nagar Border.
WEST Its starts from Sy No.580 near JNNURM colony ends with SRR Heights.

Dundigal Municipality WARD 20
NORTH its starts from Bowrampet Village road proceed towards agricultural land and end with saireddy land.EAST its starts from JNNURM bustop along sum blocks of Indiramma colony houses and end with 60yards.
SOUTH its starts from Bachupally main road proceed towards lahari Green park and end with VNR hostel.
WEST its starts from 60 yards and end with Kathwa cheruvu.

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 21
NORTH Its starts from M.Anjaneyulu Sheters to Kampha Shop Via Transformer Bharthamma House Ends of Kamatha Shop
EAST Its Starts from Kamtha Shop Via Gadila Maisamma Tallari narayana Jyothi House Kanakamma Gate to Ends of Rangaiah House
SOUTH Its Starts from Rangaiah House to Via Sara Devadas Sara Srinu Ends of Sara Ashok House
WEST Its Starts from Ashok House to Via Kalidas Yadaiah Ration Shop Chakali Lachaiah (R&B) Road chakali Pandu House Ends of Anjaneyulu Sheters

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 22
NORTH Its Starts from Kalidas Anjaih House to Via Linga Murthy Vadde
Vittal to church appi reddy House (Manvitha) Ends of Rajeev Gruha Kalpa
EAST Its Starts from Rajiv Gruha Kalpa to Via SNR Garden ZPHS School Ends of Kothakunta
SOUTH Its starts from Kotha Kunta to Via Villa.No.96 Hirise Medows Ends of Hirise Medows Gate
WEST Its starts from Hirise Medows Gate to Via SRR Project Bus stop Mohan Reddy House Ends Kalidas Anjaiah House

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 23
NORTH Its Starts from Chakali Laxman House to Via Akula Narsimha Pittala Mahender House Ends of Hanuman Temple House.No. 1-93
EAST Its Starts from Hanuman Temple (H.No.1-93) to via Ward Office
Kajipally X Roads Andhra Bank Ends of Embari Elamma Entrance Road
SOUTH Its Starts from embari Elamma Road via Tiwari House Ends of Umadevi House
WEST Its starts from Umadevi House to via Nelakunta Pittala Malkamma House Sy.No.271 Grave Yard Ends of Laxman House

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 24
NORTH Its Starts from Mogula Kunta via Chakali Vaikunta Dhamam Jayatriya Layout Ends Hyderabad Hatchal
EAST Its starts from Hyderabad Hatcharis to Via Vaikunta Daamam swarna House to ends of Baindla Pochamma Temple
SOUTH Its Starts from Baindla Pochamma Temple to via Poshetty House Baindla Lingaiah Ends of Bandari Sreedhar House (Gadila Maisamma Left Side Road)
WEST Its Starts from Bandari Sreedhar House (Gadila Maisamma Left Side Road) via Youth room ambedkar Statue Dappu Ramu House Ends of Mogula Kunta

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 25
NORTH Its Starts from Sri Sai Balaji laxmi Nivas apartment to via Dappu
Narsimha house Begari Veeramma Pochamma Temple Malathi
House Vaddera basthi) Ends of Shambipur Boarder
EAST Its Starts from Shambhipur boarder to via Mallela Shankaraiah neerudi Yadaiah House ends of OHSR Tank
SOUTH Its Starts from OHSR Tank to via Nerude Premaiah Narayana College Annantha Swamy House Bodrai Ends of Masjeed
WEST Its Starts from Maszeed via Ajam Pasha House Sri Sai Balaji Entrance Gate Ends Sri Sai Balaji Laxmi Nivas House

Dundigal Municipality WARD 26
NORTH Its starts from Shambhipur village proceed towards sakin cheruvu and ends with Kazipally Hills.
EAST Its starts from some blocks of JNNURM colony and end with Shambhipur bustop.
SOUTH Its starts from Mallampet Main road and end with Gems venture near ORR road
WEST Its start from praneeth natural Boundry and end with Kazipally Village Border.

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 27
NORTH Its starts from Koti reddy house via narsapur Highway to ends of Gagillapur X road
EAST Its starts from Gagillapur X road via Kajipally Chowrastha ends Dundigal ORR Boarder
SOUTH Its starts from Dundigal ORR Boarder to Dundigal thanda via gagillapur thanda ends to Ramkey company
WEST Its starts from Ramkey company via shakthi company to raja Agriculture lands to ends of Koti reddy House

Dundigal Municipality WARD : 28
NORTH Its starts from Annaram Agriculture land via Schnider company its ends of Narsapur Highway road
EAST Its starts from Narsapur Highway road via church kaman ends to Jayaraj reddy Houe
SOUTH Its starts from Jayaraj reddy Houe via Raja Reddy Agriculture land its ends to Donbasco
WEST Its starts from Donbasco society via rajiv Gandhi nagar Renuka Chowdary Agriculture land ends to Annaram Agriculture Land

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