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Applications are invited from eligible IVC pass-out candidates (along with bridge course) for spot admissions into 2nd year of 3-year Diploma courses (in Engineering and Non Engineering) for the left over seats after 1st phase of admissions.

The last date to apply to the Principals of the Polytechnics, concerned, where the seats are vacant is 29-06-2013. The spot admissions will be held on 01-07-2013 at 09:00 AM at the respective Polytechnics

The Principals of all the Government/Aided/Private Polytechnics & Second-shift Polytechnics in existing Engineering colleges, where the vacancies are available for IVC pass-outs in 2nd year of Diploma courses, are permitted to fill up the vacancies with candidates who have passed Inter Vocational Course (IVC) along with bridge course (Maths, Physics & Chemistry), as applicable, in case of the IVC students of 2000-2002 batch and later batches, into 2nd year of 3-Year Diploma courses. The Diploma courses, to which the IVC candidates are eligible, are as shown below:


Intermediate Vocational Courses

Eligible for

admission into Diploma Courses

2000-2002 revised curriculum

2005-2007 revised curriculum





1. Electrical Wiring & Servicing of electrical Appliances Electrical Engineering Technician Electrical and Electronics Engineering (DEEE)
2. Water Supply and sanitary Engineering / Construction Technology Water Supply and sanitary Engineering / Construction Technology Civil Engineering  (DCE)
3. Radio & TV Engineering


Electronics Engineering Technician Electronics and Communication Engineering (DECE)
4. Rural Engineering Technician/Automobile Engineering Technician. Rural Engineering Technician/Automobile Engineering Technician. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering/Automobile Engineering


5. Commercial Garment Design & Making/Fashion & Garment Making Commercial Garment Design & Making/Fashion Design &Garment Making Garment Technology


6. Not eligible Computer Science & Engineering/ Computer Graphics & Animation Computer Engineering


7. Office Assistantship Office Assistantship Commercial & Computer Practice (DCCP)
8.   [DTP & Printing Technology] Printing Technology (DPT)

The Admission Officers of the three regions have furnished the vacancy report of respective Polytechnics, for the 1st phase of counselling, which is placed in the website: The Principals are requested to thoroughly verify the vacancy position with reference to the records, get confirmation from the respective Admission Officers, if necessary, and conduct spot admissions for all the vacancies (including cancellations, if any) after duly giving press-note in the local Newspapers. As the Principals may be aware, the Admission Officers are:

Principal, J.N. Govt. Polytechnic, Hyderabad for O.U. Region;

Principal, Govt. Polytechnic, Visakhapatnam for A.U. Region and

Principal, S.V. Govt. Polytechnic, Tirupathi for S.V. University region.

The Principals are informed to fill up the vacancies by the candidates who have already submitted applications first, by deciding the merit of the candidates in the following priorities:

First with the candidates who passed the IVC in one attempt.
Second with compartmentally-passed candidates.
Later, if vacancies still exist, the candidates who applied afresh now will have to be considered for admission.

The Principals are informed that during the process of filling up of these vacancies, area-wise, and category-wise, reservation will be observed at all stages. The vacancies are to be filled by duly displaying on the notice board in Govt. Polytechnics/Aided/Private Polytechnics including 2nd shift Polytechnics in existing Engineering Colleges. In case, category candidates are not available, conversions, as per rules, are to be made at every stage, i.e., for all those who applied earlier and also among the candidates applied fresh throwing open the original category-wise vacancies at every stage. There are no category conversions in G.M.R. Polytechnics.


a) The candidates who passed Intermediate Vocational course during the year 2000- 2002 and subsequent batches have to pass the bridge courses conducted by the Board of Intermediate Education to become eligible for admission into 2nd year Diploma courses offered in Polytechnics/ Institutions, as the case may be.

b) The IVC candidates admitted into 2nd year of Diploma courses have to pass examination in the deficient subjects as identified and conducted by the Secretary, State Board of Technical Education & Training before entering final Year of the Diploma courses. An undertaking has to be taken from the Candidates to this effect.

c) As per G.O.Ms.No. 66, Social Welfare Department, dt: 08-09-2010, the “the students admitted under Management quota or through spot admissions i.e., left over seats of Convener quota filled by Managements subsequently, will not be eligible for PMS scheme”. The same is herewith informed to all the students seeking spot-admissions.

Further, the Regional Joint Directors of Technical Education are requested to depute an officer, not below the rank of Head of Department, having good knowledge of admission procedure from nearby Polytechnic to supervise the above admissions in the Private Polytechnics, concerned, and ensure that the Private Polytechnics comply with the instructions issued. The list of admitted candidates may be ratified by the concerned RJDs as per the rules in vogue.

In any case, the whole process of all the IVC admissions in Polytechnics have to be completed as per the schedule annexed. The list of candidates admitted shall be sent to the Admission Officers, concerned, who in-turn will send the consolidated list of candidates admitted in each college (course/category-wise) to the Office of the Commissioner of Technical Education.

The Principals of Polytechnics are requested to collect fees from candidates @ Rs. 3,800/- in case of Govt/Aided Polytechnics and @ Rs.15,500/- in case of Private unaided Polytechnics including second-shift Polytechnics in Engineering Colleges, where he/she has applied in addition of Rs.150/- towards counselling fee for SC/ST and Rs. 300/- for others. In case of fresh candidates, who have not applied earlier, they have to pay an additional amount of Rs.310/- towards registration.

The following fee collected from all the candidates admitted shall be remitted to the Secretary, State Board of Technical Education and Training at the end of the admission camp within a week:

a) Board Recognition fee: Rs.250/-

b) Cost of Syllabus Book: Rs. 50/-

The tuition Fee along with the admission fee shall be remitted to Government.

The Admission schedule is given in the Annexure. The cut-off date for spot admissions in all Polytechnics is 01-07-2013, after which date no more admissions shall be made.


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