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Hyderabad ‘Forest Alchemy’ Drug Bust

Hyderabad ‘Forest Alchemy’ Drug Bust

Telangana Anti-Narcotics Bureau Cracks Down on Drug Use at Manikonda’s ‘Forest Alchemy’ Event

In a decisive midnight operation, the Telangana Anti-Narcotics Bureau (TGANB) executed a successful raid on the ‘Forest Alchemy – 3rd Edition’ event held at ‘The Cave Bar and Lounge’ in Manikonda on Saturday night, apprehending 24 individuals for drug use.

Strategic Raid Led by TGANB Director Sandeep Shandilya

Based on specific intelligence, a specialized team headed by TGANB Director Sandeep Shandilya launched the raid at the upscale bar. The highly anticipated event, which commenced at 8 pm, saw anti-narcotics officers closely monitoring the venue before making their move around midnight, catching attendees off guard.

Drug Detection and Arrests

“We screened 55 individuals on-site using portable drug detection kits, and two dozen people, including the DJ, tested positive for drug consumption,” Sandeep Shandilya informed Telangana Today via phone.

The majority of the attendees had consumed or smoked ganja, while four individuals, including the DJ, tested positive for both ganja and cocaine. Additionally, one person was found to have ingested MDMA.

High-Profile Event Draws Large Crowd Despite Rain

The well-publicized event attracted a significant crowd, with DJ Sandeep Sharmar of ‘White Wizard’ and Foe‘Xan headlining for the first time. Despite inclement weather, the event drew many fans of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and Psychedelic music.

Thorough Preparation and Execution

“We anticipated potential drug use at the event. Our teams conducted thorough preparations over the past few days, leading to the timely raid,” the official stated. The investigation is ongoing.

Continued Raids and Custody

Authorities have detained the 24 drug users along with the club management, continuing their operations well into the night to ensure a comprehensive crackdown.

By effectively dismantling this high-profile drug scene, the TGANB sends a clear message about its commitment to combating drug use and maintaining public safety.

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