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Floral Exhibition by Philipp Von Arx

Floral Exhibition by Philipp Von Arx

Swiss floral maestro Philipp Von Arx has arrived in Delhi, bringing an enchanting showcase of his floral installations that seamlessly blend art and sustainability. This captivating exhibition is set amidst the vibrant bloom of marigolds, the orange and yellow genda phool, with Philipp Von Arx artfully employing 320 kilograms of these blossoms to create a dreamlike, immersive experience for visitors.

Blossoms as Emotions and Dreams

“Flowers embody a multitude of emotions and sentiments; to me, they symbolize hopes and dreams,” remarks Philipp Von Arx, introducing his exhibition titled ‘SwitzerlandIndia in Bloom,’ which is scheduled to come alive at the Swiss Embassy on the evening of October 13.

Marigolds: A Blossom of Friendship

The acclaimed floral artist from Olten, currently residing in Zurich, deliberately selected marigolds for his artistic endeavor. He believes that marigolds hold a special place in all Indian festivals and ceremonies, making them the perfect choice for celebrating friendships.

Bridging Indian Artistry with Swiss Precision

This 41-year-old artist has masterfully combined Indian artistry with Swiss precision as a tribute to the 75-year-long Indo-Swiss bilateral relations. The exhibition is a two-day extravaganza, coinciding with the annual Swiss Art Festival, which has sustainability as its central theme. After the event, the flowers will be upcycled by the renowned social enterprise, HelpUsGreen, which is known for its innovative flower recycling technology that transforms temple waste into fragrant products.

A Symphony of Floral and Bamboo Artistry

Over the past week, a dedicated team of a dozen Indian floral and bamboo artists, working alongside Philipp and his team of floral designers, has been crafting a truly aesthetic experience for guests. Utilizing marigolds and 15 other locally sourced flower varieties, the asymmetrical designs, with their gradations of colors, dance harmoniously with the warm, inviting illumination and the gentle fragrance of the blooms, creating an ephemeral experience akin to strolling through clouds.

Enriching Friendships on Floral Clouds

“Enriching friendships are akin to floating on clouds of happiness,” declares Philipp. This sentiment inspired his grand vision for the exhibition, featuring a stunning array of 20 large and numerous smaller floral clouds, ranging from two to 11 meters in size and weighing between 30 to 120 kilograms. These enchanting floral installations adorn the pathways from the main entrance of the building to the central garden and atrium. To execute this mesmerizing craftsmanship, over 3,000 kilograms of flowers were meticulously sourced.

A Blooming Symphony of Flowers

The artistry extends beyond marigolds, incorporating 9,600 stems of deep pink carnations, 2,400 stems of pink dracaena, 1,800 stems of orange gladiolus, 1,200 stems of pink mokhara, and an equal number of pink anthurium. Additionally, 960 stems of green monstera leaf, 600 stems of palm leaves, and 120 stems of green date branches enhance the exquisite arrangements.

A Fleeting Artistic Wonder

While this art installation is transient, as flowers inevitably wither, Philipp’s aim is to ensure that visitors leave with the memory of vibrant colors rather than grey clouds. He hopes that these decorative installations will not only enchant but also foster new connections and perspectives.

The Language of Flowers

According to Philipp, floral art is a gateway to limitless imagination, with the language of flowers clearly expressed in his art. As the winner of the 2003 World Professional Floral Championship, he hails from a family renowned for its involvement in the flower business since 1802. Flowers have perpetually fueled his creative spirit. “Every challenging project ignites my creativity,” he states with a smile, eagerly anticipating the guests’ sensory journey at the Embassy tonight. “It will be a splendid one,” he promises.

In conclusion, ‘SwitzerlandIndia in Bloom’ by Philipp Von Arx is not just an art exhibition; it’s a celebration of friendship, art, and sustainable living, where visitors can lose themselves in a world of blossoms and creativity.

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