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Divya Pahuja Killed at Gurugram Hotel

Divya Pahuja Killed at Gurugram Hotel

Diva Pahuja’s Untimely Demise

In a shocking incident reported from Gurugram, a 27-year-old woman, Divya Pahuja Killed at Gurugram Hotel, was allegedly murdered at City Point Hotel. The accused, identified as Abijit Singh, the owner of the hotel, is suspected to have committed the crime along with an accomplice.

The Chilling Details

The horrifying story unfolds with Abijit Singh, along with his associate, allegedly murdering Diva Pahuja and then paying a hefty sum of 10 lakhs to dispose of her body. Disturbing visuals from inside City Point Hotel depict the accused dragging Diva’s lifeless body, later seen fleeing the scene in a blue BMW with the victim’s body in the trunk.

Arrest and Ongoing Investigation

While the accused have been apprehended, the victim’s body is yet to be recovered. Authorities are diligently tracing CCTV footage from the hotel to gather more insights into the gruesome incident. Abijit Singh, the hotel owner, has been taken into custody, and investigations are underway to unravel the motive behind this horrifying crime.

The Desperate Search for Answers

Missing Body and Ongoing Interrogation

Despite the arrest of the accused, the whereabouts of Diva Pahuja’s body remain unknown. Law enforcement agencies are actively interrogating the suspects, hoping to uncover crucial leads regarding the location of the victim’s body.

A Mother’s Grief

As the investigation unfolds, the motive behind this shocking crime is still unclear. Diva Pahuja’s family, devastated by the tragedy, awaits justice and closure. The emotional toll on her loved ones adds another layer of complexity to an already disturbing situation.

City Point Hotel: A Crime Scene

The Setting of the Tragedy

The City Point Hotel in Gurugram, owned by the accused Abijit Singh, serves as the backdrop to this horrifying incident. The hotel, now entangled in a criminal investigation, witnessed the alleged murder and subsequent attempts to conceal the crime.

Gruesome Cover-Up

Disturbing footage captures the accused carrying Diva’s lifeless body through the hotel’s alley, attempting to mask the heinous act. The subsequent scenes, showing the victim being placed in the trunk of a blue BMW, paint a grim picture of a desperate effort to cover up the crime.

Seeking Justice: The Road Ahead

Ongoing Probe and Public Outcry

As authorities intensify their efforts to solve the mystery surrounding Diva Pahuja’s alleged murder, public outcry for justice grows. The city of Gurugram, shaken by this gruesome incident, demands a thorough investigation and swift legal proceedings.

In conclusion, the disturbing events surrounding the alleged murder of Diva Pahuja at City Point Hotel in Gurugram raise questions about the motive, the involvement of accomplices, and the desperate attempts to conceal the crime. The ongoing investigation is crucial in providing answers and delivering justice for the victim and her grieving family.

Delving into the Dark Past of Divya Pahuja

In a shocking turn of events, the former model Divya Pahuja, who had been granted bail just last June in connection with the controversial ‘fake’ encounter case of gangster Sandeep Gadoli, met a tragic end at a Gurugram hotel. This adds another layer of mystery to the tumultuous life of Divya Pahuja.

The Twisted Tale of Incarceration

Divya Pahuja, once a promising model, found herself behind bars for seven long years due to her alleged involvement in the staged encounter of Gurugram gangster Sandeep Gadoli. Granted bail in June, she was seemingly on the path to reclaiming her life. However, destiny had other plans for her.

The Mysterious Murder in GurugramA Walk Turned Fatal

On January 2, Divya Pahuja embarked on a fateful walk with Abhijeet Singh, a Delhi businessman and hotel owner. The stroll ended tragically at a Gurugram hotel where Pahuja was reportedly murdered. The timeline provided by her sister suggests that contact with the family ceased on the morning of January 2, raising immediate concerns.

Sister’s Anguish and Unanswered Questions

According to the official complaint filed by Pahuja’s sister, Abhijeet Singh, who was accompanying Divya, remained tight-lipped when questioned about her sudden disappearance. This silence added a layer of suspicion to an already perplexing situation.

The Legal Battle: Divya Pahuja’s JourneyFrom Alleged Accomplice to Key Witness

Divya Pahuja’s legal troubles began at the age of 18 when she allegedly accompanied gangster Sandeep Gadoli to Mumbai in 2016. The Haryana Police intervened, claiming self-defense as they shot Gadoli in a Mumbai hotel room. However, CCTV footage contradicted their narrative, showing an unarmed Gadoli being fired upon.

The Connection to the ‘Fake’ Encounter

Sonia Pahuja, Divya’s mother, faced accusations of colluding with the Haryana Police, allegedly informing them about Gadoli’s whereabouts. This revelation led to the arrest of Divya, her mother, and several police officials under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Legal Reprieve and the Fragility of Freedom

After a lengthy legal battle, the Bombay High Court granted bail to Divya, her mother, and others involved, citing the lack of progress in the case. Divya’s legal counsel argued that prolonged incarceration infringed upon her fundamental rights.

Tragedy Strikes AgainA Grim End to a Tumultuous Journey

Just months after tasting freedom, the shadows of tragedy descended upon Divya Pahuja once again. The former model’s life, marked by legal battles and imprisonment, concluded in a chilling manner at a Gurugram hotel.In conclusion, the enigmatic life of Divya Pahuja, intertwined with legal complexities and a controversial past, raises more questions than answers. The circumstances surrounding her alleged murder only add to the intrigue, leaving us to ponder the mysteries that shroud this unfortunate tale.

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