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Dharavi Redevelopment Project Mumbai’s Slum Renaissance

Dharavi Redevelopment Project Mumbai's Slum Renaissance

Dharavi Redevelopment Project Mumbai’s Slum Renaissance, Discover the ambitious Dharavi Redevelopment Project led by the Adani Group, aiming to transform Mumbai’s largest slum into a vibrant, modern urban hub. Explore the global collaboration, visionary goals, and the commitment to community well-being.

Billionaire Gautam Adani’s joint venture with Mumbai’s slum rehabilitation authority has embarked on an ambitious journey to transform Dharavi, one of Asia’s largest informal settlements. The Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRPPL) has enlisted a global team to spearhead this initiative, signaling a pivotal moment in reimagining the urban landscape.

Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRPPL), a joint venture spearheaded by billionaire Gautam Adani in collaboration with Mumbai’s slum rehabilitation authority, has enlisted a stellar global consortium to execute the transformative master plan for Dharavi. This strategic alliance aims to revitalize one of Asia’s most extensive and lively informal settlements, heralding a new era for the sprawling Mumbai slum.

Architectural Brilliance: Hafeez Contractor’s Social Housing Touch

Renowned architect Hafeez Contractor, celebrated for his prowess in social housing projects, stands at the forefront of this visionary endeavor. His architectural finesse promises to reshape Dharavi into a landscape of private residences featuring modern amenities such as independent toilets, spacious kitchens, and comfortable living spaces for families. This marks a pivotal step towards creating a vibrant and upgraded living experience for the slum’s residents.

Design Innovation by Sasaki: Crafting Dharavi’s Tomorrow

Joining forces with Contractor is the US-based design firm, Sasaki. Armed with a legacy of groundbreaking designs, Sasaki brings its innovative prowess to Dharavi’s redevelopment. Envisioning bustling shops, thriving businesses, and vocational opportunities, Sasaki’s role is integral in shaping Dharavi into a hub of economic activity and sustainable growth.

Buro Happold’s Expert Consultancy: A UK Touch for Dharavi’s Transformation

The consultancy expertise of Buro Happold from the UK adds another layer of global competence to the DRPPL consortium. Specializing in infrastructure development, Buro Happold is poised to contribute valuable insights towards revitalizing Dharavi’s urban landscape. Their involvement underscores the project’s commitment to world-class excellence.

Adani’s Vision: Beyond Infrastructure Renewal

Gautam Adani’s vision transcends mere infrastructure renewal; it aspires to catalyze a cultural and economic renaissance in Dharavi. The articulated goal includes not only the creation of modern living spaces but also fostering local businesses, generating employment opportunities, and enhancing the overall quality of life for the community.

“The Dharavi Redevelopment Project is not just about physical transformation; it is about uplifting the essence of Dharavi’s vibrant culture. Our commitment to integrity, inclusivity, and community engagement drives this endeavor. By merging the expertise of our global partners with the spirit of Dharavi’s citizens, we aim to create a paradigm of urban redevelopment, setting a precedent for replication in other cities worldwide,” emphasizes a DRPPL spokesperson.

Learning from Singapore: A Blueprint for Success

The Dharavi Redevelopment Project draws inspiration from Singapore’s triumph over similar challenges in the 1960s. Mirroring Dharavi’s current state, Singapore transformed shanties and slums into a modern urban landscape through meticulous planning and execution. The Singapore Housing Development Board, established in 1969, played a pivotal role in crafting over 1.2 million homes in five decades. The DRPPL seeks to leverage this wealth of experience to guide Dharavi towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

Maharashtra’s Approval: Paving the Way for the World’s Largest Urban Renewal

With the Maharashtra government’s nod last year, the Adani Group’s ambitious bid to redevelop Dharavi gained approval. Covering an expansive 625 acres (253 hectares), officials deem it “the world’s largest urban renewal scheme.” This endorsement positions the Dharavi Redevelopment Project as a monumental initiative with the potential to reshape not just Dharavi but set a global benchmark for urban revitalization.

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts of a globally acclaimed team, led by Adani’s vision, are set to redefine Dharavi’s narrative. This ambitious project aspires not only to reshape physical infrastructure but also to nurture the soul of Dharavi’s vibrant culture, creating a blueprint for urban redevelopment that transcends geographical boundaries.

Global Collaboration for Transformation

DRPPL has strategically partnered with renowned architect Hafeez Contractor, acclaimed US design firm Sasaki, and UK-based consultancy firm Buro Happold. This dynamic collaboration aims to bring together diverse expertise and innovative perspectives to ensure the holistic redevelopment of Dharavi.

Vision for Renaissance

The Adani Group envisions a comprehensive renaissance for Dharavi, focusing on the creation of private homes with modern amenities, vibrant commercial spaces, and the generation of vocational opportunities. The goal is not only urban renewal but also to enhance the quality of life for Dharavi’s residents while preserving its unique cultural essence.

Learning from Singapore’s Success

Drawing inspiration from Singapore’s successful urban transformation in the 1960s, the Dharavi Redevelopment Project seeks to tap into the invaluable experience gained by the professionals behind Singapore’s Housing Development Board. With over five decades of expertise, Singapore’s journey from shanties to over 1.2 million homes serves as a blueprint for Dharavi’s revival.

Maharashtra’s Approval and Urban Renewal

The Maharashtra government’s approval of the Adani Group’s bid for the redevelopment of Dharavi marks a significant milestone. Covering an expansive 625 acres (253 hectares), this endeavor has been labeled “the world’s largest urban renewal scheme” by officials.

Commitment to Excellence

A spokesperson for DRPPL emphasizes the commitment to integrity, inclusivity, and community engagement in approaching this endeavor. The project aims to create a model of urban redevelopment that can serve as inspiration for other locations and cities globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the Dharavi Redevelopment Project?

A: The Dharavi Redevelopment Project is a joint venture between billionaire Gautam Adani’s group and Mumbai’s slum rehabilitation authority. It aims to comprehensively redevelop Dharavi, one of Asia’s largest informal settlements.

Q2: Who are the key partners in the redevelopment?

A: The project has enlisted the expertise of architect Hafeez Contractor, US design firm Sasaki, and UK-based consultancy firm Buro Happold.

Q3: What is the vision for Dharavi’s redevelopment?

A: The vision includes creating private homes with modern amenities, vibrant commercial spaces, generating vocational opportunities, and uplifting the overall quality of life for Dharavi’s residents.


The Dharavi Redevelopment Project marks a historic collaboration to transform the urban fabric of one of Asia’s largest informal settlements. With global expertise, visionary goals, and a commitment to community well-being, this project is set to redefine the future of Dharavi.

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