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Lakshadweep vs Maldives: MakeMyTrip Faces Social Media Backlash, Uninstall Threats

MakeMyTrip Faces Social Media Backlash, Uninstall Threats

MakeMyTrip Faces Social Media Backlash, Uninstall Threats

In the midst of India’s diplomatic tensions with Maldives, Lakshadweep vs Maldives: MakeMyTrip Faces Social Media Backlash, Uninstall Threats travel giant MakeMyTrip finds itself entangled in a social media storm, drawing criticism and uninstall threats from users. Despite openly endorsing the government’s initiatives to boost Lakshadweep, the platform is under fire for allegedly not aligning with India’s nationalistic causes.

Unwarranted Backlash Amid Lakshadweep’s Spotlight

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared captivating snapshots of his Lakshadweep visit on social media, there has been a surge in interest surrounding India’s smallest union territory. However, this newfound attention has also triggered a geopolitical dispute between India and Maldives, marked by disparaging remarks from some Maldivian ministers aimed at the PM and the Indian populace.

Social Media Calls for Boycotting Maldives

Social media platforms, particularly X, are abuzz with calls to “boycott Maldives,” gaining support even from Bollywood stars who echo the PM’s efforts to promote Lakshadweep. Notably, travel platform EaseMyTrip took a decisive stance by halting all flights to Maldives in solidarity with the nation.

Co-Founder Nishant Pitti expressed the company’s position on Twitter: “In solidarity with our nation, @EaseMyTrip has suspended all Maldives flight bookings. #TravelUpdate #SupportingNation.”

MakeMyTrip Under Scrutiny

Amidst the fervor, MakeMyTrip has become a target for online trolls due to its perceived inaction. Accusations range from the platform’s alleged affiliation with China, suggesting Chinese executives on its board, to not following suit in suspending Maldives bookings.

Despite the online campaign with hashtags such as #UninstallMakeMyTrip, MakeMyTrip has yet to halt Maldives bookings. Some users are expressing their solidarity with EaseMyTrip’s decision while urging others to join in uninstalling MakeMyTrip.

The Social Media Uproar

The controversy has spilled onto social media, with users sharing posts and tweets advocating for the uninstallation of MakeMyTrip. The sentiments expressed highlight a perceived failure on the part of MakeMyTrip to align with national interests.

It’s worth noting that MakeMyTrip has not released an official statement addressing the situation. However, the platform has shared posts on social media expressing support for the government’s endeavors to promote Indian beaches.

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In conclusion, MakeMyTrip finds itself navigating turbulent social media waters, caught between the diplomatic rift and nationalistic sentiments. The unfolding scenario underscores the challenges faced by businesses in maintaining a delicate balance amid geopolitical tensions. As the situation evolves, MakeMyTrip’s response will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping public perception and its standing in the travel industry.

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