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Animal Box office collection Worldwide till now

"Animal" raked in a staggering INR 33.8 crores across India, setting the tone for a phenomenal run. The film's worldwide gross collection on the first day stood at an impressive INR 1,116 crores.

Animal Box Office Sensation: Ranbir Kapoor’s “Animal” Dominates 10-Day Collection

phenomenal success of Ranbir Kapoor’s movie “Animal,” directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, as it crosses the unprecedented milestone of ₹600 crore in worldwide box office collections in December 2023

Ranbir Kapoor’s blockbuster film “Animal,” released on December 1st, has rewritten history in cinema. This action thriller has not only shattered records at the Indian box office but has also become Bollywood’s highest-grossing film within its first 10 days. Let’s delve into the astounding 10-day journey of “Animal” and its unprecedented success.

Record-Breaking Collections

Opening Day Marvel

On its opening day, “Animal” raked in a staggering INR 33.8 crores across India, setting the tone for a phenomenal run. The film’s worldwide gross collection on the first day stood at an impressive INR 1,116 crores.

Spectacular Weekend

The film continued its triumphant journey, earning INR 667.27 million on Saturday and INR 1.46 billion on Sunday, amassing a weekend total of INR 20.11 billion in India alone.

Unprecedented Monday

Surprisingly, Monday, the film’s ninth day, turned out to be its second-highest-grossing day, generating a remarkable INR 4.44 billion across the country. This Monday collection is unparalleled in Bollywood history, surpassing even Shah Rukh Khan’s “Jawaan.”

Global Triumph

“Animal” hasn’t just conquered the Indian market; its global appeal is evident in its cumulative worldwide gross of INR 60.06 billion within the first nine days.

Anticipation for the Tenth Day

As the film enters its tenth day, expectations are high for another substantial collection. The film is anticipated to cross the INR 44.4 billion mark in India, reaching a worldwide total of INR 77.15 billion.

Unprecedented Success

“Animal” has not only become a blockbuster but is poised to be an all-time box office sensation. Its success can be attributed to Ranbir Kapoor’s stellar performance, Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s direction, and a stellar ensemble cast.

Audience Engagement

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In conclusion, “Animal” stands as a testament to Bollywood’s prowess, setting new benchmarks in box office collections. Ranbir Kapoor’s stellar performance, coupled with a compelling storyline, has created a cinematic masterpiece that continues to captivate audiences globally.

The Cinematic Triumph of “Animal”

“Animal” box office collection on Day 9 has etched a historic chapter in the annals of Bollywood, with Ranbir Kapoor’s stellar performance taking the film to new heights.

The Global Triumph

Worldwide Box Office Sensation

On the global stage, “Animal” has emerged as a cinematic juggernaut, surpassing the ₹600 crore mark within just nine days of its release. This exceptional feat cements its status as one of the highest-grossing films in Ranbir Kapoor’s illustrious career.

Domestic Brilliance

H2: Indian Audiences Applaud

Domestically, the movie has resonated strongly, amassing a staggering net collection of ₹398.87 crore within India. The gross figures soar even higher, reaching ₹429.2 crore, signifying the film’s widespread popularity.

International Impact

Conquering Overseas Markets

Beyond Indian borders, “Animal” has made a significant impact, raking in a substantial ₹170.8 crore. This showcases the film’s universal appeal and its ability to captivate audiences on a global scale.

Box Office Milestones

Day-wise Triumphs

Examining the day-wise collections, “Animal” witnessed a robust first week with ₹337.58 crore. Subsequent days maintained a strong performance, with the second Friday contributing ₹22.95 crore and an early estimate of ₹37 crore on the second Saturday.

Kapoor’s Career Pinnacle

H2: Surpassing Previous Records

In a remarkable turn of events, “Animal” has now outshone Ranbir Kapoor’s earlier blockbuster “Sanju,” which held a worldwide collection record of ₹588.50 crore. This cements “Animal” as Kapoor’s most successful venture to date, marking his third consecutive box office triumph.

Movie Critique

Addressing Criticisms

However, the movie hasn’t been immune to criticism. Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, “Animal” has faced scrutiny for its portrayal of extreme violence, leading to discussions on toxic masculinity and misogyny, echoing concerns raised about Vanga’s previous work, “Kabir Singh.”


This article explores the unparalleled success of “Animal” in the global box office, detailing its remarkable journey to ₹600 crore and its significance in Ranbir Kapoor’s cinematic legacy.

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