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Actor Raj Tarun Accused of Cheating

Actor Raj Tarun Accused of Cheating

Tollywood Scandal: Raj Tarun and Malvi Malhotra Accused of Threatening and Cheating Woman

In a shocking revelation, a complaint has been filed at Narsingi police station against renowned Telugu actor Raj Tarun and actress Malvi Malhotra. The woman, Lavanya, alleges a long-standing relationship with Raj Tarun and accuses both actors of harassment and threats. This article delves into the details of the complaint, the alleged incidents, and the ongoing investigation.

Lavanya’s Allegations: An 11-Year Relationship with Raj Tarun

Lavanya claims to have been in a live-in relationship with Raj Tarun for the past 11 years. According to her complaint, they lived together and were planning to get married soon. However, Lavanya states that Raj Tarun has been avoiding her for the past few years. She further alleges that Malvi Malhotra’s family has been threatening her with false charges and even death.

Raj Tarun and Malvi Malhotra’s Alleged Affair

The complaint suggests that Raj Tarun and Malvi Malhotra are frequently seen together, visiting various locations like Goa, Puducherry, and Chennai. Lavanya’s accusations extend to the point of stating that the duo’s relationship has led to her estrangement from Raj Tarun.

Emotional Turmoil: Lavanya’s Plea

Lavanya’s emotional statement, “Raj Tarun is my world, I want Raj,” highlights her distress. She alleges that Raj Tarun married her in a temple but left her after starting an affair with Malvi Malhotra, his co-star in the upcoming film “Tiragabadara Saami.” Lavanya claims that Raj Tarun has not contacted her for the past three months and that she has received threats of him sacrificing his life if she tries to meet him.

Past Ordeal: Drug Case and Jail Time

Adding to her woes, Lavanya recalls a past incident where she was caught in a drug case and spent 45 days in jail. During this challenging time, she claims that Raj Tarun did not offer any support. This further strains their relationship and adds weight to her allegations.

Investigation and Public Reaction

The Narsingi police are currently investigating the matter. The public reaction has been mixed, with many expressing sympathy for Lavanya while others question the credibility of her statements. The police are working to verify the allegations and gather more evidence.

Raj Tarun and Malvi Malhotra’s Silence

As of now, there has been no official statement from Raj Tarun or Malvi Malhotra regarding the allegations. Their silence has led to speculation and curiosity about their side of the story. The outcome of the investigation will be crucial in determining the truth behind these claims.

The Impact on Raj Tarun’s Career

This scandal has undoubtedly impacted Raj Tarun’s career. As an actor with a significant fan following, these allegations could tarnish his reputation. The film industry and fans are closely watching the developments, waiting to see how this situation unfolds.

Support for Lavanya

Lavanya’s plight has garnered support from various quarters. Many have empathized with her emotional turmoil and the struggles she claims to have faced. Advocacy groups for women’s rights and social justice have also shown interest in her case, emphasizing the need for a fair investigation.

Conclusion: Awaiting Justice

The allegations against Raj Tarun and Malvi Malhotra are severe and have brought to light significant issues of harassment, threats, and emotional abuse. As the investigation continues, the truth will hopefully emerge, bringing justice to the aggrieved party. For now, the public and the media await further developments in this high-profile Tollywood scandal.

This incident underscores the importance of addressing and resolving relationship conflicts with sensitivity and legality, ensuring that both parties are heard and justice is served. The coming days will be crucial in determining the fate of the involved actors and the truth behind Lavanya’s allegations.

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