About Informatica PowerCenter 8

Informatica Power Center is a single, unified enterprise data integration platform that allows companies and organizations of all sizes to access, discover, and integrate data from virtually any business system, in any format, and deliver that data throughout the enterprise at any speed. Power Center helps organizations derive business value from all their data so that they can reduce IT costs and complexity, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth.

PowerCenter helps organizations derive business value from all their data so that they can

  • Reduce IT costs and complexity
  • Streamline business operations and processes
  • Drive revenue growth

Informatica Powercenter 8

Informatica PowerCenter 8 provides an environment which allows us to load data into a centralized location, such as a data warehouse or operational data store (ODS). We can extract data from multiple sources, transform the data according to business logic, and load the transformed data into file and relational targets.

PowerCenter 8 also provides us the ability to view and analyze business information and browse and analyze metadata from disparate metadata repositories.

PowerCenter 8 Components

  • PowerCenter domain
  • PowerCenter repository
  • Administration Console
  • PowerCenter Client
  • Repository Service
  • Integration Service
  • Web Services Hub
  • Data Analyzer
  • Metadata Manager

PowerCenter Repository Reports

PowerCenter 8 Domain

PowerCenter has a service-oriented architecture that provides the ability to scale services and share resources across multiple machines. It provides the PowerCenter domain to support the administration of the PowerCenter Services. Domain is the primary unit for management and administration of services in PowerCenter. It has the following components.

One or more nodes

Node is a logical representation of a machine in a domain. Domain may contain more than one node. The node that hosts the domain is the master gateway for the domain. We can add the other machines as nodes in the domain and configure the nodes to run Integration Services and Repository Services. All service requests from other nodes in the domain go through the master gateway.

Service Manager

Service Manager is built in to the domain to support the domain and the application services. The Service Manager runs on each node in the domain. Service Manager performs the following functions

•Node configuration
Application services

Application services is a group of services that represent PowerCenter server-based functionality. The application services that run on each node in the domain depend on the way you configure the node and the application service. The following services are installed once you install PowerCenter services.

•Repository Service
•Integration Service
•Web Services Hub
•SAP BW Service

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