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APOnline Portal Project-Guidelines to Departments for Developing G2C, G2G and G2B services and hosting them on Internet, Application Development, Maintenance, Implementation & Transaction/ Subscription based charges on APOnline – Extension of guidelines till 31-05-2015 or till the establishment of TSOnline whichever is earlier – OrdersIssued. Information Technology, Electronics & Communications (Portal) Department

APOnline Ltd., was set up as a Joint Venture between AP Technology Services and TATA Consultancy Services limited, to improve the efficiency and productivity of operations of all departments in addition to being citizen centric to cater to the growing IT needs of all departments.

2. APOnline Ltd., (http://www.aponline.gov.in) operates to provide an electronic gateway to various services offered by the Government. In the G.O read above, detailed guidelines were issued and their validity extended from time to time for development of applications, services and websites and their hosting.

3. In view of State bifurcation and as APTS is under Schedule-IX of Reorganization Act, Government after careful consideration and with a view to enable department to utilize services of APONLINE LIMITED, in a speedy and convenient manner till the establishment of TSOnline Limited (http://www.tsonline.gov.in), the validity of guidelines prescribed in the G.O are hereby extended till 31.05.2015 or till the establishment of TSOnline whichever is earlier.

G.O.MS.No. 3 Dated: 04.03.2015 Read the Following:- 1. G.O.MS.No.39 of IT&C Department, dated:12.09.2002 2. G.O.MS.No.19 of IT&C Department, dated:03.07.2004 3. G.O.MS.No.21 of IT&C Department, dated:28.07.2005 4. G.O.MS.No.14 of IT&C Department, dated:06.07.2006 5. G.O.MS.No.23 of IT&C Department, dated:02.11.2007 6. G.O.MS.No.4 of IT&C Department, dated:27.01.2009 7. G.O.MS.No.7 of IT&C Department, dated:25.06.2010 8. G.O.MS.No.7 of IT&C Department, dated:06.07.2011 9. G.O.MS.No.15 of IT&C Department, dated:05.05.2012 10. G.O.MS.No.33 of IT&C Department, dated:18.09.2012 11. G.O.MS.No.16 of IT&C Department, dated:06.09.2013 12. G.O.MS.No.8 of IT&C Department, dated:15.05.2014 13. G.O.MS.No.21 of ITE&C Department dated: 30.9.2014 (AP Govt.) 14. Lr.No.APOL30102014-1, Dated 30.10.2014 of The COO, APOnline, Hyd. *** O R D E R:

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