World war 2 Veterans benefits in Telangana Enhancement of Pension

Secretary, GOI, Ministry of Defence, Dept. of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, New Delhi has stated that while reviewing the working of Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Ministry of Defence, the Standing Committee on Defence observed that the country should not forget the sacrifices made by the world war veterans and the financial assistance being provided to the World War Veterans is inadequate. The Committee has desired
that since there are very few World War Veterans in the country and States/UTs may provide an amount of financial assistance between Rs.6000/- to Rs.10,000/- per veteran per month. He has finally requested to consider the matter compassionately and enhance financial assistance to the world war veterans and
their widows.

Director, Sainik Welfare has requested the Government to issue orders duly enhancing the financial Assistance from Rs.3,000/- to Rs.6,000/- per month to Non-Pensioner II World War Veterans and widows of IInd World War Veterans.

Government, after careful examination of the proposal and taking into consideration the views of the Secretary, GOI, Ministry of Defence, Dept. of ExServicemen Welfare, New Delhi mentioned in the letter 1st read above, hereby enhances the financial Assistance to Non-Pensioner World War II Veterans as well as the Non-Pensioner widows of World War II Veterans from Rs.3,000/- to Rs.6,000/- per month, subject to meeting the expenditure within the budget provision.

The Director, Sainik Welfare, Telangana, Hyderabad shall take further action accordingly.

This order is issued with the concurrence of the Finance (EBS.VI) Department vide their U.O.No.13948/559/A1/EBS.VI/2015, Dated: 03.11.2015 Sainik Welfare – Permission for enhancement of financial Assistance to the Non-Pensioner World War II Veterans as well as the Non-Pensioner widows of
World War II Veterans from Rs.3,000/- to Rs.6,000/- per month, subject to meeting the expenditure within the budget provision Accorded – Orders – Issued. HOME (SERVICES-IV) DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No. 88 Dated: 22-12-2015 Read the following:-

From the Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Department of ExServicemen Welfare, GOI, New Delhi, D.O.No.8 (1)/2011-D (Res.II), Dated: 03.03.2015. 2. From the Director, Sainik Welfare, Hyd.,Lr.No.224/03/IIWW/2015-Accts, dated 17.10.2015

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