UIDSSMT Nizamabad Under Ground Drainage

Orders were issued for according revised administrative sanction to Nizamabad UGD sanctioned under UIDSSMT for an amount of Rs.20361.54 lakhs with the following method of funding and to take up the balance
components of the UGD and three STPs with WSP technology.
Sl.No. Agency Share ( Rs. in Lakhs)

1. Central share 6484.80

2. State share 810.60

3. ULB share 13066.14

Total: 20361.54

The Public representatives of Nizamabad District have represented to Government to examine the construction of STP at Dubba area with new compact technology instead of WSP technology in order to utilize the land already acquired for other Public purposes i.e., Housing, Construction of Integrated Complex, Office Buildings, Development of Parks etc as the site is very close to the Nizamabad town.

CE(PH), Hyderabad was requested to inspect the entire area of Nizamabada Municipal Corporation and send a report to Government. Accordingly, the ENC (PH), Hyderabad along with SE (PH), Hyderabad and EE (PH), Nizamabad inspected the proposed STP locations and made the following observations:

1. The land acquired for Dubba area is surrounded by various industries and the site is nearer to the habitations of Nizamabad town and further growth of town is expected towards this area. It is also learnt that Real Estate ventures are likely to come up in the surrounded areas of STP location.

2. According to the field level staff, the local public is opposing the construction of STP with WSP technology at Dubba area with an intention that the area in future may become part of the town habitation.

3. The proposed STPs at Yellamagutta area and Armoor Road area are inspected and it is noticed that the locations of the STPs are in proximity to town habitation. The land required for construction of future modules of STPs with WSP technology may not be possible as there is stiff resistance from the local Public.

4 Keeping in view the above observations, the Engineer-in-Chief (PH), Hyderabad has proposed to construct STPs with MBBR technology instead of WSP technology at all the above three locations. Accordingly, the estimates have been revised with the MBBR technology for all the three STPs to its full capacity as contemplated in the original DPR. The revised estimate cost arrived to Rs. 231.00 Crores with the rates of
2015-2016 SSR against the revised administrative sanction of Rs. 203.62 Crores, which is exceeding the revised administrative sanction by an amount of Rs. 27.385 Crores. 5 The Engineer-in-Chief (Public Health), Hyderabad has therefore requested the Government to accord revised administrative sanction for an amount of Rs.23100.00 lakhs, subject to the ULB share to be borne by the State Government and also requested to accord permission to construct 3 STPs with MBBR technology instead of WSP technology and to invite tenders a fresh for the balance works. 6 Government after careful examination of the proposal of Engineer-in-Chief (PH), Hyderabad, hereby accord revised administrative sanction for Nizamabad UGD sanctioned under UIDSSMT for a total amount of Rs. 23100.00 lakhs (Rupees two hundred and thirty one crores only) with the following method of funding and the additional expenditure of ULB share of Rs.27.38 crores will be borne by the State Government.

The Government also accord permission to Engineer-in-Chief (Public Health), Hyderabad to construct 3 STPs with MBBR technology instead of WSP technology and to invite tenders a fresh for the balance works.

8. The Engineer-in-Chief (Public Health), Hyderabad / The Managing Director, TUFIDC Ltd., Hyderabad shall take action accordingly. 9 This order issues with the concurrence of Spl.C.S., Finance vide their U.O.No.82/Spl.C.S./2015, dated:20.11.2015.

G.O.RT.No. 475 Dated: 20/11/2015 Read the following: 1. GO.Rt.No.613, MA&UD (UBS) Department, Dated:31.5.2014. 2. From ENC (PH), Hyderabad Lr.No.357/T7/4/NZB/UGD/UIDSSMT/2015-16, Dated 11.8.2015 3. Govt. Memo No.10090/UBS/2015, dated:4.9.2015 4. From ENC (PH), Hyderabad Lr.No.357/T7/4/NZB/UGD/UIDSSMT/2015-16, Dated 4.11.2015 and 19.11.2015

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