TS-TRANSCO in the Equity of TS-SPDCL – Shareholders

Orders were issued notifying the details of investments in each of the DISCOMs and shareholding pattern as shown in the statements “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” annexed to it.

In view of the circumstances reported by the CMD, TS-SPDCL vide his letter, and since some of the shareholders were transferred after bifurcation of the State of Andhra Pradesh, Government after careful examination hereby notify the shareholding pattern with the following existing officers, for the company, TS-SPDCL;

S.No. Name Designation Present Status
1 Sri S.K. Joshi, IAS Prl. Secy, Energy Dept. Shareholder
2 Sri S.K. Joshi, IAS CMD-TS-TRANSCO (FAC) Shareholder
3 Sri Kartikeya Misra, IAS JMD-TS- Transco Shareholder
4 Sri G. Raghuma Reddy CMD, TS-SPDCL (FAC) Shareholder
5 Sri G. Raghuma Reddy Director (Comml)/ TS-SPDCL and CMD, TS-SPDCL (FAC) Shareholder
6 Sri T. Srinivas Director (Projects), TS-SPDCL Shareholder
7 Sri S. Satyaranaraya Assistant Secretary(FAC) (Representative on behalf of Governor of A.P. Shareholder

3. The Chairman & Managing Director, TS-SPDCL shall take further action to indicate number of shares and amount for Rs.728,47,96,090/- accordingly .
ENERGY DEPARTMENT – TS-SPDCL – Shareholders –Investment of TS-TRANSCO in the Equity of TS-SPDCL – Shareholders of the company – Orders – Issued.
ENERGY (BUDGET) DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No. 1.Dated: 18 -10-2014

1. G.O.Ms.No.65, Energy (Power-III) Dept., dt:23.12.2013.
2. A.P. Reorganisation Act, 2014
3. From the CMD, TS-SPDCL, Lr.No.TSSPDCL/CMD/CS/ D.NO.30/14, Dt:03.09.2014.

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