Telangana State Yogodhyayana Parishad TSYP Governing Council

Telangana State Yogodhyayana Parishad TSYP  under Governing Council Section 101 of the Andhra Pradesh
Reorgan ation Act, 2014 (Central Act No. 6 of 2014) the Government of Telangana State have adapted Memorandum & Articles of Association & Regulations of Andhra Pradesh Yogodhyayana Parishad, Hyderabad and Changed the nomenclature as Telangana State Yogodhyayana Parishad, Hyderabad.

Secretary Telangana State Yogodhyayana Parishad, Hyderabad has requested to Constitute the Governing Council as per Societies Act, to resolve the financial and other impartment decisions for smooth running of the Telangana State Yogodhyayana Parishad, Hyderabad.

After careful examination Government hereby Constitute the Governing Council for Telangana State Yogodhyayana Parishad, Hyderabad with the following members:

(i) The Minister for Health, : Chairman Medical & Family Welfare, Telangana.

(ii) The Principal. Secretary to Govt. : Vice Chairman Health, Medical & Family, Welfare Department, Telangana.

(iii) The Commissioner of AYUSH, Telangana, : Vice Chairman-2 Hyderabad

(iv) The Director, Pranayam Research Centre, : Vice- Chairman-3 Telangana, Hyderabad

(v) The Principal Secretary to Government, : Member Education Department,

(vi) The Principle Secretary to Government, : Member Fin. & Plg. (FW) Deptt.,

(vii) The Vice-Chancellor KNRUHS, : Member Warangal

(viii) Two experts in Naturopathy:

1. Dr.T. Manjula Karimnagar : Member

2. Dr.Ch. Sudarshan Warangal : Member

(ix) Two experts in yoga:

1. S.Koteswar Rao, Warangal : Member

2. Dr.Bapuji Hyderabad : Member

(x) One eminent Neurophysician : Member Professor Subhash Kaul HOD Neurology NIMS.

(xi)The Secretary of the TSYP : Member / Secretary Hyderabad

2. The Secretary Telangana State Yogodhyayana Parishad Hyderabad shall take necessary action accordingly.


Health, Medical & Family Welfare Department – Telangana State Yogodhyayana Parishad (TSYP) – Constitution of Governing Council – Orders – Issued. HEALTH, MEDICAL & FAMILY WELFARE (E1) DEPARTMENT

G.O.RT.No. 6 Dated: 04-01-2016 Read the following:- 1. G.O.Ms.No.29, HM & FW (E.2) Deptt., dt. 06-04-2015. 2. From the Secretary (FAC)Telangana

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