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As a step towards achieving coordination and convergence among State Departments dealing with Rural Drinking Water Supply, Rural Sanitation, School Education, Health, Women and Child Development, Water Resources, Agriculture etc., a State Water and Sanitation Mission should be set up at the State level. It shall be a registered society under the aegis of the Department implementing rural water supply programme in the State. It will be providing the operational flexibility to the States so that the desired thrust is made available for an integrated implementation and community participation in Rural Water Supply Programme and Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan. The GOI has issued modified guidelines for making institutional arrangements for achieving the Objectives and goals set out therein.


The Govt. after examining the guidelines of National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP), GOI hereby constitute the following institutional set up to facilitate the Drinking Water & Sanitation Mission in the State. Accordingly, in pursuance of the guidelines the following orders are issued:-

2. State Water and Sanitation Mission (SWSM):

The State Water and Sanitation Mission (SWSM) is set up with the following members.

1. Chief Secretary to Govt. :Chairman- cum- Mission Director
2. Principal Secretary/ Secretary, : Member
PR&RD Dept.,
3. Principal Secretary/Secretary, Finance / Planning Dept., : Member

4. Principal Secretary/Secretary,Education Dept.,, : Member

5. Principal Secretary/Secretary,Women and Child Welfare : Member

6. Principal Secretary/Secretary,Agriculture & Co-operation Dept. ,: Member

7. Principal Secretary/Secretary,MA&UD Dept., : Member

8. Principal Secretary/Secretary,I&CAD Dept., : Member

9. Principal Secretary/Secretary,Health Medical & Family Welfare Dept., : Member

10. Commissioner , PR&RE, : Member

11. Commissioner, RD : Member

12. Commissioner, APARD : Member

13. Advisor/ GOI representative : Member
14. Chief Executive Officer, SERP : Member
15. Vice-chairman & MD., TRANSCO : Member
16. Commissioner, I&PR : Member
17. Engineer-in Chief, RWS&S : Member Convenor

The SWSM is an Apex body and is responsible for overseeing the functioning of the DWSMs to ensure proper implementation of the NRDWP, NBA and other related programmes /projects taken by the Government in the drinking water and sanitation sector.

The State Water and Sanitation Mission (SWSM) shall perform the following functions:

a) Provide policy guidance;
b) Convergence of water supply and sanitation activities including Special Projects;
c) Coordination with various State Government Departments and other partners in relevant activities;
d) Monitoring and evaluation of physical and financial performance and management of the water supply and sanitation projects;
e) Integrating communication and capacity development programmes for both water supply and sanitation;
f) Maintaining the accounts for Programme Fund and Support Fund and carrying out the required audits for the accounts.
g) To build MIS and create a transparent platform on the public domain.
h) Harness resources internally and externally to support the funding needs of the sector.

Project Monitoring Unit of the SWSM:

The SWSM shall also have a Project Monitoring Unit under the control of the SWSM as a executive wing to look after the day to day activities of the SWSM. The Project Monitoring Unit of the SWSM will be located in the O/O the Engineer-in-Chief, RWS&S and will be headed by an officer in the rank of Chief Engineer/Joint Secretary to Govt. deputed by the Govt. and shall be designated as PD, SWSM.

The PD., SWSM will be head of the PMU for day to day functions of the Mission as per the powers delegated to him by the Mission Director from time to time. The other staff required for functioning of the Mission shall be deputed from the department or outsourced with the approval of the Mission Director.

3. District Water and Sanitation Mission (DWSM):

A District Water and Sanitation Mission (DWSM) shall be constituted at the district level and should function under the supervision, control and guidance of Zilla Parishad.

Governing Body of the DWSM:

1. Chairman : Chairman of Zilla Parishad.
2. Co-Chairman : District Collector
3. Member Secretary : SE, RWS&S of the District
4. Members : All MPs and MLAs in the district Chairman standing Committee of works of ZP (relating RWS&S)
: PO ITDA of the District
: Superintending Engineer, Irrigation

Superintending Engineer, Transco

: Superintending Engineer, R&B
: Superintending Engineer, PR
: Chief conservator of Forests of the district
: Chief Executive Officer, ZP
: District Education Officer
: District Medical & Health Officer
: District Public Relation Officer
: Dy. Director SW, BC welfare
: Dist. Women & Child Welfare Officer
: District Panchayat Officer

5 Co-opted Members: From NGOs by Dist. Collector (3 Nos.)

(*Note:- In the absence of the Chairman, ZP., for various reasons, the Vice-Chairman, Zilla Parishad/Special Officer, Zilla Parishad /Dist. Collector will act as Chairman of the DWSM)

The Governing body of the DWSM shall meet at least twice in a year in January and July. The Member Secretary shall ensure utilization of the existing infrastructure with them. No additional posts shall be sanctioned.

The DWSM can engage subject experts on outsourcing as per guidelines of GOI.

The DWSM is independent and empowered to take all necessary decisions for implementation of the programmes. It is accountable to SWSM. It shall adopt principles and parameters for efficiency and autonomy as suggested by SWSM.. While the DWSM shall also be registered as a society in terms of legal status, it is however originally linked with the SWSM and it shall be mandatory for the DWSM to adhere and comply the policies, decisions and directions of the SWSM.. The DWSM shall liaise closely with the Zilla Parishad and the District Administration.

The overall responsibilities of the DWSM are as follows:

a. Planning, co-ordination of and management of the NRDWP, NBA and other related projects in the district.
b. Scrutiny and approval of the schemes submitted by MPPs /GPs and forwarding them to SLSSC where ever necessary.
c. Receipt of programme funds and management for the effective implementation.
d. Overseeing the performance of the RWS&S wing in the district
e. Selection of agencies/NGOs if necessary for the implementation and signing the MOU with them.
f. Capacity building of the all stake holders with the assistance and guidance of WSSO.
g. Sensitising the public representatives officials and the general public.
h. Monitor execution of the projects through RWS/NGOs/GWSc/ VWSCs as the case may be.
i. Ensure district level convergence of all related programmes.
j. Conduct Audit of the accounts and submit all required reports to SWSM in the prescribed manner and formats.
k. Comply policies and decisions of the SWSM in true spirit.

The DWSM shall have a Project Monitoring unit called DWSC for day to day functioning. It shall be the executive wing of the DWSM and shall have the following structure:

Chairman : District Collector
Member Secretary : SE, RWS&S
Members: 1. PO ITDA of the District
2. Superintending Engineer, Irrigation

3. Superintending Engineer, Transco
4. Superintending Engineer, R&B
5. Superintending Engineer, PR
6. Chief Conservator of Forests of the District
7. Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad
8. District Education Officer
9. District Medical & Health Officer
10. District Public Relation Officer
11. Deputy Director, SW & BC welfare
12. Dist. Women & Child Welfare Officer
:13. PD., DRDA & DWMA
:14. District Panchayat Officer

The DWSC shall be responsible to implement and execute the programmes as per the decisions, directions and policy guidance of the SWSM, DWSM. The DWSC shall receive funds from DWSM, maintain the accounts and conduct audit and submit to the SWSM and DWSM for approval.

The DWSC shall have required supporting staff on deputation from the Government Departments as decided by the District Collector and Chairman of the Committee. The DWSC can have required experts/Specialists on contract basis as stated below.

Consultant HRD
Consultant IEC
Consultant M&E
Consulting Hydro geologist
Consultant WQM&S
Consultant Sanitation & Hygiene
Data Entry Operator

The manpower of the DWSC shall be selected by a committee with the following members appointed by State Government, except Sl. No 7 & 8, who can be either taken on deputation from Govt. Departments or on contract basis.

1. Director, WSSO :Chairman
2. Addl/Joint /Dy. Secretary to Government :Member
3. An Expert nominated by the RWS& S Dept. :Member
4. Director, SIRD or his representative :Member

4. Mandal Resource Centre:

A Mandal resource Centre shall be set up at the Mandal level on need base approved by the SWSM to provide continuous support to GPs/GPWSC/VWSCs on both water and sanitation issues acting as a link between them and the DWSM. The main function of the MRC shall be to create awareness, motivation and training of GPs, GPWSC/VWSCs and local community members.

The MRCs will be under the administrative control and supervision of Mandal Panchayats located in office of the Mandal Parishad. In case, MRC is run by an NGO, similar reporting arrangements will be followed. MRC shall be supervised by the DWSM at the district level. It shall function according to the plan approved by the DWSM. The Mandal Panchayat will supervise the MRC to ensure that the functionaries carry out their activities in accordance with the Plan formulated by the Mandal Panchayat and approved by the DWSM.

Staffing of MRCs:

The MRC shall have the following functionaries .

1. Mandal Co-ordinator
2. Cluster Co-ordinator
Detailed guidelines will be issued separately for the roles and responsibilities and remuneration, qualifications of the MRC staff.

5. Gram Panchayat/Village Water and Sanitation Committee (GPWSC/ VWSC):

A Gram Panchayat/Village Water and Sanitation Committee (GPWSC/VWSC) is to be set up as a Standing Committee/ Sub-Committee in each Gram Panchayat for planning, monitoring, implementation and operation and maintenance of their Water Supply Scheme to ensure active participation of the villagers. This Committee may be merged with the Village Health Committee set up under NRHM, so that water, sanitation and health issues are tackled together at the village level.

The membership of a GPWSC/VWSC may consist of about 6 to 12 persons comprising elected members of the Panchayat, women with due representation to SCs, STs and poorer sections of the village. At least 50% of GPWSC/VWSC members should be women. This Committee shall function as a Standing Committee/ Sub-Committee on Water and Sanitation of the Gram Panchayat and should be an integral part of the Village Panchayat.

The GPWSC/VWSC shall have the following members:

1. Sarpanch, GP/Village :Chairman
2. All the Ward Members : Members
3. V.O. President, SHGs : Member
4. N.G.Os if any : Member
5. Panchayat Secretary : Member Convenor

GPWSC/VWSC will be responsible for:

1. planning, designing, and implementing all in-village drinking water and sanitation activities;
2. Operation and management of the drinking water schemes &sanitation in the village
3. providing facts and figures to the Gram Panchayat for reviewing water and sanitation issues;
4. Providing inputs for the Village Water Security Plan;
5. Ensuring community participation and decision making in all phases of in-village scheme activities;
6. Organising community contributions towards capital costs, both in cash and kind (land, labour or materials), if any;
7. Opening and managing bank account for depositing Community cash contributions, O&M funds and management of project funds;
8. Commissioning and takeover of completed in-village water supply and sanitation works through a joint inspection with Line Department Staff;
9. Collection of funds through a tariff, charges and deposit system for O&M of water supply and sanitation works for proper managing and financing of O&M of the services on a sustainable basis; and empowering of women for day to day operation and repairs of the scheme;

6. Water and Sanitation Support Organization (WSSO):

The SWSM shall have a Water and Sanitation Support Organization (WSSO) under it’s control to look after the soft ware activities of the programmes.

The (WSSO) shall deal with CCDU, STA, WQM&S (DWT Labs), sustainability, IS/Computerization project, M&E, R&D, etc,

The Broader responsibility of the WSSO will be as follows:-

a. The organizations main function would be to act as a facilitating agency and would function as a bridge between the PHED/ Board and the Community Organizations, assisting the PRIs and GPWSC/VWSCs to prepare water security plan and plan, implement and maintain RWS projects based on the water security plan;
b. Take up HRD and IEC activities through the CCDU which has been merged with the WSSO;
c. Take up evaluation studies, impact assessment studies, R&D activities and share the findings with RWS&S for corrective action;
d. Take up MIS and computerization programmes, GIS mapping
e. and online monitoring systems, including those for water quality monitoring & surveillance;

The Staffing pattern of the WSSO shall be as follows:-

a. One Director.
b. One consultant IEC
c. One consultant HRD
d. One consultant M&E
e. One consultant Hydro geologist
f. One consultant WQM&S
g. One consultant Sanitation & hygiene
h. One Accountant
i. Two Data Entry Operators

The present CCDU is hereby merged in the WSSO newly formed. The working staff in the CCDU are deputed to work in the WSSO.

The selection of the WSSO staff shall be done by a Committee with the following composition or with any changes among state level representatives approved by the State Government. The qualification and experience, roles and responsibilities of other consultants shall be as per guidelines of GOI.

1. Prl. Secretary/Secretary, RWS&S : Chairman
2. ENC,RWS&S : Member
3. Officer not below the rank of JS in the State
Or an Expert nominated by the State Govt. : Member
4. Two representatives of GOI : Members

The establishment costs of the SWSM and it’s wings shall be met from 5% support funds of the NRDWP programme.


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