Telangana State Wakf Tribunal

G.O.MS.No. 12 Dated: 23-12-2014. 1. The Wakf Act-1995 (Central Act) as amended by Wakf (Amendment) Act-
2013. 2. The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act-2014 (Act No. 6 of 2014). As per Section 83 of the Wakf Act-1995 (Central Act 43 of 1995) the State Government shall, by notification in the Official Gazette, constitute as many
Tribunals as it may think fit, for the determination of any dispute, question or other matter relating to a wakf or wakf property, eviction of a tenant or determination of rights and obligations of the lessor and the lessee of such property, under the said Act and define the local limits and jurisdiction of such Tribunals.

2. Vide G.O.Ms.No. 89, Minorities Welfare Department, dated 20.06.1997 orders were issued constituting Andhra Pradesh State Wakf Tribunal at Hyderabad and the said Wakf Tribunal had jurisdiction over the entire erstwhile State of Andhra Pradesh.

3. Through the reference 2nd read above, the Andhra Pradesh State Reorganization Act, 2014 (Central Act No. 6 of 2014) has come into force with effect from 2nd June, 2014. The Andhra Pradesh State Wakf Tribunal neither listed in Schedule-IX nor in Schedule-X of the said Act. The existing A.P. state Wakf Tribunal was constituted in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh State and had jurisdiction over entire erstwhile Andhra Pradesh State. Subsequent to transfer of territory as in Section 3 of the A.P. Reorganization Act-2014 to the new State of Telangana, the jurisdiction of the Andhra Pradesh State Wakf Tribunal shall be limited to the residual Andhra Pradesh State. Therefore a need arises to constitute a new Wakf Tribunal for the State of Telangana as per Section 83 of the Wakf Act,1995.

4. Government, after careful examination of the matter hereby decided to constitute a wakf Tribunal for the State of Telangana.

5. Accordingly the following Notification shall be published in Extra ordinary issue of the Telangana Gazette, dated 23.12.2014: –

N O T I F I C A T I O N In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 83 of the Wakf Act, 1995 as amended by Wakf (Amendment) Act-2013, the Government of Telangana hereby constitute the “Telangana State Wakf Tribunal” for the determination of any dispute, question or other matter relating to a wakf or wakf property, eviction of a
tenant or determination of rights and obligations of the lessor and the lessee of such property, under the said Act and the said newly constituted Telangana State Wakf Tribunal shall comprise of: –

(i) Chairman who shall be a Member of the State Judicial Sessions Judge holding not below the rank of a District Sessions Judge or Civil Judge, Class-I;

(ii) One Member who shall be an Officer from the State Civil Services equivalent in rank to that of the Additional District Magistrate; and

(iii) One Member having knowledge of Muslim law and Jurisprudence.

6. Necessary further orders for sanction of additional posts will be issued separately.

7. Government also declare that “the Telangana State Wakf Tribunal” shall be separate Head of Department, for the purpose of fundamental rules, manual of special pay and allowances and State Financial Code.

8. The Chairman of the Telangana State Wakf Tribunal at Hyderabad is hereby declared as Drawing Officer.

9. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (HRM.II) Department, vide their U.O. No. 4178/60/A1/HRM.II/2014, dated 25.09.2014. (BY ORDER AND IN THE NAME OF THE GOVERNOR OF TELANGANA)

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