Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited

Housing Department – A.P. Re-organization Act 2014 – Proposal for registration ofnew Company in the name of Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited– Permission accorded – Orders – Issued HOUSING(RH&C-A1)DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No. 1 Dated:24.11.2014.

1. A.P. Re-organization Act 2014 2. From the Industries&Commerce (IP&INF)Department Lr.No.6889/ IP&INF/SRC/2014, dt:13.8.2014.
3. From the Managing Director, APSHCL, Hyderabad Lr.No.7089/ F3/CA/Registration/2014, Dated:31.7.2014 4. G.O.Rt.No.223, Industries and Commerce (SR) Dept, dated:30.05.2014.

Government of India have enacted the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act,2014, As per Article 3, on the appointed date i.e., 2.6.2014, there shall be formed a new State be known as State of Telangana consisting of (10) districts, as notified and the residual State of Andhra Pradesh shall consist of the remaining (13) districts.

Industries &Commerce Department have requested to take necessary immediate action for creation of Telangana State entities/organizations as per the Council Resolution No. 20/2014, dt:16.7.2014.

As per Section 68(1) of A.P Reorganization Act,2014, the companies and corporations specified in the Ninth Schedule constituted for the existing State of Andhra Pradesh shall, on and from the appointed day, continue to function in those areas in respect of which they were functioning immediately before that day, The A.P. State Housing Corporation Limited is listed under IX Scheduled at 13th item of the A.P Reorganization Act,2014, As per part VII of the said Act, from the appointed day i.e., on 2nd June, 2014, all assets, right and liabilities of the Corporation are to be apportioned between the two successor states In the manner prescribed in the Act.

In the circumstances reported by the Managing Director, Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation Limited, Hyderabad in the reference  above, the Government, after careful examination of the matter, hereby accord permission to the Managing Director, Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation Limited, Hyderabad to register a new Company by the name of “Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited” along with separate bye-laws and service rules for the above Creation of Mirror entities of Telangana State. Further, in view of the orders issued in para 2 and 3 of vide the reference the Managing Director, APSHCL, Hyderabad is directed to place the approved Demerger plan before the Expert Committee for approval.

4. The Managing Director, Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation Limited, Hyderabad is requested to take necessary further action accordingly in the matter. (BY ORDER AND IN THE NAME OF THE GOVERNOR OF TELANGANA

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