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Telangana State Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited, Hyderabad has requested the GENERAL PUBLIC among Telangana State requesting to submit their proposal to give impressive new trade/brand name with logo for existing handicrafts showrooms representing heritage, culture and arts of Telangana for State Handicrafts Development Corporation of Telangana. As such, a Committee has been constituted with the concerned Officers from the Corporation and from other Government Departments to scrutinize all the applications and select best suggestions as per guidelines issued. The Committee members in its meeting held
on 07.03.2015 have gone through all the suggestions received from the public naming for Telangana State Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited and the Committee has scrutinized/ shortlisted the suggestions and selected few and forwarded the same to the Government to suggest and approve a suitable name for
Registration of Trade Mark to the new State Handicrafts Development Corporation in Telangana State.

2. The Government, after careful examination of the matter, have approved “GOLKONDA” as the Trademark for newly created “Telangana State Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited” which represents the culture and heritage of Telangana State.

3. Accordingly, the following notification shall be published in an extra-ordinary issue of Telangana Gazette, Dated:30.12.2015.


In exercise of the powers conferred under object 32 of Section III (B) of the Memorandum of Association of Telangana State Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited, Government of Telangana hereby assign the trademark as “GOLKONDA” for newly created “Telangana State Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited”. G.O.MS.No. 93 Dated: 29-12-2015

1) From the VC & MD, APHDC Limited, Hyderabad, Letter No.176/HDC MKTG/TS/ TRADEMARK/2014/15 ,Dt:18.11.2014 & 21.06.2015. 2) G.O.Ms.No.37, Industries and Commerce (Tex) Dept., Dt: 03.07.2015 TELANGANA STATE HANDICRAFTS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED” and permission is also accorded to file necessary documents to the Registrar of Companies as required under Companies Act, 2013.

(A)DIRECTORS : 1. Sri Arvind Kumar, IAS., Secretary to Government & CIP,Industries & Commerce Dept.,
2. Smt. Shailaja Ramaiyer, IAS., Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, APHDC Limited.
3. Sri V. Saida, Deputy Secretary to Government, Industries & Commerce Dept., (B) SHARE HOLDERS :
1. Smt. Shailaja Ramaiyer, IAS., Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, APHDC Limited.
2. Sri A.Sai Prasad, IAAS, Joint Secretary to Government, Finance Department
3. Sri V. Saida, Deputy Secretary to Government, Industries & Commerce Dept.,
4. Sri R.B.Devanand Joint Director, O/o the Commissioner of Industries, Hyderabad
5. Sri P.Kiran Kumar Assistant Secretary to Government, Industries and Commerce Dept.,
6. Nominee of Director of Handlooms & Textiles Dept.,
7. Nominee of Government of India.

3. The VC &MD, APHDC is also hereby permitted to incorporate the new entity in the name and style of “TELANGANA STATE HANDICRAFTS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED” by filing necessary forms with the
Ministry of Company Affairs (i.e., Registrar of Companies) under Companies Act, 2013 with an Authorized Capital of Rs.5.00 Lakhs (50,000 Equity Shares of Rs.10/- each) as Paid up capital of the Corporation. Further, permission is hereby accorded to APHDC to release Rs.5.00 lakhs from the available funds towards Government’s Share Capital contribution to the new company.

4. The Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited, Hyderabad shall take necessary further action in the matter accordingly.

5. This Order issues with the Concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O.No.2187/221/EBS.VII/2015, dated:22.06.2015. The Managing Director, Telangana State Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited, Hyderabad ,has therefore, requested the Government to consider the above proposals of the Corporation and release the funds of Rs.184.00 lakhs (Rs.162.00+22.00 lakhs) by making necessary provision in the State Budget 2015-16, keeping in view the imminent need to protect the interest of poor Artisans and for protection and preservation of the cultural heritage of Telangana State.

Telangana State Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited

Government have issued a Budget Release Order for an amount of Rs.1,84,00,000/-,under plan as additional funds in relaxation of treasury control and quarterly regulation orders pending provision of funds by way of obtaining supplementary grants during the financial year 2015-16 to meet the expenditure for Construction of new showroom buildings (under process) and Publicity campaign and requested to take necessary action for issue of administrative sanction orders in the matter.

After careful examination of the matter, Government hereby accord administrative sanction for an amount of Rs.1,84,00,000/- (Rupees One crore eighty four lakhs only) under plan as additional funds in relaxation of treasury control and quarterly regulation orders pending provision of funds by way of obtaining supplementary grants during the financial year 2015-16 to meet the expenditure for Construction of new showroom buildings (under process) and Publicity campaign.

The expenditure shall be debited to the following Head of Account:- For Construction of New Showroom buildings to Handicraft Development Corporation 4875-60-800-11-17-530-531 – Rs. 1,62,00,000/-
For Publicity campaign for Handicrafts Development Corporation 6875–60-800-11-17-001-000 – Rs. 22,00,000/-

The Assistant Secretary to Government and Drawing & Disbursing Officer, Industries and Commerce Department is authorized to draw the sanctioned amount and disburse the same to the Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Telangana State Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited, Hyderabad by way of Cheque for incurring the expenditure under the plan.

The Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Telangana State Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited, Hyderabad shall utilize the above amounts exclusively for the purpose for which it has been sanctioned at para (5) above and furnish the expenditure details/utilization certificates and also submit the proposal for Supplementary Grants during 2015-16 directly to the Finance (BG) Department under intimation to this Department.

GOLKONDA as Trademark Telangana State Handicrafts Development

9. This order issues as per the Budget Release Orders issued vide G.O.Rt.No.3564, Finance (EBS-VII) Dept., dt.15.12.2015.

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