Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi Forming of Guidelines 1

Director, Department of Culture, Hyderabad & Member Secretary, Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi requested the Government to formulate guidelines for effective functioning of Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi.

Government of Telangana State after examination of the proposal of the Director, Department of Culture, Hyderabad & Member Secretary, Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi hereby formulate the following guidelines effective functioning of

Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi :

1. The Field/ District Administrative control and Regulation:

The Member Secretary, Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi is the final Authority to have administrative control and regulation of the organization and over the Artists. However, the Artists’ area of operation is situated in the districts. So, it is necessary to keep them under the control and regulation of the District Collectors concerned, operational through the DPROs. Further, the dissemination of the Government Programmes is mainly targeted in rural areas. Hence, it is felt to keep the control and regulatory powers with District Collectors exercised through the DPROs concerned. As such, all the Artists in their respective Districts should work under their guidance only.

— The District Collectors are authorised to chalk-out a list of Government programmes duly issuing the schedule to follow by the Artists. (Mission Kakatiya , Aasra Pensions, Uninterrupted supply of Electricity, Haritha Haram, Kalyana Lakshmi & Shadi Mubarak, double bedroom houses, Anti cheap Liquor/ Anti Gudumba campaign, Water Grid , KG to PG free education, Swatch Hyderabad, Krishna Pushkaralu etc.,)

— The Artists of Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi should be engaged for 25 days per month.

— Whenever a Government programme is not scheduled, the services of all the Artists can be utilised for the promotion of Cultural and Tourism aspects of Telangana without any additional remuneration.

— The remunerations of the Artist will be deposited in the individual Bank accounts of the Artists by TSS Head Office after obtaining the report and attendance certificate from the District Collectors/DPROs only.

2. Provision of Vehicles:

The Government have allocated 1 Crore Rupees for purchase of Vehicles for the transportation of TSS Artists. The Vehicles should be provided with relevant public address system also.
These Vehicles should be kept under the disposal of the District Collector / Director, Department of Culture & Member Secretary, Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi / D.P.R.O to allot the Vehicles to the Artists as per the need and requirement, on priority, duly coordinating with the Program officer of T.S.S. and Program Officer will monitor the status of the vehicles from time to time.

3. “Visit Telangana” Campaign:

It is felt that, the Year 2016 – 17 be declared as “Visit Telangana Year” for promotion of Tourism in other States of India. The services of TSS Artists can be utilised for the purpose. Hence, it is necessary to identify 150 best Artists of TSS and form various teams for sending them to different States for the purpose.

4. The Member Secretary, Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi is authorised to call on any Artists to State Capital for any of the State level functions and celebrations at any time without additional remuneration.

3 The Director, Department of Culture & Member Secretary, Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi is directed to follow the guidelines scrupulously for effective functioning of Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi.


Youth Advancement, Tourism & Culture Department – Forming of Guidelines for effective functioning of Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi – Orders – Issued. YOUTH ADVANCEMENT, TOURISM & CULTURE (CA) DEPARTMENT G.O.RT.No. 33 Dated: 19-01-2016 Read

From the Director, Department of Culture, Hyd., & Member Secretary, Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi Lr.No.TSS/GL/1/2015, Dt:18-10-2015.

Forming of Guidelines for Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi

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  • comanman

    sir in rangareddy dist some samskruthika sarathi worker allways at police stations area for sattelments.. some artiats also saying they work as reporters also how its possible they sarvice 25days for samskruthika sarathi duteys.. if enqury deeply..
    get phalse artists.. possible to save got money.. plz enqury at hayathnagar mandal.. one parsone misseusing govt name