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Government of India, MHA (CS Division) has envisioned establishment of Nationwide Emergency Response System (NERS) comprising an integrated Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) platform under the aegis of Nirbhaya Fund, for supporting Geographical information System (GIS) based call taking and Global Positioning System (GPS) based Police vehicle dispatch.  The system will be implemented across India with at least one Call Centre in each State/UT.  The number “112” has been allocated to this system by the Department of Telecommunication and it would become the single emergency response number in the country. NERS is being initially launched with Police emergency response, but would integrate with other services such as fire, medical etc. gradually in future.

Accordingly, the Director General of Police, Telangana State, Hyderabad vide his letter 2nd read above, has sent proposals for formation of the following Committees to implementation and review the progress of NERS Project based on the suggestions made by the Government of India.

  • State Apex Committee
  • State Steering Committee
  • District Mission Committee
  1. Government after careful consideration of the proposal hereby decided and constitute the above mentioned Committees, with the following members:-

I.“ State  Apex  Committee”  will  be  headed  by  Chief  Secretary  and  will  be responsible for the following and will meet once in a quarter:

  1. Highest level of approval for State
  2. Overall Project Implementation
  3. Report any concern to Steering committee at center
  4. Finalization of State SOP
  5. Decision regarding adding new services/help lines in the NRES
  6. Review progress of Project
  7. Issue of Policy Directions
  8. Issue of Guidelines etc.,
Member 1 (Chairperson)  Chief Secretary
Member 2 Principal Secretary, Home Department
Member 3 Director General of Police
Member 4  Commissioner for Disaster Management & Ex-officio, Principal Secretary to Government Revenue (Disaster Management
Member 5  Principal Secretary, Department for Women, Children, disabled and senior citizens
Member6 Principal Secretary, Health, Medical and family welfare Dept.                        
Member 7      Secretary, ITE & C Department
Member 8 (Convener) Addl. DGP, Technical Services, Convener cum Nodal Officer
Member 9 Representative of NIC
Member 10    Representative  of  Govt., of India, Ministry of Home Affairs
Member 11 Any other representative based on the services added to NERS

II “State Steering Committee” will be headed by the Director General of Police with 8 other members and meet once in a month and will be responsible for the following: –

  1. Overall direction, monitoring and guidance of the project
  2. Manage implementation across all the districts
  3. Approval location of public safety answering point, manpower, operation budgets etc.
  4. Review progress of the Project.
  5. Ensure the deployment of appropriate trained manpower for NERS State call centre

6 Monitoring hardware and application roll out at call center and field (MDT)

  1. Approve Go-Live at the State.
  2. Regularly communicate with Steering committee at center on progress, challenges,

    and Requirements etc., for the project.

  1. Oversee and manage integration with other services/ministries
  2. Guidance to the District Mission Committee


Member1 (Chairperson) Director General of Police
Member2(Convener – cum- Nodal Officer        Addl. Director General of Police, (Technical Services)
Member 3 Representative from Home Department
Member4 Representative from Department for Women, Children, disabled and senior citizens
Member 5 Representative form Health, Medical and family welfare Dept
Member 6  Representative from Disaster Management Dept.,
Member 7 Representative from ITE & C Department
Member 8 Any other representative based on the services added to NERS

III “District Mission Committee” will be headed by the District Collector / Superintendent of Police of district.  The District Mission committee will meet once in a month and will be responsible for the   following:-

  1. Co ordinate with other departments to ensure smooth integration with NERS
  2. Highlight concerns to the State empowered/steering committee
  3. Ensure integration of all services with NERS
  4. Ensure SOPs are followed. Any deviation from SOPs should be acted upon
  5. Ensure MDTs is deployed in the vehicles
  6. SIM cards are functional.
  7. Periodic reporting
  8. Monitoring of cases handled through NERS system
  9. Collecting feedback from people.
  10. Ensuring the quality of service.

Patron: District Collector

Member1                   Chairperson Superintendent of Police of District
Member 2      Representative from Women, Children, disabled and senior citizens
Member 3      Representative from Health, Medical and family welfare Dept
Member 4 Representative from  Disaster Management Department
Member 4 Representative from ITE & C Department
Member 5 Any other representative based on the services added to NERS

Police Department – Committees at various levels to Implementation, Review Progress, Monitoring and guidance, Issue Policy, Directions / Guidelines for   Nationwide Emergency Response System (NERS) –   Constitution – Orders- Issued.

HOME (GENERAL) DEPARTMENT G.O.Ms.NoDated: 09.11.2015

  1. From  the  Jt.  Secretary to Govt. CS Division, MHA, GOI, Letter F.No.15011/34/2015-SC/ST-W, dated, 21st August, 2015.
  1. From the D.G.P., T.S., Hyderabad C.No. 42/ADGP-TS/Camp/2015,dated 03.11.2015

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