Telangana Integrated Watershed Management Programme 2

A State Level Nodal Agency has been constituted vide references 2nd and3rd read above for implementing the Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) in the United State of Andhra Pradesh.

2. AP reorganization Act 2014 (Central act 6 of 2014) was enacted by Parliament of India for Reoraganization of existing State of Andhra Pradesh. Accordingly new State of Telangana came into existence w.e.f 02-06-2014.

3. Consequent to the formation of Telangana State, a State Level Nodal Agency shall be constituted for implementation of Watershed Projects under the common guidelines for Watershed Development
2008 issued by the Government of India vide reference 1st read above.

4. Accordingly the Government after careful examination hereby order for the constitution of State Level Nodal Agency (SLNA) for implementation of the Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) under the Common guidelines 2008 with the following composition with effect from 02-06-2014.

1) Principal Secretary, PR & RD – Chairman
2) Commissioner, Rural Development – Chief Executive Officer
3) Principle Chief Conservator of Forest & Head of the Forest Force. – Member
4) Commissioner, Agriculture – Member
5) Commissioner, Panchayatraj – Member
6) Commissioner, Horticulture – Member
7) Commissioner, APARD – Member
8) Director/Spl.Commissioner, EGS – Member
9) Director, Animal Husbandry – Member
10) Director, Ground Water Dept., – Member
11) Representative from NRAA – Member
12) Representative from CLNA/DoLR, GoI – Member
13) Chief General Manager, NABARD – Member

14) Representative from CRIDA – Member
15) Representative from NGOs – Member
16) Special Commissioner, RD, O/o CRD – Member in-charge of Watersheds (IWMP) Convener

5. The Committee shall meet at least once in a quarter or more often, to monitor, review and evaluate the progress of implementation of Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) in the State.

6. The main function of the SLNA shall be as prescribed under
Para 27 of the Common Guidelines 2008 and annexed to the order.
Annexure to G.O.MS.No. 7 PR&RD (RD.II) Dept., Dt: 08-2014

The main functions of the State Level Nodal Agency shall be as mentioned under para-27 of the common guidelines issued by DoLR.(GoI)

a) Prepare a perspective and strategic plan of watershed development for the state on the basis of plans prepared at the block and district level and indicate implementation strategy and expected outputs/outcomes, financial outlays and approach the Nodal Agency at the central level in the Department for appraisal and clearance.

b) Establish and maintain a state level data cell from the funds sanctioned to the States, and connect it online with the National Level Data Centre.

c) Provide technical support to District Watershed Development units (DWDU) throughout the State.

d) Approve a list of independent institutions for capacity building of various stakeholders within the state and work out the overall capacity building strategy in consultation with NRAA/Nodal Ministry.

e) Approve project implementing Agencies identified/selected by DWDU/District Level Committee by adopting appropriate objective selection criteria and transparent systems.

f) Establish monitoring, evaluation and learning systems at various levels (Internal and External/independent systems).

g) Ensure regular and quality on-line monitoring of Watershed Projects in the State in association with Nodal Agency at the central level and securing feedback by developing partnerships with independent and capable agencies.

h) Constitute a panel of Independent Institutional Evaluators for all Watershed Projects within the State, get this panel duly approved by the concerned Nodal Agencies at the central level and ensure that quality evaluations take place on a regular basis.

i) Prepare State specific process guidelines, Technology Manuals etc in coordination with the Nodal Ministry/NRAA and operationalize the same.

G.O.MS.No. 7    Dated:11-08-2014

1.CommonGuidelinesforWatershedDevelopment2008of DOLR, Govt. of India.

2.G.O.Ms.No.238, PR&RD(RD.III)Dept., Dt:04-07-2008.

3.G.O.Ms.No.303, PR&RD(RD.III)Dept., Dt:06-08-2008.

4.AndhraPradesh ReorganizationAct2014.

5.Notification No.560, Dt:04-03-2014 of Govt.of india

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