Telangana Family pensioners pre-revised scales of Pay, 2015 4

Orders were issued constitutingTenthPay Revision Commission and laying down the terms of reference of the Pay Revision Commission.

2. The TenthPay Revision Commissionsubmitteditsreporttothe Government on 29.05.2014 and recommended, inter alia, the followingin respect of pensionary benefits.

(i) Consolidatethebasicpension/familypensionbymergingtheDearnessReliefason01.07.2013andbyaddingthefitmentof29% to the Basic Pension / Basic Family Pension.
(ii) To fix the Minimum Pension at Rs.6500/- p.m.
(iii) Toraisetheminimum Financial Assistance to the minimum of family pension of Rs.6,500/- p.m. with no Dearness Relief.
(iv) To continue the existing commutationtable.

3. In the Government Order,11 thread above,orders have been issued revising the Pay Scales of the State Government Employees in pursuance of the recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commissioner and discussions
with Employees Associations with effect from 01.07.2013 and with monetary benefit from 02.06.2014.

4. Aftercarefulconsiderationoftheabove recommendations of the Pay Revision Commission, Government havedecidedto acceptthesame andhereby order as follows.

5. (a) TheexistingPension/FamilyPension,inrespectofthoseretiredor died while in service prior to 01.07.2013 and also in the case of family pensioners who are in receip to Family pension as on 1.7.2013,beco
nsolidated,byadding43%offitmentbenefitonthe said basic Pension/ basic Family Pension and by merging the Dearness Relief @ 63.344% admissible as on 01.07.2013 and the same shall be known as Revised ConsolidatedBasicPension/ Revised Consolidated Basic Family Pension.
(b) This Revised ConsolidatedBasicPension or Revised ConsolidatedBasicFamily Pension shall come into force
witheffectfrom01.07.2013 notionallyandthemonetarybenefitbeallowedwitheffectfrom02.06.2014
(c) NodifferenceonRetirementGratuity/Encashmentof Earned Leave shall be allowedin case of employees who retired between01.07.2013and01.06.2014.
(d) As regards the arrears on account of consolidation of Pension/Family pension / Financial Assistance from 02.06.2014 to 28.02.2015, orders will be issued separately. The consolidated Pension/FamilyPension shall be paid in cash from the month of March 2015 payable in the month of April 2015.
6. While fixing the consolidated basic pension/basicfamilypensionas above,partofa rupee, if any arrived, should be rounded off to the next higher rupee.
7. The Interim Relief paid from0 1.01.2014 to 01.06.2014 shall not be
omthemonetarybenefitpayableon account of revision of consolidated basic
pension consolidated basic family pension.
8. While consolidating the Pension, the additional quantum of pension
paid to pensioners on attaining specified ages, which is shown
distinctly,should be ignored.
9. A ready reckoner has been appended to this order as Annexure –I.
This ready reckoner can be used as reference for payment of the arrears of
pension and fixation of Revised Consolidated Basic Pension/Revised
ConsolidatedBasicFamilyPension ordered above.
10. In the case of employees who retired on or after 02.06.2014 the
pension shall be calculated on the pay in Revised Pay Scales 2015 only.
eligibleforrevisionoftheirpayintheRevisedPayScales,2015 notionallyas
pertheordersissuedintheG.O.11th readabove.Assuch,thepensionsof these
employees have to be revised notionally based on the revised pay in
02.06.2014 only.
11.2. NodifferenceonRetirementGratuity/EncashmentofEarned Leave shall be
allowed to the pensioners on the pension notionally fixed as above.
11.3. However,thedifferenceincommutationvalueofpensionshall be allowed on
the pension notionally fixed as above, keeping in
viewthedirectionsoftheHon’bleSupremeCourtofIndiadated.11.11.2005 in
C.A.Nos.6780/2005 (arising out of SLP (Civil)No.5394-5470/2004) and
as per the orders issued in the reference 6thread above.
12. A Government servant shall continue to be entitled to commute for
laumpsum payment up to 40% of his pension. The existing Table of
commutation value for pension shall be continued.
13.Government alsohereby order forthepayment of Dearness Relief on the
Revised Consolidated Basic Pension/ Revised Consolidated Basic Family
Pension as well as on the Pension/ Family Pension fixed with reference to the
pay drawn in the Revised Pay Scales 2015 at the rates applicable from time to
time with effect from 01.01.2014, 01.07.2014 as indicatedbelow.
Date of effect Rates of
Dearness Relief
sanctioned by the
Government of India.
Revised rates of Dearness
01.01.2014 10%(90-100) ) 5.240% 5.240%
01.07.2014 7% (100-107) 3.668% 8.908%
14. TheDearnessReliefshallberoundedofftothenexthigher rupee.
15. These orders are applicable to:
(1) All Government Pensioners governedby A.P. RevisedPension Rules, 1980.
(i) Who retired or died prior to 01.07.2013.
(ii) Thosewhoretiredordiedbetween01.07.2013and
01.06.2014w ithoutthebenefitofRevisedPayScales,2015.
(iii) Thosewhoretiredpriorto01.01.1996drawingUGC pay scales and
whose pension wasordered to be consolidated in the light of orders
issued in G.O (P) No.95 Finance (Pen.I) Department dated
(iv) Provisional Pensioners and Anticipatory Pensioners.
(b) Teachingandnon-teaching pensioners of Municipalities, Panchayat Raj
InstitutionsandAided Educational Institutions who are in receipt of
pensions undertheAndhraPradeshLiberalisedPensionRules,1961 and
Andhra Pradesh Government Servants (Family Pension) Rules,
1964 and A.P. Revised Pension Rules, 1980.
(c) Teachingandnon-teachingstaffinAidedEducational Institutionsin
receiptofpensionsunderthe Contributory Provident Fund-cum-Pension
and Gratuity Rules, 1961 and Andhra Pradesh Liberalised Pension
Rules, 1961.
(d) ThosedrawingfamilypensionsunderG.O.Ms.No.22, Financeand
Planning(FW.Pen-I) Department,dated. 16.01.1971, G.O.Ms.No.104,
FinanceandPlanning [FW.Pen-I)Department,dated.
Department, dated 02.02.1974.
(e) Pensioners who are in receipt of Compassionate Pension under
therulesforCompassionatePensions and Gratuities in the Hyderabad
Civil Services Rules; and
(f) ThoseinreceiptofPensionsundertheExtraordinaryPension Rules.
(3) Jagir and Estate Pensioners
16. The above consolidation of pension does not apply to:
(2) (a) AllGovernment Pensionersinreceiptof Service Pensions,Family
PensionsunderRevisedPension Rules, 1951,the survivors of class-
IVemployeesof Nizam-E-Jamiath ofEx-
ra Pradesh Government Servants (Family Pension) Rules, 1964.
(i) ThosewhoaredrawingpayintheRevisedPayScale2005/ Revised U.G.C./
ICAR/AICTE Pay Scales of1996/2006 even if because of
administrative reasons, they have not actually drawn the pay in their
Revised Pay Scales as yet.
(ii) Pensioners/FamilyPensionersofthemembersofthe Andhra Pradesh
StateHigherJudicialServiceand Andhra Pradesh State Judicial
(iii) Financial Assistance grantees who are not gettingDearness Relief.
iv) Those who are appointed on or after 01.09.2004.
17. Revised Consolidated Basic Pension now sanctioned shallbe worked
out with reference to the gross Pension i.e.including commuted portion of
Pension. As such, the commuted portion of pension which remained
unrestored, should be deducted from the Revised ConsolidatedBasic Pension
while making monthly disbursements.
18. In respect of pensioners and family pensioners who are reemployed,
employed, respectively, their pension/ family pension shall also be
notionally consolidated and Revised Consolidated Basic Pension/ Revised
Consolidated Basic Family pension arrived at notionally. The pay drawn by the
re-employedpensioners during the period ofre-employmentshallalsobe re-fixed
taking into account the Revised Consolidated Basic Pension.
DearnessReliefbeyond01.07.2013willnotbeadmissibletothemduring the period
of re-employment as per the orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.145, Finance and
Planning (FW.PSC) Department dated 16.10.2000.
19. At the time of noting Revised Consolidated Basic Pension on the
Pension Payment Order, the Pension Disbursing Officer shall simultaneously
calculate and note the corresponding Revised Consolidated Basic Enhanced
Family Pension and Revised Consolidated Basic Normal Family Pension on the
Pension Payment orders. Similarly, in case where Enhanced Family Pension is
being paid, the Normal Family Pension to be payable in future should also be
consolidated and noted on the Pension Payment Orders.
20. Thepensiondisbursingofficersshallcommunicatetheamount of Revised
Consolidated Basic Pension and Revised Consolidated Basic Enhanced Family
Pension /Revised Consolidated Basic Normal Family Pension to all the service
pensioners, family pensioners and obtain their acknowledgment in token of
having received the same.Simultaneously, the details of Revised Consolidated
Basic Pension/ Revised Consolidated basic Family Pension shall be kept in the
21. Government also hereby order that the existingMinimum
PensionofRs.3350/-p.m.shallbe enhancedtoRs.6500/-p.m.This enhancement
shall come into force with effect from 01.07.2013, with the monetary benefit
from 02.06.2014 and the arrears shall be paid as mentioned in para 5 above.
22. In respect of pensioners, whose Revised ConsolidatedBasic
Pension/RevisedConsolidatedBasicFamilyPensionfallsshort of Rs.6500/, the
same shall be raised to Rs.6500/- p.m.
23. Enhancement of minimum pension shall apply to those
pensioners referred to in para 15 above and Pensioners who are in receipt of
Family Pension under G.O.Ms.No.83,Finance and Planning (FW.Pen-I)
Department, dated 05.03.1983 and G.O.Ms.No.314, Finance and Planning
(FW.Pen-I) Department, dated 21.11.1983.
24. The minimum pension is inclusive of commuted portion of pension.
As such commuted portion of pension will be deducted from the minimum
pension of Rs.6,500/- per month while making monthly disbursement except
in respect of pensioners whose commutation is restored as per the existing
25. Government also hereby order that the existing Financial
offamilypensionofRs.6,500/-p.m.NoDearnessReliefwillbeadmissible on this
Financial Assistance. This enhancement shall come into force with effect from
01.07.2013, with the monetary benefit from 02.06.2014 andarrears to be paid
as mentioned in Para 5 above.
26. In respect of pensioners drawing two pensionsviz. Service Pension
and Family Pension, both pensions shall separately be eligible for enhancement
toaminimumofRs.6,500/-p.m. The employed Family Pensioner
shallbeentitledforpayment ofDearness Reliefon Family
Pensionirrespectiveofthefactthat he/sheis gettingDearnessAllowance on
his/herpay.This provision, however,shall not be applicable
27. AllPensionDisbursingOfficers,i.e.all Treasury Officers/Pension
Payment Officers are requested to implement these orders without any further
authorization from the Accountant General (A&E), Andhra Pradesh& Telangna
Hyderabad/ Director of State Audit, Telangana, Hyderabad.
28. The expenditure is allocable among the various States in accordance
withthe provisionsofG.O.Ms.No.198Finance Department, dated.10.07.1969,
G.O.Ms.No.97Finance (PSC) Department, dated.07.05.2014,
G.O.Ms.No.122Finance (Pen.I) Department, dated 22.05.2014 and also as per
instructions issued vide Cicular Memo No. 9665/125/PSC/2014 Finance
(PSC) Department dt. 06.05.2014.
29.In re spe ct of the categories of employees who are not covered for
payment through the Treasuries, the expenditure shall be debited to the
Pension Funds of the concerned Institutions/ Bodies.

PENSIONS – Sanction of Consolidated of Pension/Family Pension to Pensioners retiredin the pre-revised scales of Pay, 2015 – Enhancement of Financial Assistance- Enhancement of Minimum Pension to Pensioners & Family pensioners – Orders- issued.

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4 thoughts on “Telangana Family pensioners pre-revised scales of Pay, 2015

  • M khan

    need the GOs, please kind provide the links.
    1. G.O.Ms.No.156 Finance (Pen-I) Dept., dt. 16.9.1999
    2. G.O.Ms.No.248 Finance (Pen-I) Dept., dt.04.10.2005.
    3. G.O.(P).No.338 Finance (Pen-I) Dept., dt.02.11.2005.
    4. G.O.Ms.No.438 G.A. (Spl.A) Dept., dated.07.07.2008.
    5. G.O.Ms.No.598 G.A. (Spl.A) Dept., dated. 26.11.2009.
    6. G.O.(P).No.108 Finance (Pen-I) Dept., dt.03.05.2006.
    7. G.O.P. No.314 Finance (Pen-I) Dept., dt.,18.10.2008.
    8. G.O.Ms.No.52 Finance (PC-I) Dept., dated 25.02.2010.
    9. G.O.Ms.No.100. Finance (Pen.I) Dept., dated:06.04.2010

  • N Naveen Kumar

    Dear Sir

    My Father was expired on 19th June 2015 at 6 am. We have been informed orally to the concerned people about this mishap. As per the rule they have stopped the pension amount to my father account. But I dont know why they have not relased the cremation expenses so far. As a middle class person, i have managed but how can a normal man do? in this stage.

    I think they need to release cremation expenses as early as possible when they heard the news and later Death certificate can be produced. If the dealth certificate cannot produced on time, then Govt can make penal charges. Still I have not received any amount as such the incident happened one month back. Please suggest