Telangana Bhoomileni Nirupeda Dalita Vyavasaya Aadharitha Kutumbalu 3 Acres of agricultural Land Scheme 7

Government of Telangana with GO MS 1 on 26 July 2014 has reviewed the implementation of Land Purchase Scheme during the District Collector’s Conference held on 24.06.2014, and suggested certain reforms for better implementation of scheme duly announcing that the Land Purchase Scheme is flagship programme of the Government.

2. The Scheduled Castes are groups of historically disadvantaged people recognized in the Constitution of India. They constitute about 15.44% in the State of Telangana. The total number of house holds in Telangana State is approximately 11.92 lakhs of which 9.2 lakhs are residing in the rural areas, and balance in Semi Urban & Urban areas. Most of the Scheduled Castes who live in the rural areas continue to survive as agricultural labourers and also victims of bonded labour in the State.

 3.00 Acres of agricultural land to the Women of “Bhoomileni  Nirupeda Dalita Vyavasaya Aadharitha Kutumbalu

3. Considering the fact that the Scheduled Castes suffer from social discrimination and untouchability and with a view to empowering and assuring them dignity of living, the Government of Telangana envisages the scheme of Land Purchase for “Bhoomileni Nirupeda Dalita Vyavasaya Aadharitha Kutumbalu”

4. Government after careful consideration of the matter hereby issue the following orders:-
Land Purchase Scheme: The main focus for the annual action plan under SCSP for the financial year 2014-15, shall be Land purchase for landless poor SC households as the Scheduled Castes people in Telangana State mostly depend for their daily livelihood and survival on agriculture and allied sectors (horticulture, sericulture, fisheries, animal husbandry etc.,)

a. Upto three Acres of land shall be given to the Bhoomileni Nerupeda Dalita Vyavasaya Aadharitha Kutumbalu – Scheduled Castes landless family.
Among the Dalit Vyavasaya Aadharitha Kutumbalu, priority shall be given for the families who are absolutely landless agricultural families. The Poorest of the Poor (POP) and landless beneficiaries shall be covered preferably in 1st phase and other poor SC beneficiaries having small piece of land 1/2 , 1.00, 2.00 acres etc., shall be provided with balance extent of land to make them land owners of 3.00 acres each, in the next phases.

b. The land given shall be in one location and shall not be scattered in the village.

c. The scheme shall be applicable to all lands purchased under the scheme in the past and in the future, but also all the lands which are under the
possession and cultivation of the Scheduled Caste beneficiaries, including the assigned lands, government land assigned, surplus lands assigned, all
lands inherited by the Scheduled Castes beneficiaries etc., are also eligible for development.

d. District Collectors will identify landless Scheduled Castes households by verifying all the land records and identify the poorest of the poor among them as per the SERP survey data which will be validated & finalized.

e. The Wife of the SC Household shall be given patta by the district administration for the above scheme.

f. The entire cost of registration fee, stamp duty and other incidental expenses shall be borne by the Government.

g. A comprehensive package shall be envisaged which shall include providing irrigation facilities, drip facilities, seed, cost of cultivation, fertilizers,
pesticides, ploughing, microirrigation, energisation, pumpsets etc., for one crop year in addition to providing funds for land development, preparation of nursery and agricultural inputs. The amounts for meeting the cost of cultivation etc., shall be directly transferred into the beneficiary account.

5. The detailed guidelines & procedures on Implementation of Land Purchase Scheme will be issued separately.

6. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (EBS.III) Department, vide their U.O.No.866/52/A1/EBS.III/2014, Dated 26.7.2014.

7. This order is available in T.S. Government Website (BY ORDER AND IN THE NAME OF THE GOVERNOR OF TELANGANA)

1. G.O.Ms.No.59, Social Welfare (SCP.II) Department, Dated 2.7.2013.
2. From the VC & MD., TGSCCFC Ltd, Hyderabad, Lr.No. NSF-1/ 2689/APSC/2011, dt.12.07.2014.
3. From the Collector Ranga Reddy District suggestions for Land Purchase Scheme under SC Sub Plan
4. From the Chief Secretary to Government, Government of Telangana Council Resolution No.33/2014, Dated 21.7.2014.

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7 thoughts on “Telangana Bhoomileni Nirupeda Dalita Vyavasaya Aadharitha Kutumbalu 3 Acres of agricultural Land Scheme

  • gurram timothy

    dear sir in my villeage shivunipally stationghanpur dalitula bhoomi govt intitutions constact chesi naru cheruvu kindi ayakattu land ku unna anicent way close chesi st school&hostel cattinaru ventane a way ku addaga unna compoudwall tolagichi veyagalaru

  • reuben

    Sir we christians in trimulgherry village,khatta bashti, r.t.c colony, China and padda kammala, still live in rents from our grandfather time is there shecme for us. Please think of this sir. We are suffering to pay rent cause our earning is low

  • I. Bharath Bhushan

    sir how can i applie for my mother in law for 3 acres land in bhoomi leni neru pedda kotumbam she is very poor and she
    dnt have other sourcess for income she belongs to s.c (madiga) she have 3 female grils for marriage she live in kambalapally
    (v) mahabubabad (m) warangal (d) door no 2-67. Onguri Renuka (divoce) please help her. cell no. 9396252456 my name is bharath bhushan

  • Anji

    Dear sir e pathakam keval am sc le ke na mare ethara castla kuda koncham kuda bumi leni vary vunduchhu ga kanuka e pathakam anne castela lo vunna bumi lene vareki vupayoga padali ani anukuntunnanu