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GOVERNMENT OF TELANGANA A B S T R A C T Endowments Department – Constitution of Committee to negotiate and resolve the issues pertaining to Archaka and Temple employees – Orders – Issued. REVENUE (ENDOWMENTS.I) DEPARTMENT
G.O.RT.No. 262 Dated:06-06-2015 Read the following: Representation of Telangana State Temple Archaka and Employees
Joint Action Committee, dt. 19.05.2015. -0-

A representation has been received from Telangana State Temple Archaka and Employees Joint Action Committee and requesting the Government for payment of salaries through treasury and enhancement of remuneration of D.D.N., implementation of Section 65 A etc., and given a call and also proceeded on strike w.e.f. 4th June 2015.

2. The implementation of the above provision requires the preparation of a comprehensive proposal, after taking into consideration, (i) the various categories of temples published under the Act, (ii) their incomes, their present cadre strength, (iii) the present pattern of their salaries & emoluments, (iv) institution wise and over all expenditure on salaries & establishment as a percentage of income, the deficit in this regard, the initial corpus fund required to cover such deficit, (v) the annual contribution to be prescribed from the annual income of the various temples towards the continued receipts to the fund to be created under section 65 A, (vi) investment and management of the corpus fund, (vii) enlistment of Archakas/ employees as defined under section 65A, of the Act, (viii) creation of data base, issue of identity cards/numbers, (ix) method of drawl and disbursement and (x) other related issues.

3. Government after careful examination, hereby constitute Committee with the following officers for the above purpose.This Committee may co-opt other members, if necessary. This Committee is to discuss with representatives of various associations concerned and submit its report by end of June 2015.

1. Sri Ch.V.Sai Prasad, Jt.Secretary to Govt. Finance Department

2. Sri V.Venkateswarlu, Dy.Secretary to Government, Revenue(Endt,) Dept.

3. Sri M.Ramakrishna Rao, Dy.Commissioner, O/o Commissioner of Endowments Dept.,Telangana, Hyderabad.

4. The Commissioner of Endowments Department, Hyderabad shall take necessary further action in the matter.


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