Swachha Telangana Varostavam Week between 25th and 2nd Oct 2014

The Hon’ble Prime Minister in his speech on the occasion of 68th Independence Day on 15th, August, 2014 placed Sanitation on the top of Government’s agenda and highlighted plight of women not having toilet facilities within their house premises and showing respect to them by providing toilets facilities. Further, Prime Minister emphasized on cleanliness across the Country and requested the citizens to pledge to celebrate 150th Birth Anniversary of Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi, by making India Clean before 2nd, October, 2019 through peoples’ participation.

Government of Telangana is committed to achieve target of 100% Sanitation. To achieve this in Urban Areas it is planning to create massive public awareness through intensive campaign on cleanliness. As part of this Swachha Telangana Varostavam (Clean Telangana Week) will be observed between 25th September, 2014 and 2nd October, 2014.

Government have constituted State Level Committee as part of State Sanitation Strategy. Further in the Circular 2nd cited, instructions were issued to observe special sanitation drive in all ULBs in the Telangana State from 23.06.2014 to 30.06.2014. As part of to achieve 100% Sanitation all the Commissioners of Urban Local Bodies in the State are instructed to observe the Swachha Telangana Varostavam (Clean Telangana week) from 25-9-2014 to 2-10-2014.

The objective of the campaign is to achieve Urban Local Bodies in the State become totally sanitized, healthy and liveable and ensure and sustain good public health and environmental outcomes for citizens with a special focus on hygienic and affordable sanitation facilities for the urban poor and women. To educate the people about the importance of Sanitation and indirect cost to the Public from neglecting sanitation in the form of ill health, loss of work and cost towards medical treatment.

The Commissioners of District Headquarters Urban Local Bodies except Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, are directed to apprise the Swachha Telangana (Clean Telangana) to the District Collectors concerned & circulate the file to the District Collectors for constituting District Level Committee with the following members:

i District Collector concerned In the Chair
ii Mayors / Chairpersons of the ULBs Members
iii Superintendent of Police Member
iv Municipal Commissioners of the ULBs


v District Educational Officer Member
vi District Medical & Health Officer Member
vii Executive Engineer (PH) Member
viii Deputy Director, Social Welfare Department Member
ix ? District Transport Authority Member
x One Officer from APSRTC Member
xi District Public Relations Officer Member
xii Project Director MEPMA Member convener
xiii District Collector may co-opt any other District Level Officer, as may be deemed necessary.

The Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Hyderabad will constitute Committee for the areas falling within the jurisdiction of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation with the following members:

i HW Mayor In the Chair
ii Commissioner, GHMC Member Convener
iii District Collectors concerned Members
iv Commissioners of Police Commissionrates Members
v District Educational Officers Members
vi District Medical & Health Officers Members
vii Deputy Directors, Social Welfare Department Members
viii District Transport Authorities Members
ix One Officer from APSRTC Member
x District Public Relations Officers Members
xi Commissioner, GHMC may co-opt any other Officer, as may be deemed necessary.

The Commissioners of all Urban Local Bodies shall also constitute Sanitation Committee at ULB level with the following members for implementation of Sanitation programmes and achieve 100% sanitation in their jurisdiction:

i Mayor / Chairperson of the ULB In the Chair
ii Commissioner of the ULB concerned Member Convenor
iii Senior Police Officer of the ULB concerned Member
iv City / Town Level Education Officer Member
v City / Town Level Health Officer of Medical Dept Member
vi Depot Manager, APSRTC Member
vii Presidents, Chamber of Commerce & Business Associations Members
viii President, TLF Member
ix Presidents, Resident Welfare Associations Members
x MPs / MLAs / MLCs Special Invitees


  1. During observance of Swachha Telangana Varostavam (Clean Telangana Week), it is suggested that for each of the days of the week, focused sanitation drives shall be carried out as mentioned below to get special focus on the programme:


  • Road & Street Sanitation day
  • Schools & Colleges Sanitation day
  • Hospitals Sanitation day
  • All toilets sanitation day
  • Institutional Sanitation day
  • Stalls / Hotels / Restaurants /Bakeries, Eateries Sanitation day
  • Day of Sanitation Pledge for all.

Further, the Commissioners of Urban Local Bodies are requested to involve District Ministers, MPs, MLCs, MLAs, and Ward Members in the programme and especially on the day of Pledge.

The District Level Committees and ULB Level Committees shall make necessary arrangements including mobilizing all concerned for achieving the 100% Sanitation. The Commissioners of ULBs are requested to involve Town Level Federation and Slum Level Federation members and utilize the services of Sanitation Resource Persons of MEPMA. The information shall be spread to public through the following means

  • Press releases to the Print & Electronic media
  • Through Social Network
  • Printing and distribution of pamphlets
  • Street Plays
  • Conducting of rallies by Students of Colleges / Schools
  • Involve NCC Volunteers / NSS Cadets
  • Exhibiting Hoardings / Posters / Stickers
  • Conduct of Essay Writing / Elocution competitions among Students
  • Any other means.

The Swachha Telangana Campaign shall be formally launched on 25th September, 2014 and conduct Rallies for 100% Sanitation be organized in the ULBs in association with a local Civil Society for building awareness.

12. The following activities shall be undertaken during the “Swachha Telangana Varostavam (Clean Telangana Week):

1. Building awareness in public at large about the cleanliness of houses / premises

2. Display of message of cleanliness through sign boards at public places / markets

3. Organizing rallies
4. Repair, maintenance, cleaning & sanitization of public / community toilets.

5. Cleaning of Bus stands / roads / streets / parks / Markets / Public places / Pavements / areas surrounding the Railway Stations.

6. River / Lake / Water Bodies side waste cleaning
7. Cleaning of Toilets in Government buildings / Hospitals / Schools

8. Removal of Debris and garbage heaps in public places / road sides.
9. Cleaning of Government Buildings including removal of excess furniture / records / lying in corridors.

10. Taking Pledge not to litter on road but carry and put at waste collection points and not to spit indiscriminately.

11. Educating School Children about the importance of sanitation, through distribution of IEC material.

12. Organizing Ward Level / slum level meetings and create awareness on Cleanliness

13. The Commissioners of all Urban Local Bodies are requested to send the reports on daily-wise basis to the Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration, through the Regional Director-cum-Appellate Commissioners concerned. The Regional Director-cum-Appellate Commissioners are requested to send the consolidated information on day-to-day basis to reach the office of C&DMA by 5.00 PM every day during the campaign. Further the C&DMA is requested to send the daily report to the Government.

14. Therefore, all the Commissioners of Urban Local Bodies are requested to conduct the “Swachha Telangana Varostavam (Clean Telangana Week) from 25-9-2014 to 2-10-2014 as part of making Telangana State as “Swachha Telangana (Clean Telangana)” to achieve 100% sanitation by 2nd October, 2019 in their ULBs, and make the programme a great success.

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