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society for elimination of rural poverty SERP Go 11 date 18-03-2023

Panchayath Raj & Rural Development — SERP— Fixation of the Pay Scale to theFixed Tenure Employees (FTEs) Field, Ministerial & Supporting staff and Mandat Samakhya Community Coordinators ( MSCCs), SERP Employees – Orders G.O.Ms.No.11 Dated:18-03-2023


In the circumstances as reported by the CEO, SERP, Hyderabad in the reference read above, Government after careful examination of the matter approve the proposai for extension of Pay Scales to the Fixed Tenure Employees (FTEs) Field, Ministerial & Supporting staff and Mandal Samakhya Community Coordinators (MSCCs), SERP Employees , as shown below, subject to following conditions.

  1. Freezing the cadre strength to the present working strength only.
  2. If any posts are to be created on regular basis or on contract/outsourcing basis, prior permission of the Government shall be obtained duly following the rules in force.
  3. No employee shall be appointed beyond the present working strength without prior permission of the Government.
  4. The pay may be fixed in the corresponding pay scale at appropriate stage du!y considering the existing pay.
  5. The gross pay and allowances presently drawn shall be protected by way af stage fixation.

 The HR Policy/Service Rules shall be framed accordingly, with prior approval of the Government.


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