Registration of Fresh Water Aquaculture in the Telangana State 4

Guidelines for Registration of Fresh Water Aquaculture in the Telangana State

1.1 Water Aquaculture in the Telangana No person shall carry on fresh water aquaculture without registration in accordance with this order.

1.2 The farmers need not pay Land conversion fee ( as per the sub clause (f )

of Clause 7 of the Andhra Pradesh Agricultural Land (Conversion for Non- Agricultural purpose Act 2006 and its amendments by Act 16 of 2012).

1.3 The District Level Committee with the following members shall be the Competent Authority to permit fresh water aquaculture by registration.

Composition of the District Level Committee Status – Registration of Fresh Water Aquaculture in the Telangana

1. District Collector Chairperson

2. Executive Engineer, Irrigation Department Member

3. Joint Director of Agriculture Member

4. Deputy Director, Ground Water Department Member

5. District Fisheries Officer Member Convener

1.4 The Member-Convener will invite the District Forest Officer for the District Level Committee meetings whenever forest lands are involved.

1.5 The applicant shall have a clear title of land in his name or shall be a lease holder of the land for a minimum period of five years.

1.6 Aquaculture is permissible in agriculture lands having less productivity, fallow, low lying, prone to water logging and also permissible in dilapidated small kuntas by undertaking reclamation to hold rain water required depth and period.

1.7 Fresh water aquaculture is permissible by using water from irrigation canals, drainage channels (notified or non-notified), field channels, etc. by paying Water Cess.

1.8 To prevent groundwater depletion, no fresh water aquaculture farm shall be permitted to use water drawn from bore wells except for supplementing the losses from evaporation, seepage, etc.

1.9 Antibiotics and other pharmacologically active substances which are banned by Government of India and published in Gazette Notifications from time to time shall not be used for aquaculture.

1.10. All indigenous cultural species, unless prohibited by the Government can be cultured. Exotic species can be cultured only after obtaining relevant permissions from Competent Authorities.

2. Procedure for Registration

2.1 Persons who wish to start aquaculture farms shall apply to the District Level

Committee through the District Fisheries Officer (Annexure-I) and pay processing fee of Rs.200/- per acre. The DLC will scrutinize the applications as per the guidelines issued in this order and visit the proposed site if necessary then recommend for registration. District Fisheries Officer will submit the file to the Dist Collector / Chairman DLC to issue the registration (Annexure-II).

2.2 The District Level Committee visit the ponds at any time after completion of the construction or during culture period. If any violations are observed as per the conditions mentioned in this order, the DLC has the power to recommend for cancellation of the registration.

2.3 The amount collected towards processing fee shall be remitted to the Government account in miscellaneous head of account: 2405- Fisheries, MH –

102 License Fees, Fines etc SH.01-License Fees, Fines etc in Registration of Fresh Water Aquaculture in the Telangana.

2.4 The District Collector has the right to take appropriate action including cancellation of the registration, and demolish if any registered fresh water aquaculture farmer violates the conditions mentioned in this order.

3. Powers of the Commissioner of Fisheries

The Commissioner of Fisheries has the power to review, call for records, inspect or depute Officers to examine records and inspect the farms and intervene in the process at any stage suo- motu or in response to a complaint, at his option. He has the power to order the cancellation of registrations, the closure of operations in accordance with this order.


3. The Commissioner of Fisheries, Telangana State Hyderabad and the District Collectors concerned shall take all necessary actions accordingly G.O.MS.No. 28 Dated: 02-09-2016

Registration of Fresh Water Aquaculture in the Telangana State

GO.Ms.No. 7 Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development and Fisheries (Fish.II) Department Dated: 16-03-2013 and its amendments in G.O Ms No 15 dt: 26-05-20

From the Commissioner of Fisheries, TS, Hyderabad Lr.No.1796/C2/2016,Dt:27.7.2016

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