Payments by the PAOs/APAOs directly to the Awardees’ Bank Accounts

Government incur substantialexpenditure towards land acquisition (LA) for taking up various works projects and schemes. The land acquisition proceedings for these works and related payments are dealt with by the Special Deputy Collectors/Revenue Divisional Officers, who are the land acquisition officers (LAO) under the L.A. Act.

Orders were issued for processing all LA requisitions & authorizations and rendering of accounts through Bill Monitoring System. FinanceDepartment permits Pay & Accounts Officers/Assistant Pay & Accounts Officers to authorize the concerned L.A.O. to pay land compensation to the land owners. After arranging payments, L.A.O renders account to thePAO/APAO concerned, who in-turn incorporates the same in their monthly accounts.

3. Orders were issued in the reference prescribing certain time limits to further streamline and strengthen the process of LA payments.

4. Government have initiated several measures to streamline the process of payments to various beneficiaries i.e.salaries and other claims to employees, payments of work bills to the agencies, R&R cash benefits to displaced persons etc, through on line e-payment mechanism. The principal endeavour in these measures is to bring about speed, efficiency, transparency, accountability and also elimination of discretion in payments and effect direct credits to the beneficiary accounts, avoiding physical cheques and intermediate parking of funds.

5. Government have observed certain gaps in the process of L.A. Payments, particularly as regards timely disbursement at field level and monitoring of cash flow at Govt level.

6. Accordingly, with a view to further simplify the existing procedure and bring about efficiency and transparency in L.A payments, Government have decided to effect the LandCompensation payments by direct credit into the awardee’s bank account through the PAO/APAO, dispensing with the present practice of authorisation to LAO and subsequent issue of physical cheque by LAO.
7. A service shall be provided in BMS through which the LAOs in their respective jurisdictions can file the LA requisitions online with the award wise details of awardees and their bank accounts. PAO/APAO can make payment to the awardees’ accounts after formal scrutiny of the bill.

8. The process of online LA bill preparation and submission shall be as below:-
1. LA Bill is to be prepared based on the award / sanction orders issued.
2. Award / Sanction order wise details are to be entered in the system.
3. Awardees’ data with their Bank Account details as per award are to be entered in BMS by theLAO.
4. Bill details are to be verified finally and confirmed by the LAO and submitted online.
5. The physical bill is to be submitted to the PAO/APAO concerned.

9. The payment procedure shall be as below:-
1. After formal scrutiny in PAO, the bill will be kept ready on line by the PAO.
2. Govt., issues authorization as per the existing procedure on scheduled dates.
3. The PAO/APAO upon authorization by the Government will make direct payments to the Awardees as per the details up-loaded by the LAO while filing the LA requisition.
4. The expenditure towards such authorized LA bills will be posted by the PAO/APAO on the day of payment and accounted for in the same month.

10. Accuracy of the awardees’ data and their Bank Accounts shall be the responsibility of the LAO only. The L.A.O concerned shall take utmost care while uploading the data. All the documents being now submitted along with the adjustment account are to be submitted along with bill, except cash book extract and cheque drawn statement.

11. Payment of land compensation to be deposited in courts, however, will continue to be credited to the LAO/DDOs bank account, who in turn will draw D.D. and deposit in the court concerned. The LAO/DDO Shall submit the certified copy of the court order along with the bill claiming the amount. The LAO/DDO should invariably send a copy of the acknowledgement from the court to the PAO concerned after depositing in court.

12. Bills can be submitted by the LAO on all the working days. Payment authorization would be given by Government as per the schedule given in G.O.Ms.No.3, Finance (W&P) Department, dated 28-02-2014.

13. These orders shall apply only to land acquisition payments relating to the works taken up by engineering departments, made through the PAOs in Bill Monitoring System.

14. The Director of Works Accounts, Hyderabad, T.S shall take necessary action to issue operational guidelines to all the concerned for implementation of the revised procedure.

15. These orders shall come into force with immediate effect.

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