Notification for Mango Crop in 8 Districts of Telangana State Notification 2

The Government of Telangana hereby notify the Mango Crop in 8 Districts i.e., Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Ranga Reddy, Mahaboobnagar, Nalgonda, Medak and Warangal during Rabi 2014-2015 under Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme. The main features / Operational Modalities of the Scheme and Term Sheets vide Annexure I to IX are appended to this order.

2. The Commissioner & Director of Agriculture, Hyderabad shall take further action in the matter.

The Commissioner of Printing & Stationery (Printing Wing), Chanchalguda, Hyderabad, with a request to publish the Notification in the Telanagana.Extraordinary Gazette and supply 50 copies of the same. The Commissioner & Director of Agriculture, Telangana, Hyderabad.

Notification of Mango Plantations under National Crop Insurance Programme (NCIP) – Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS)
during Rabi 2014-15 season. THE MAIN FEATURES / OPERATIONAL MODALITIES The Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India notified National Crop Insurance Programme (NCIP), a central sector scheme in order to insulate the farming community against agricultural risks and issued the administrative instructions for implementation vide letter No. 13015/02/2012–Credit–II, dated 1st November, 2013. Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS) is one of the components of NCIP and the objective of
this scheme is to mitigate the hardships of the farmers against the likelihood of financial losses on account of anticipated crop loss resulting from the incidence of adverse weather conditions of weather parameters like Temperature, Rainfall, Humidity etc. The State Level Coordination Committee on Crop Insurance convened a meeting on 1 st November, 2014 decided to implement NCIP – WBCIS
for Rabi 2014-15 season in respect of Mango Plantations.
1. PLANTATIONS/DISTIRCTS NOTIFIED: MANGO PLANTATIONS in all the mandals of Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Mahabubnagar, Medak, Nalgonda, Rangareddy and Warangal districts.
The lists of Reference Unit Areas (RUAs) in the respective districts notified along with a list of corresponding Reference Weather Stations (RWS) and Back up Weather Stations (BWS) for Mango Plantation is annexed (Annexure – II.1.a to II.8.a). In case of non-availability of weather data from the respective Reference Weather Stations or Back up Weather Stations, as an alternative, State Govt.
Mandal level Rain gauge Stations/IMD Weather Stations data will be considered for weather data updating as well as for claims computation.

Reference unit areas are linked to specific reference weather stations and the reference unit areas are the Geographical areas situated around the reference weather stations, which is deemed to be reflective of the Reference Weather Stations’ for weather data. To the extent feasible, such Reference Unit-Area shall be restricted to Mandal for notified weather parameters.
All the cultivators (including sharecroppers and tenant cultivators) growing the Notified Plantation i.e., Mango in any of the Reference Unit Areas shall be eligible for coverage. The Scheme shall be:
Compulsory: For all LOANEE APPLICANT CULTIVATORS i.e. those who have sanctioned Credit Limit from Financial Institutions (Co-op Banks, Commercial Banks including private commercial Banks, RRB’s etc.,) for the Notified Crops in a Reference Unit Area.
Voluntary: For NON-LOANEE CULTIVATORS i.e. those who have not availed Crop Credit from any Financial Institutions for the above said plantations.2
5. PERILS COVERED: Following are the weather perils, which are deemed to cause “Adverse Weather Incidence” affecting crop health, leading to crop loss, would be covered under the Scheme:
For Mango Plantation:
i) Excess/Unseasonal Rainfall
ii) Pests & Diseases (High Relative Humidity & Low Temp.)
iii) Daily Temperature Fluctuation
iv) Daily Maximum Wind Speed
For Mango Plantation: Risk period commences from 15th Dec, 2014 and will
be in force till 31st May, 2015 and the table containing the coverage periods at
different phases are given here:
Table-1: Coverage details:
Sl No. Name of the Cover Period From-To
1 Excess/Unseasonal Rain fall cover 15 Dec,2014 to 28 Feb,2015
2 Cover against Pests and Disease Incidence 15 Dec,2014 to 28 Feb,2015
3 Daily Temperature fluctuation cover 01 Jan,2015 to 15 Mar,2015
4 Daily Maximum Wind speed cover 01 Mar,2015 to 31 May,2015

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