MPDOs as Programme Officers MGNREGS in Telangana State

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 provides for the enhancement of livelihood security of the households in rural areas of the country by providing atleast one hundred days of guaranteed wage employment in every financial year to every household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. The Act also guarantees certain rights to the wage seekers and further aims to create durable assets in rural areas.

As per Section 15 of MGNREGS Act, 2005 the State Government shall appoint a person who is not below the rank of Block Development Officer as Programme Officer. Under the above Act, the Programme Officer has to play vital role and discharge several important duties related to delivering the rights of wage seekers guaranteed under various provisions of the Act. In delivering these rights the role of Programme Officer is crucial. Further the MGNREG Act, 2005 also envisages active role for Panchayat Raj Institutions.

In the year 2007, the State Government have designated the Mandal Parishad Development Officers as Programme Officers, EGS for better implementation of the scheme, but at present they are not acting as Programme Officers, MGNREGS.

MGNREGS Act 2005 – Designating MPDOs as Programme Officers, MGNREGS

In this context, the Commissioner, Rural Development in the reference 8th read above brought to the notice of the Government that at present the MGNREGS in the State is being implemented by a set of contractual employees. At the Mandal level Additional Programme Officers are acting as Programme Officers, MGNREGS and below them Engineering Consultants/Junior Engineers, Technical Assistants, Computer Operators and Field Assistants, who are all on contract basis are implementing the Scheme. Approximately an amount of Rs.3000 crores expenditure is being incurred per annum under the MGNREGS Programme. There are many reported instances of mismanagement of the Scheme in all the districts. Therefore there is urgent need to position Government Officers at Mandal level as Programme Officers, MGNREGS as stipulated in the MGNREGS Act, 2005 for better Administrative control and accountability. Further there is a need to entrust the PRI functionaries a greater role and responsibility in MGNREGS for its effective implementation and for ensuring better supervision and transparency

Therefore the Government after careful consideration of the proposal of the Commissioner, Rural development hereby designate the MPDOs as Programme Officers, MGNREGS for the effective implementation of the programme and to satisfy the requirements of MGNREGS Act, 2005. Further, it has been decided to strengthen the role of Panchayat Raj institutions in MGNREGS as stipulated in the Act, by entrusting appropriate roles in the implementation of MGNREGS to the functionaries of Mandal Parishads at Mandal level and Gram Panchayat at Village level.

The Mandal Parishad Development Officers as Programme Officers, EGS shall be responsible for total implementation of the MGNREGS and report to PD, DWMA and Additional DPC for the purpose of implementation of MGNREGS.The Panchayat Secretary at GP level is responsible for implementation of the schemeat GP level. The services of staff working in Mandal Parishad and at Gram Panchayat shall also be utilised for effective implementation of the scheme. All the personnel drafted to work under EGS so far shall work under the control of MPDOs and Panchayat Secretaries as the case may be. The important roles and responsibilities of various functionaries in the implementation of MGNNREGS is annexed to this order. The Commissioner, Rural Development shall issue further guidelines on this depending on requirements of the scheme from time to time.

Functionary Roles and Responsibilities

-> Report to Project Director, DWMA and Additional District Programme  Coordinator.
-> Coordinate with Asst Project Director in the implementation of MGNREGS
-> Roles prescribed for PO in the MGNREG Act, 2005.
-> Ensure that anyone who applies for work gets employment within 15 days.
-> Issue Job Cards.
-> Preparation of labour budget.
-> Consolidation of all GP plans in the Mandal.
-> Assess the work demand and ensure sufficient shelf of works to meet the Labour Budget.
-> Monitoring and supervising implementation of works taken up by GPs and other implementing agencies within the Mandal.

-> Ensuring prompt and fair payment of wages to all wage seekers and  1 payment of unemployment allowance in case employment is not provided   on time

-> Maintaining proper accounts of the resources received, released and utilized
-> Redressing grievances within the Mandal.
-> Ensuring conduct of social audits and following up on required actions.
-> Liaison with Banks and Post Offices in opening up of new accounts and making regular and timely payments to labour. Liaison between GPs and Mandal as also between Mandal and District for all correspondence and communication
-> To involve all functionaries of Mandal and Gram Panchayat in implementation of MGNREGS entrust suitable responsibilities from time to
-> Exercise control over all EGS functionaries working at Mandal level and send reports to competent authorities for taking disciplinary action in
appropriate cases. .


-> Preparation of Mandal plan and compilation of all GPs for approval by  respective PRIs
-> Inspection of Musters and worksite facilities.
-> Monitor the field work of APO, EC and TAs.

3 AE(PR)

-> Works entrusted by MPDO from time to time

4 Supdt
-> All establishment matters of MGNREGS.
.-> All the accounts of MGNREGS.
5 Sr.Asst/Jr.Asst

-> Maintain payment watch register.
-> Monitor the payment cycle.
-> Monitor the work of CO.
6 Addl PO

-> Maintenance and Custody of records of MGNREGS with the assistance of CO

-> Shall be under administrative control of Programme Officer and technical control of

-> Shall assist the MPDO in discharging all his functions as PO, MGNREGS.
-> Exercise control on EC/TAs/CO/FA
-> Issue of work commencement letters.
-> Complete management of Muster Rolls and M.Books
-> Timely pay order generation in coordination with all FA, CO, TA & ECs.
-> Responsible for filing software problems of the Mandal in Request Tracking System (RTS) in online.

7 Consultant Junior Engineer

-> Preparation of estimates for MI tanks and check dam/check wall.
-> Technical approvals and revised technical approval within their powers of Engineering sanction.
-> Shall maintain Technical Approval Register.
-> Shall keep the sanctioned estimates of all the works in his custody.
-> To make field visits in the entire mandal and guide Technical Assistants, Field Assistants/Mates in giving mark outs to works.
-> Check measurements of works in M. Book as well as through eMMS.
-> Closure of completed works.
-> Identification of new works and preparation of estimates for all works


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