Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture MIDH Telangana State Committee 3

Functions of State Level Executive Committee SLEC:

The SLEC shall monitor and over see the following:

  1. Preparation of Strategic/Perspective and annual State Level Action Plan in consonance with Mission’s goals and objectives and in close co-ordination with Technical Support Group, State Agriculture Universities (SAUs) and Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) institutes and oversee its implementation; Clear Project based proposals requiring approval of Executive Committee (EC)/Empowered Committee (EMC) and approve projects within power vested.
  2. Monitor receipt of  funds from National Mission Authority, State Government and other sources for carrying on Mission’s activities, maintain proper accounts thereof and submit utilization certificate to concerned agencies;
  3. Monitor the progress of formation of Farmers and Producers Organisation (FPOs)  to achieve economies of scale and scope and mobilize credit requirement of farmers through Financial Institutions.
  4. Monitor release of funds to implementing organizations.
  5. Oversee, monitor & review implementation of the programmes;
  6. Oversee implementation of schematic activities in the states through farmers, societies, grower associations, self-help groups, state institutions and other similar entities;
  7. Ensure Organisation of workshops, seminars and training programmes for all interest groups/associations at state level, with the help of SAUs, ICAR Institutes, Krishi Vignana Kendras (KVKs) and other institutions having technical expertise;
  8. Oversee operationalisation of Information Communication Technology (ICT) enabled Management Information System (MIS) up to grass root level through HORTNET.

The SLEC shall meet every Quarter and Chairman of SLEC is empowered to convene the meetings as and when need arises.

 Delegation of Powers for Approving Projects under MIDH Scheme

 A. By State Level Executive Committee (SLEC)
S. No Component/Category of Items Cost limit as per MIDH Scheme   (Rs. In Lakhs)
Planting material Infrastructure (Hi-tech Nursery, TC Unit, Seed Infrastructure)  Up to 25.00
Mushroom Up to 20.00
Protected Cultivation Up to 70.00
Organic farming, Certification & GAP Up to 200.00
INM/IPM Infrastructure Up to 50.00
Horticulture Mechanization Up to 7.00
HRD Up to 20.00
Demonstration Up to 25.00
Post Harvest Management infrastructure, including Cold Chain Supply System, Processing, excluding projects related to reefer transport, ripening and add-on technology components. Up to 200.00
Marketing infrastructure Up to 25.00
Need based projects (Seminars/ Workshops/ Exhibitions) other projects if any Up to 20.00 / project
B. By State Mission Director, SHM.
S. No Component/Category of Items Cost limit as per MIDH Scheme   (Rs. In Lakhs)
By State Mission Directors, if costs are as per norms specified in Annexure V & VI. Up to 5.00


6.     At District level, District Mission Committee (DMC) will be responsible for carrying forward the objectives of the Mission for project formulation, implementation and monitoring.

B) District Mission Committee

1) District Collector                                        –           Chairman

2) Chief Executive Officer                             –           Member

3) Project Director, DWMA                           –           Member

4) Joint Director of Agriculture                      –           Member

5) Project Officer, ITDA and / or

Executive Director, District SC society      –           Member

6) AGM, NABARD                                       –           Member

7) Assistant Director of Horticulture              –           Member / Convener

8) Representative of Growers Association     –           Member (nominated by                                                                                                                         District Collector)

 Functions of District Mission Committee (DMC)

  1. Approval of District Annual Action Plan based on the requirements and specific needs of the Districts
  2. Ensure co ordination between line Departments.
  3. Approval of identified farmers list under different SHM schemes.
  4. DMC shall over see and monitor the progress and implementation of SHM scheme.
  5. Ensure the organisation of trainings, Seminars and exposure visits to the identified farmers under different schemes.
  6. Monitor submission of Monthly Progress reports to SHM headquarters and updation of same in HORTNET.
  7. Financial approval for release of assistance to the beneficiaries who have implemented the SHM schemes.


The DMC should ensure smooth functional linkages among different agencies  and meet as frequently as possible as required.

The Commissioner of Horticulture, Telangana, Hyderabad shall take necessary further action in the matter accordingly.
additional objectives in the Memorandum of Association of Horticulture Development Agency and re-constitution of Executive Committee of H.D.A and Constitution of District level Committee for each district for supervising and monitoring National Horticulture Programmes.

2) Department of Agriculture & Co operation (Horticulture Division), Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India has informed that a new centrally sponsored scheme on Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) is to be implemented during XII plan period w.e.f. from April 1st, 2014 by subsuming six ongoing schemes on Horticulture Development including NHM as per the revised cost norms and patterns of assistance.

3) Executive Director, State Horticulture Mission has requested to constitute the State level Executive Committee and District Mission Committee

4) In view of the above it is ordered that The State level Executive Committee (SLEC) and District Mission Committee (DMC) are constituted as follows State Level Executive Committee(s) (SLEC) will oversee the implementation of State Horticulture Mission programmes of the Telangana States.

A) State Level Executive Committee:
1) APC & Principal Secretary, A&C Dept. – Chairman
2) Secretary to Govt., Finance Dept. – Member
3) Secretary to Govt., Industries Dept. – Member
4) Commissioner, Rural Development – Member
5) Commissioner of Panchayat Raj – Member
6) Commissioner / Director of Agriculture – Member
7) Commissioner / Director of Horticulture – Member Secretary
8) Director of Research, Agri/ Horti University – Member
9) Director, Central Research Institute for Dry Land Agriculture (CRIDA) – Member
10) Principal Investigator, PFDC – Member
11) Representative of MIDH, GOI – Member
12) Representative of Growers Association – Member (nominated by Govt.)
Horticulture Department – SHM – Constituting of State Level Executive Committee and District Mission Committee for implementation of programmes under Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) – Orders

G.O.Ms.No1 Dated 07 .06.2014

1) G.O. No.417, of Agriculture & Co-op (Horti) Dept, Govt. of AP. Dt: 09.11.2005
2) F.No.33-1/2014-Hort., Govt. of India, Ministry of Agriculture, Dept.
of Agriculture & Co-operation (Horticulture Division), New Delhi,
Dt: 24.01.2014.
3) From the Commissioner of Horticulture, Telangana Note No SHM /
Plg/ 689 /2014 Dt.06.06.2014.
4) From the Executive Director of State Horticulture Mission,
F.No.SHM/PLG/689/2014, dated 07-06-2014.

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