Method of Appointment of Legal Advisor on contract basis in Telangana

State Election Commission Service Rules, 1999 governing the service conditions of the officers and staff of the State Election Commission, were issued Legal Advisor on contract basis in Telangana.

orders were issued, changing the nomenclature of the post of Secretary (Legal) as “Legal Advisor” in the State Election Commission Service Rules, 1999.

Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj Act,1994 (Act 13 of 1994) was adapted for the purpose of facilitating their application to the State of Telangana.

State Election Commissioner has requested the Government to amend the rules issued in the G.O. 1st read above by providing for an additional alternative method of appointment to the post of Leal Advisor.

Government have adapted Elections Rules issued in various G.Os from time to time.

Government after careful examination of the matter hereby issue the following amendment to the Telangana State Election Commission Service Rules, 1999 issued vide G.O.Ms.No.529, PR&RD (Elecs.)Dept.,Dated:9.11.1999 as amended from time to time.

The Secretary, Telangana State Election Commission, Hyderabad shall take necessary action accordingly.

Accordingly the following notification will be published in an Extraordinary issue of the Telangana Gazette Dated: 2.5.2016.


In exercise of the powers conferred by proviso to article 309 of the Constitution of India read with sub- section (3) of section 201 of the Telangana Panchayat Raj Act,(Act 13 of 1994) and all other powers hereunto enabling the Government of Telangana hereby makes the following amendment is issued to the State Election Commission Service Rules issued in G.O.Ms.No.529, PR&RD(Elecs.)Dept., Dated: 9.11.1999 as amended form time to time.


In the said rules, in rule “4 Method of appointment “ and the “Table” thereunder, under column (1) “Catogory and post” against the post “(b) Legal Advisor” for the existing entry under column(2), the following shall be substituted namely:-


G.O.MS.No. 33  Dated: 02/05/2016

Read the following:-

1.G.O.Ms.No.529,PR&RD(Elec.)Dept., Dated:9.11.1999 2.G.O.Ms.No.384,PR&RD(E&R)Dept.,Dated: 17.12.2012 3.G.O.Ms.No.9,PR&RD(Mandal)Dept.,Dated:12.09.2014 4.From the State Election Commissioner, Telangana,Hyd., D.O.Lr.No.226/TSEC-ESTT/2015, Dated:11.5.2015

Category and Post   Method of appointment
(1)   (2)
GAZETTED: ii) By contractual appointment on
Category-I:(b) Legal Advisor tenure  basis  for  a  term  of  up  to
  5 years  (with  the  limit  of  the  65
  years age) from amongst the retired
  Districts Judges.

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