Kalwakurthy MLA Challa Vamshichand Reddy VS PJR Son Vishnu 1

Kalwakurthy MLA Challa Vamshichand Reddy VS PJR Son Vishnu Fighting in Madhapur on 12 December 2014. Vishnu hit Vamshi more than 10 times on his face.

With the fight between PJR Son and Vamsi Reddy at the former’s cousin‘s wedding turned bigger as the both parties lodged cases against one another.

But the wedding video footage has apparently exposed Vishnuvardhan Reddy. Going by the video leaked to TV channels, Vishnu had pulled Vamsi Chand Reddy when he was on his exit way. In between his gunman intervened. Taken aback, Vishnu hit back at gunman in front of Vamsi and Vamsi embroiled into an argument. The scene swiftly shifted to Madhapur police station and even cops were shocked with this sudden incident and waited as both parties are big-wigs in the city.

Looks like, the tussle between Reddy and Reddy is widening and cops are considering footage of the wedding and probing the issue.

High drama was witnessed on Friday at a high-profile wedding in Hyderabad. Ex MLA P. Vishnuvardhan Reddy and sitting Kalwakurthy MLA Challa Vamsi Chand Reddy embroiled in a brawl at wedding of the former’s cousin. When Vamsi entered the wedding hall in N-convention Centre where Vishnu’s cousin (brother-in-law) was tying the knot, Vamsi’s gunman apparently clearing the crowd making way for Vamsi. Unknowingly the gunmen pushed P. Vishnuvardhan Reddy, son of late P. Janardhan Reddy and this led to the controversy.

Hurt with Vamsi’s gunman attitude, Vishnu allegedly slapped the gunman and beaten him up, claim Vamsi Chand Reddy. With this, Vamsi entered into an argument with Vishnu. Although eye-witnesses say that it was a minor scuffle initially, egos said to have played spoil sport. Both parties have slapped cases against one another in Madhapur police station and blamed one another for the brawl. Vihsnuvardhan staged a protest outside Madhapur police station demanding police to take action against the MLA and his gunman.
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Kalwakurthy MLA Challa Vamshichand Reddy VS PJR Son Vishnu

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