Implementation of Scheduled Tribes Self Employment Schemes Telangana State TRICOR 19

Erstwhile Government of Andhra Pradesh issued comprehensive guidelines for implementation of Self Employment Schemes in all the Welfare Departments for 2013-14.

The erstwhile Government of Andhra Pradesh has also issued certain amendments in the reference 1st read above.

A meeting has been held on 15.12.2014 by the Minister (Finance) and reviewed the implementation guidelines issued in the 1st read above.

Government after careful examination of the matter in detail are hereby order that;

a) The age limit is increased as 21 – 55 years. However it shall be relaxed upto 60 years under agriculture and allied sectors, since land pattas are mostly in the name of family heads (fathers)

b) Identification of beneficiaries to be ensured at the level of Gram Sabha/Ward Sabhas only and final selection to be done by
Mandal/Municipal Committees after cross verification with Survey Data (SERP/MEPMA/SKS)

c) Ration Card/Aadhar card shall be insisted and registered through OBMMS (CGG)

5. Selection of Beneficiaries:

a) The total targeted beneficiaries shall be subdivided for the Districts and Mandals / Municipalities in proportion to the population of the STs by the Corporation.

b) The composition of the Screening Cum Selection Committee shall be as follows:

I. MPDO/Municipal Commissioner (Municipality)/Zonal Commissioner (in case of Municipal Corporation) – Convener.

II. Managers of all Banks in the jurisdiction of the Mandal.

III. Representatives of the S.T.Finance Corporation.

IV. Representative of DRDA.

V. President Mandal Mahila Samakhya/Town/Slum level federation in respect of Municipalities and Municipal Corporations.

c) All the beneficiaries shall apply through the Telangana State online beneficiary monitoring system to ensure transparency and accountability.

6. Implementation & Monitoring Mechanism:

A District Monitoring Committee chaired by the District Collector, shall monitor the implementation of the scheme. The composition of the District Monitoring Team shall be as follows:

District Collector – Chairman

Project Officer, ITDA /

District Tribal Welfare Officer – Convenor

Project Director, DRDA – Member

Executive Director, SC Corporation – Member

Executive Director, BC Corporation – Member

District Manager, Minority Corporation – Member

Assistant Director, Disabled Welfare – Member

Project Director, Women & Child Development – Member

LDM -Member

President, Zilla Samaikya/

Town Level Federation – Member

The District monitoring Committee shall perform the following functions:

a) The District Collector shall convene special DLBC’s in order to expedite the process of the sanction of Economic Support Scheme.

b) Ensure the Constitution of selection Committees at the Mandal level & ensure that the selection beneficiaries is done within the time frame.

c) Preparation of the District Action Plan of the Economic Support Schemes.

d) Review the progress of the scheme at frequent intervals

e) District Level Committee shall examine any complaints in the process of selection of beneficiary and grounding of scheme.

f) Any other intervention that may be needed for the successful implementation of the schemes

7. Eligibility Criteria:

a) People belonging to notified S.T. communities, either individual or groups whose annual income from all the sources is per head upto Rs.60,000/- or below per annum in the rural areas and Rs,75,000/- or below per annum in the Urban areas are eligible for financial assistance under the scheme.

b) The applicant should produce Caste, Income and Nativity certificates at the time of selection itself.

c) Employees and students are not eligible for financial assistance under the schemes.

d) Activities under Agriculture, Minor Irrigation, Self Employment (ISB), Animal Husbandry and Skill Development etc., will be provided with this financial assistance.

e) The financial assistance from the Telangana State Scheduled Tribes Cooperative Finance Corporation Ltd. (TRICOR) by way of subsidy would be linked to the credit component of the Commercial banks.

f) Preference shall be given to :

i) Candidates with higher qualification or requisite qualification required for skill.

ii) Candidates who are trained under any skill upgradation Programme of the Government or Welfare Corporations either
in the current year or earlier.

iii) Beneficiaries who are availing the economic support scheme for the first time.

g) 33.33 % women beneficiaries shall be covered in the above Scheme at the District level at the time of grounding the units.

h) 3% of the beneficiaries from PH shall be covered in the above Schemes.

i) The revised pattern of assistance will be 60% of the Unit Cost, not exceeding Rs.1,00,000/- as upper limit depends upon the requirement of the scheme to have financial viability, i.e., subsidy component. The range of unit cost may vary from a minimum of Rs.15,000/- to Rs.2,00,000/- maximum.

j) In case, where the unit cost exceeds Rs. 2,00,000/- the excess portion come as bank finance, as the subsidy from the ST Cooperative Finance Corporation Limited (TRICOR) is limited to Rs.1,00,000/-.

k) The Project Officers of ITDAs / District Tribal Welfare Officers of non ITDAs must explain this position to the bankers and beneficiaries in the beneficiary identification camp, so that the bankers give consent letters for the sanction of bank loan.

l) Only one economic support scheme shall be granted to one family as defined in the Food Security Card issued by the Government of Telangana State.

m) The beneficiary can choose any activity of his choice which are viable financially.

n) After completion of all the formalities i.e., documentation etc., with respect to selection of beneficiaries etc., the bank branch will give loan account number (which is to be opened with ‘Zero balance’) and also exclusive non-operative SB a/c number opened in the name of beneficiary / MMS which is linked to above loan account. This link has been suggested since loan account cannot be opened with credit balance.

o) The Bankers should furnish the details of bank loan a/c of individuals/ MMS to the POs of ITDA and DTWOs of Non ITDAS concerned with a request to release the subsidy through the MPDO / Mandal Level Selection Committee. In turn the Project Officers / District
Tribal Welfare Officers shall immediately submit the same list to the Managing Director, Telangana State Scheduled Tribes Co-operative Finance Corporation Ltd. (TRICOR), Hyderabad through online and a hard copy.

p) The subsidy will be released for the credit of loan a/c specified in the individual’s/ MMS application within a maximum period of 15 days up on receiving request from the Project Officers / District Tribal Welfare Officers to the Managing Director, Telangana State Scheduled Tribes Co-operative Finance Corporation Limited (TRICOR), Hyderabad.

q) Upon receiving subsidy into the loan linked non-operative savings account of the beneficiary / MMS, the bank branch shall take steps for grounding the unit within a maximum period of 15 days, utilizing the Subsidy released by the Government. This time line is relaxable only in cases where purchase committee needs to be constituted (Eg. Dairy & other Animal Husbandry units).

r) Subsidy for the beneficiaries shall be administered through the OBMMS.

s) The District Monitoring Committee chaired by the District Collector will be responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the schemes at District level.

Utilization Certificates:
The Project Officers / District Tribal Welfare Officers will ensure collection of Utilization Certificates from the banks after grounding of units, and the details thereof shall be entered into OBMMS.

Other Instructions:
i) Managing Director, Telangana State Scheduled Tribes Co-operative Finance Corporation Limited (TRICOR), Hyderabad and Convenor, State Level Bankers’ Committee will monitor the scheme at the State-level.

ii) Any other operational guidelines for implementation of the scheme shall be issued by the Managing Director, Telangana State Scheduled Tribes Cooperative Finance Corporation Limited (TRICOR), Hyderabad.
5. The above guidelines for implementing of Economic Support Schemes of Tribal Welfare Department shall be undertaken within the Budget Provision allocated for the purpose.

6. The Managing Director, Telangana State Scheduled Tribes Co-operative Finance Corporation Limited (TRICOR), Hyderabad shall take necessary action accordingly.

TRIBAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT – Implementation of Self Employment Schemes by the Telangana State Scheduled Tribes Cooperative Finance Corporation Limited (TRICOR) for the benefit of STs – Revised guidelines for implementation – Orders – Issued. TRIBAL WELFARE (LTR) DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No. 1 Dated 22.01.2015. Read the following: 1) G.O.Ms.No.101, Social Welfare (SCP.I) Department, Dated.31.12.2013. 2) G.O.Ms.No.6, Social Welfare (SCP.I) Department, Dated.20.01.2014. 3) Discussion with the Minister (Finance) by the Prl. Secys of B.C.W / SCDD / TW / M (TW) Deptts on 15.12.2014.

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