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Guidelines for double 2 bedroom house scheme in Telangana

Guidelines for double 2 bedroom house scheme in Telangana

The Telangana 2BHK Housing or 2 bedroom house Scheme is a transformative government program initiated by the Telangana state government to address the housing needs of its citizens. This ambitious project aims to provide secure and affordable housing to eligible beneficiaries, enabling them to lead a better life and achieve the dream of owning a house. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme, covering its objectives, eligibility criteria, application process, and the numerous benefits it offers to the residents of Telangana.

What is the Telangana 2BHK or 2 bedroom house Housing Scheme?

The Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme or Guidelines for double 2 bedroom house scheme in Telangana is a welfare program launched by the government of Telangana to offer cost-effective 2-bedroom houses to citizens belonging to economically weaker sections (EWS) and lower-income groups (LIG). The primary goal is to ensure that every deserving family in Telangana has access to a decent and secure living space. The scheme operates with a vision to eliminate homelessness and slum areas while promoting sustainable urban development.

Eligibility Criteria for the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

To be eligible for the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme, applicants must meet certain criteria set by the government. The following conditions are crucial for applicants to be considered for the scheme:

  1. Residential Criteria: The applicant must be a legal resident of Telangana to avail of the benefits of the scheme.
  2. Income Criteria: The scheme caters to economically weaker sections and lower-income groups. The applicant’s family income must fall within the specified range to qualify.
  3. Ownership Criteria: The applicant must not own any pucca house or residential property in their name or the name of any family member across the country.

How to Apply for the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme?

Applying for the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme is a straightforward process. Interested individuals can follow these steps to submit their applications:

  1. Online Application: Visit the official website of the Telangana Housing Board and locate the application form for the 2BHK Housing Scheme. Complete the form with accurate details and submit it online.
  2. Document Verification: After submitting the application, the authorities will verify the provided information and cross-check the applicant’s eligibility.
  3. Allotment Process: Once the verification is complete, eligible applicants will receive an allotment letter confirming their selection for the housing scheme.

Key Features of the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

The Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme boasts several significant features that make it a remarkable initiative:

  1. Affordable Housing: The scheme offers economically feasible 2 bedroom houses, ensuring affordability for the targeted beneficiaries.
  2. Inclusive Development: By providing housing to the EWS and LIG sections, the scheme aims for inclusive growth and balanced urban development.
  3. Infrastructure Facilities: The housing units are equipped with essential infrastructure facilities such as water supply, electricity, and sanitation, providing a comfortable living experience.
  4. Empowerment of Women: Women from economically weaker sections are given preference in the allotment process, empowering them to become homeowners.
  5. PMAY Partnership: The Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme operates in collaboration with the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), further enhancing its reach and impact.

The Impact of the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

The Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme has brought about a profound impact on the lives of numerous families across the state. Some of the notable effects include:

  1. Reduction in Slums: With the provision of affordable houses, the scheme has contributed significantly to the reduction of slum areas in urban centers.
  2. Improved Living Standards: Beneficiaries of the scheme now have access to better living conditions, improved sanitation, and secure shelter for their families.
  3. Socio-economic Upliftment: The availability of housing has positively impacted the socio-economic status of the beneficiaries, leading to overall empowerment.

FAQs about the Telangana 2 bedroom house Housing Scheme

  1. Q: Who is eligible for the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme? A: To be eligible, applicants must be legal residents of Telangana, fall within the specified income criteria, and not own any pucca house in their name.
  2. Q: Can married couples apply separately for the scheme? A: No, only one application per family is allowed to ensure fair distribution of housing units.
  3. Q: Are there any preferences for women applicants for 2 bedroom house? A: Yes, women applicants from economically weaker sections receive preference in the allotment process.
  4. Q: What is the collaboration of the scheme with PMAY in 2 bedroom house? A: The Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme operates in partnership with the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, expanding its scope and resources.
  5. Q: Are the housing units equipped with basic amenities? A: Yes, the housing units come with essential infrastructure facilities like water supply, electricity, and sanitation.
  6. Q: Can NRIs apply for the 2 bedroom house? A: No, NRIs are not eligible for the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme.

Government hereby recast the unit cost of houses of the “Two Bed Room Housing Programme” by deleting the item No. IV i.e., infrastructure in G.O.MS.10, Housing(RH&C-A1) Department, dt:15.10.2015. The unit cost of houses in the 2 BHK scheme without the Infrastructure component is as follows and it shall be applicable only for the future tenders including second & subsequent calls for the entire 2BHK Programme in the State. Sl.No Area Unit cost (per unit in lakhs) 1. Rural 5.04 2. Urban 5.30 3. GHMC (G+3) C+S+9 7.00 7.9

Permission to Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited, Hyderabad to raise the Loan component of Rs.3344.76 Crores (Rupees Three Thousand Three Hundred and Forty Four Crores Seventy Six Lakhs only) from M/s. HUDCO for implementation of 2 Bed Room Housing Programme in Rural and Urban areas by standing State Government Guarantee with budgetary support in the form of interest free loan during the entire repayment period.

Government have committed to provide 2 Bed Room Houses to all the houseless poor families in the State through 2 Bed Room Housing Programme in a phased manner. Each house will consist of 2 Bed Room, Hall, kitchen and two toilets (bath-cum-WC) (2BHK). Accordingly the following guidelines are issued for implementation of the programme by the District Collectors and Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation.



  1. Beneficiary family should be a BPL family having a valid Food Security Card with a number on her / her spouse name / his name ( in case of widow/ widower/ Physically challenged.).
  2. House will be sanctioned in the name of house wife of the family.
  3. Houseless Families and families living presently in Huts, Katcha houses or         in Rented houses. 
  4. The following SC/ST/Minorities caste composition (of available eligible SC/ST/Minorities) shall be adhered to in selection of beneficiaries in each Assembly Constituency and the overall composition shall be maintained for the  district as a whole.

                     Rural: SC /ST – 50%    Minorities –7%  and balance for others.

                    Urban: SC–17%,ST–6%,Minorities–12% and balance for others.

(The percentages indicated are minimum and can exceed to the extent required wherever such a scenario arises).


  1. District Minister and MLA of the respective Assembly Constituency shall sanction 2 Bed Room Houses in 50:50 ratio and furnish the list of eligible beneficiaries as per eligibility criteria along with the Gramapanchayats, Urban Local Bodies in which the programme is to be implemented to the District Collector/Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation. The number of houses sanctioned shall not be more than the sanctions given to each Constituency.
  • The eligibility of beneficiaries in the list shall be verified by the Tahasildar of the Mandal and  by the Official designated by Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation in Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation area and place it  before Gramasabha/Wardsabha.
  • Grmasabha/Wardsabha will verify the eligibility of beneficiary families in the list placed before it based on eligibility criteria and Socio Economic Caste Census(SECC) data and forward  the list to  the District Collector/Commissioner Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation.
  • District Collector/Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation will get the list submitted by the Tahasildar/designated officials of Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation super checked by senior officials of the District Administration/GHMC. 
  • In case of Urban areas, guidelines issued under “Housing for All” by GOI shall be followed  wherever funds are dovetailed with “Housing for All” scheme funds.


 a.Pattern of construction

  1. While selecting sites for housing construction, the District Collector have to identify most suitable Government land available if any, abutting to the village/ Municipality to take up housing in layouts. 
  1. In Rural areas, independent houses shall be taken up with an individual plot area    of 125 Sq.yds. If land is scarce, the District Collectors may  consider for G+1 houses in major Gram panchayats.
  1. In Urban areas, houses shall be taken up in G+ pattern. District Collectors/ Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation shall consider land availability and decide on the  number of floors to be taken up.

G.O.Ms. 1493 dt1.12.2007, Revenue (Asst.POT) Dept may be followed for house-sites within 2Kms of mandal headquarters.

  1. In case of G+ houses, allotment of flats shall be done by way of lots. Families with Physically challenged persons (PHCs) shall be allotted in the Ground floor.  

b. Design

  1. Each house will have 2 Bed Rooms, hall, kitchen and two toilets (bath-cumWC)  with a plinth area of 560 sq.ft. (in Rural it includes area of staircase and in Urban it includes stair case & common area). 
  2. Two lofts for storage of house-hold goods shall be provided in each house.
  3. Kitchen shall have kitchen platform .
  4. The type design of 2 BHK for 560 Sft. is indicated in annexure enclosed.  In rural areas toilets can be within the house or outside the house.
  5. District Collectors can access funds from NREGS or Swatch Bharat for         construction of toilets

C. Cost 

The cost of construction per flat/ house shall not be more than Rs.5.30 lakhs  in Urban areas and 5.04 lakhs in Rural areas which includes   all basic facilities of  Water  supply, Sanitary and Electric connections and stair case. Construction cost includes all statutory taxes. The cost of construction is expected to be less than Standard Schedule of Rates (SSR) due to economies of scale, uniform design and due to supply of sand to be made available by the District Collectors under weaker section housing programme as per extant instructions issued by the Govt time to time. District Collector may issue permits to the successful bidder to the extent of sand requirement.


Required Civic- infrastructure for each colony i.e., Water supply, Electricity, Approach and internal  Roads& Drains, Sewerage  shall be provided. 

a. Infrastructure cost per house shall not exceed Rs.1.25 lakhs in Rural and Rs.75,000/- in Urban Areas per house.


  1. District Collector shall select  any Engineering Department in the district to execute 2 Bed Room Housing programme. The selected engineering department shall prepare Estimates for each  colony for construction of Houses and infrastructure . In case of urban areas which are dovetailed with Housing For All (HFA) DPR shall be prepared as per the instructions issued by Director


  • The District Collector is empowered to accord Administrative sanction for projects under 2 Bed Room Housing Programme up to Rs.150 crores in relaxation of existing PWD Codal provisions. The work shall be entrusted to the Executing Engineering department under intimation to the respective Head of the Department.
  • The Tender Approval Committee shall be constituted by the District Collector as himself/herself as chairperson, Superintending Engineer of executing department as member convener and with other members as he deemed fit.
  • The Superintending Engineer of  the Engineering department selected by  the  District Collector  to  execute the Project,  is empowered  to  issue  Technical sanction up to Rs. 150 crores  in relaxation  of  existing  PWD Codal provisions and to call for tenders on e-procurement platform as per procedures in vogue in Government departments.
  • Tenders may be called by clubbing several locations together based on the Geography, Size of the Project and Operational feasibility. Price escalation is not permitted under this programme.
  • Tenders shall be called jointly for Housing and infrastructure. A construction schedule shall be given to ensure sequential completion of the project including infrastructure. 
  • Each tendered work shall be completed within 6 months.
  • The District Collector who is the Chairman of the Tender Approval Committee is empowered to finalise and approve tenders upto Rs.150 crores for 2 Bed Room Housing Programme in relaxation of PWD Codal procedures. 
  • The District Collector shall issue work orders to the successful bidder.
  • The executing Engineering department will execute the work as per Standard Engineering procedures. 
  • Work bills shall be raised once in a month or on achieving 10% of ECV.
  • In GHMC area, administrative sanction, tender approval, execution of the Programme and  Project monitoring and quality control shall be done by the Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation duly following the established procedures in Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation and shall seek the orders of the Muncipal Administration &Urban Department in Government, wherever required, in this regard.

                VI.       Project Monitoring and Quality control 

  1. The District Collector shall constitute a District Monitoring Committee to monitor the progress of 2 Bed Room Housing Programme and to sort-out issues arising time to time.
  • The District collector shall ensure Quality Control of 2 Bedroom Housing Programme through the Engineering Department executing the programme. The Engineering Department executing the Programme shall follow the regular Department Quality Control procedures and submit periodical reports to the District Collector or whenever required by the District Collector.


The Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme is a commendable effort by the government to address the housing needs of the economically weaker sections and lower-income groups in the state. Through this initiative, many families have been able to realize their dream of owning a house, leading to improved living standards and socio-economic upliftment. By continuing to support such welfare programs, society can move forward with greater equality and prosperity.

All the District Collectors/Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation are requested to take immediate action for implementation of 2 Bed Room Housing Programme duly following the above guidelines. This orders are issued with the concurrence of the Finance Department vide their U.O. No.748/102/A2/X/15,Finance(EBS.V)Department, dt:5.10.2015.  

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