Guidelines for Construction of Agricultural Produce Storage Godowns cum Drying Platforms

MGNREGS Telangana Convergence works under MGNREGS Construction of Agricultural Produce Storage Godowns cum Drying Platforms Guidelines – Orders – Issued. G.O.MS.No. 16 Dated: 31-10-2014

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 provides for the enhancement of rural livelihood security of the households in rural areas of the country by providing at least one hundred days of guaranteed wage employment in every financial year to every household, whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work.

Keeping in view the fact that the agricultural produce brought by farmers to IKP procurement centres is exposed to unexpected rains and farmers are suffering huge losses due to lack of storage Godowns, the Commissioner, Rural Development has submitted proposal in the reference 5th read above for the Construction of Agricultural Produce Storage Godowns cum Drying Platforms under MGNREGS at the active IKP centers where sufficient land is available.

Chief Executive Officer, SERP, Telangana has furnished the details of 997 IKP procurement centers in the state. At present for 292 IKP procurement centers, the land is available for constructions of Agricultural Produce Storage Godown cum Drying Platforms and identification of land is under progress for other centres.

Creation of productive assets of prescribed quality and durability is one of the core objectives of the MGNREGS and the category of works to be taken are detailed under Schedule I of the Act.

Construction of Agricultural Produce Storage Godown / Food Grain Storage Structures work is permitted under Category- C&D of works of Schedule-I, for implementing the provisions of the National Food Security Act 2013.

Technical Advisor, Rural Development, Hyderabad has prepared and furnished the designs, plans and estimates in respect of Agricultural Produce storage Godowns cum Drying Platform.

Government after consideration of the matter, hereby accorded permission for Construction of Agricultural Produce Storage Godowns cum Drying Platforms under MGNREGS at active IKP centres for improving the storage facilities of agricultural produce including food grains in rural areas to ensure remunerative market price to the farmers subject to the availability of material component under MGNREGS at District level, and observance of provisions of MGNREGS. Detailed guidelines are given in the annexure appended to this G.O.

The construction of Agricultural Produce Storage Godowns cum Drying Platforms shall be executed by the Panchayat Raj Engineering Department in non-ITDA areas and Tribal Welfare Engineering Department in ITDA Areas.

The Commissioner, Rural Development shall issue guidelines from time to time for implementation of the Project.

Annexure to G.O.MS.No. 16. Dated :31-10-2014

The following guidelines are issued for taking up Construction of Agricultural Produce Storage Godowns cum Drying Platforms works under MGNREGS.

Administrative sanction:

 The work shall be approved by the Gram Sabha, Gram Panchayat, Mandal Parishad and Zilla Parishad as required under the Act.

The District Collectors & DPC of MGNREGS shall accord administrative sanction, based on the availability of the land at the active IKP centers and availability of sufficient material component under MGNREGS in the district.

Sanction shall be accorded under 40%material component at district level as the works are implemented through line departments.District wise No. of works permitted to be taken up during 2014-15 based on expected availability of material component and land availability is as follows.

S.No. District No. of works (Godowns) permitted to
be taken up during 2014-15
1 Adilabad 12
2 Karimnagar 13
3 Khammam 6
4 Mahabubnagar 9
5 Medak 38
6 Nalgonda 44
7 Nizamabad 11
8 Warangal 11
9 RangaReddy 0

Technical Sanction:

Technical Sanction shall be accorded by the Superintending Engineer, Panchayat Raj/Tribal Welfare Dept., as per the rules in vogue. A separate Register for technical sanction shall be maintained at Superintending Engineer level.

Work specification:

Safe Bearing Capacity (SBC) of soil: 100kN/m2/150kN/m2/ 200kN/m2

Type of Foundation: VRCC M20 Grade

Depth of Foundation: 1.50mt below ground level or based on soil condition

Leveling course: PCC(1:5:10) 150mm thick below footing

Basement Height: 0.70mt above ground level

Basement – Random Rubble Masonry in CM (1:6)

Basement filling: sand / gravel

Clear floor height: 4.50mt from floor level to the bottom of the Truss.

VRCC M20 Grade concrete for Footings, Pedestal, Columns, Plinth Beams, rat protection slab 100mm thick, Tie Beams, Roof Beams, lintels & sunshades.

Reinforcement – HYSD – Fe 415

Super structure – Brick Masonry with Rat trap bond in CM(1:6) / with normal Brick Masonry in CM(1:8)/Laterite stone/fly ash bricks/stone block masonary

Flooring – Bottom layer with PCC(1:5:10) 150mm thick & top layer with PCC(1:2:4) 50mm thick, over a well compacted basement filling.

Plastering – a) Single coat 20mm thick in CM(1:4) for external walls.

Single coat 12mm thick in CM(1:4) for internal walls.

Single coat 8mm thick in CM(1:4) for sunshades

Painting – Water proof cement paint in two coats over primer of exterior grade in one coat.

MS Rolling Shutters

Windows – Seasoned Salwood frame and shutters with fixtures

MS Ventilators with Glazing

Roofing – Proflex sheeting/truss with GI sheeting


A model estimate has been prepared for guidance. If any additional provisions are required, they may be included and furnished to the Commissioner, Rural Development for providing the software. There shall be a cap of Rs 40.00 lakhs to be spent under MGNREGS on the project.

Variation cost of Steel & Cement 

The expenditure towards price escalation of steel &cement (as per Board of CEs rate) shall be met within the estimated cost under MGNREGS or from other grants if the estimate is dovetailed with other grants. Software will be modified and provided accordingly.

Execution of works:

The works shall be executed through Gram Panchayat.

The Gram Panchayat is responsible for execution of these works as per specification contained in the estimate.

The procedure of recording the measurements, check measurements and super check measurements will be as per the rules in vogue in Panchayat Raj Engineering Department /Tribal Welfare Engineering Department.

Unskilled tasks shall be executed by the SSS wage seekers.

Material component shall be executed through Gram Panchayats/material suppliers.

All existing procedures of MGNREGS shall be followed.

VII.  Payment mode:

Wage payments shall be made directly to the wage seekers (Job card holders) account through eFMS.

Material payment shall be made to the Gram Panchayat account/ Suppliers account through eFMS.

Payments shall be made only for the work done quantity (finished item of tasks) .

Muster rolls shall be maintained at work site.

VIII. Administrative Cost:

The implementing agencies can utilize 3% admin cost over the expenditure incurred on the sanctioned works. The admin cost includes salaries to staff engaged under EGS, Printing & Stationery, Operation& Maintenance of computers, Vehicle hire charges and Cell phone bills etc.

Vigilance & Quality Assurance:

The departmental Quality Control divisions shall be responsible to ensure the quality of work. The overall responsibility of the quality of work executed lies on Executive Engineer of the implementing department. However the QC wing of MGNREGS, Telangana shall also inspect works randomly.

Social Audit 

The works executed with MGNREGS funds are liable for Social Audit conducted by SSAAT which will be done within 6 months from the date of completion of work as per MGNREGS Act and the Social Audit Rules issued by Govt. of Telangana. The implementing agency shall hand over all the connected records and documents to the Social Audit teams during the Social Audit process.

Maintenance of Accounts and Audit:

All the books of accounts stipulated under the scheme shall be properly maintained in the respective DCCs. There shall be departmental audit and AG audit of accounts for the funds spent by the DCCs

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2. Meeting with group of Ministers held on 26.06.2014.
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