Drinking water supply to 3072 schools in Telangana State

RWS&S, Hyderabad, has stated that during the SLSSC meeting held on 07.11.2014, the Committee has cleared proposals for providing drinking water supply to 4040 left over Schools in Telangana State with an estimated cost of Rs.3266.44 lakhs under NRDWP-Coverage with sharing pattern of 50:50 between centre and state. Further, he has stated that the CE, (Normal), RWS&S Dept., has submitted the list f 3072 left over schools having permanent buildings (out of 4040 schools that were cleared in the SLSSC Meeting), with an estimated cost of Rs.2530.14 lakhs and he has requested to issue administrative sanction orders. He further stated that the State Project Director, SSA has reported that for the remaining schools having pukka buildings, drinking water facilities are subsequently covered under onging program of several district level grants.

2. The E-n-C, RWS&S, Hyd., has therefore requested the Govt. to accord administrative sanction for the proposals of “Providing drinking water supply to 3072 left over schools” with an estimated cost of Rs.2530.14 lakhs under NRDWP-Coverage with sharing pattern of 50:50 between Centre and State which were cleared by the SLSSC in its meeting held on 07.11.2014.

3. Government after careful examination of the proposal of the Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Department, Hyderabad in the refeference 2nd read above, hereby accord Administrative Sanction for providing drinking water supply to 3072 Schools in Telangana State with an estimated cost of Rs.2530.14 lakhs (Rupees Twenty Five Crores, Thirty Lakhs and Fourteen Thousand Only), (out of 4040 shcools in Telangana State with an estimated cost of Rs.3266.34 lakhs) approved by the SLSSC in the meeting held on 07.11.2014) under NRDWP-Coverage with a sharing ratio of 50:50 between GOI and State. The details of sanctioned work are appended as Annexures to this order.

4. The Engineer–in–Chief, Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Department, Hyderabad is requested to limit the expenditure to Rs.2530.14 lakhs (Rupees Twenty Five Crores, Thirty Lakhs and Fourteen Thousand Only) and details of all works should be uploaded on IMS “Watersoft” System.

5. The Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Hyderabad is requested to scrupulously follow the guidelines of NRDWP and utilize the funds as per financial rules. No changes shall be made on ground without following due procedure.

6. For any change from sanctioned technical estimates during execution, the agreement authority shall approach the approving authority concerned in writing. No assumption of approval should be made unless approval is received in writing. The Technical sanction to be accorded must fully conform to the above administrative sanction components only.

7. The Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Hyderabad, while issuing the technical approval/sanction should ensure that necessary instructions shall be incorporated therein, to all the agreement authorities concerned (S.Es) to follow the sequential order i.e., head-to-tail approach scrupulously

(i) in grounding works, and (ii) while sanctioning payments.

8. All works based on surface water source shall be taken up only after clearance from Irrigation Department or the owner of source, as the case may be. 9. The DPRs properly approved by competitive authorities and copy shall be
forwarded to the Government.

10. The per capita capital cost and other technical parameters should be informed to
the Government.

11. The reliability and sustainability of the sources and technical parameters needs to be examined by the STA before grounding the scheme. Simillarly if any permissions are needed for the work, they should be obtained before grounding it.

12. The Superintending Engineer, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department concerned shall place the works to a District Level Committee consisting of:

1) The District Collector .. Chairman

2) The Superintending Engineer (Irrigation) .. Member

3) The Superintending Engineer (Roads and Building) .. Member

4) The Superintending Engineer (Transco) .. Member

5) The Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad .. Member

6) The Deputy Director, Ground Water Department .. Member

7) The District Panchayat Officer .. Member

8) The Superintending Engineer, RWS&S Department ..Convener

9) The District Education Officer .. Member
to expedite clearance in Part-A. Senior Officials of Forest Department and Railways may be called on a need basis.

13. The above Committee shall also ensure that the PRI concerned i.e, ZP is agreeable to take up the O&M of the Scheme from their funds on commissioning as per G.O.Ms.No.107, dt.24.4.2012 of this Department read with G.O.Rt.No.2290 dt.20.12.2012, G.O.Rt.No.1292, dt.6.8.2013 of PR&RD (RWS.I) Dept., and G.O.Rt.No.1712 dt.31.10.2013 of this Department.

14. The list of habitations in each scheme is annexed in the order. No changes in coverage of habitations shall be made without approval of the Government. 15. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (EBS.VIII)
Department vide their U.O.Note.No.7634/200/EBS.VIII/2014, dt:06.01.2015.

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