Dindi Lift Irrigation Scheme 3

For The Dindi Lift Irrigation Scheme Government of Telangana State given Administrative approval on the bases of line estimate for an amount of Rs 6,190 crore.

Government to accord permission to Close the existing Contract without penalty, awarded to M/s GVV-VSM-GVR (JV) vide Agreement No. 79 SE/2008-09, dt: 02.02.2009 to enable to award the work to another agency through competitive bidding process and to complete the work at the earliest without further loss of time, as Dindi Balancing Reservoir is a vital link in the total Tunnel Scheme.

dindi lift irrigation project telangana

Permission was accorded to the Chief Engineer, NSP to invite fresh tenders pending receipt of Government orders for closure of existing EPC contract for the work of “Construction of Dindi Balancing Reservoir of SLBC Tunnel Scheme across Dindi river near Mothia Thanda of Teldevarapalli (V), Chandampet (M), Nalgonda District” under Conventional – LS contract system (Non EPC), subject to condition that the finalization of tenders & award of work will be taken up only after receipt of the Government orders on closure of existing EPC contract.

The Government of TS after examination of the proposal of the Chief Engineer, NSP, Hyderabad accord permission to close the contract with the following stipulations:

i) Terminate the agreement dt.02-02-2009 (EPC Contract) awarded to the agency i.e., GVV-VSM-GVR(JV) in terms of clause 55 of the GCC and determine the amount recoverable from the agency along with penalty
under clause 56.1 and finalize the tenders called pursuant to the order of the Hon’ble High Court in CMA.MP.No.2184/2013, Dt.22-01-2014.

ii) In view of the interim injunction granted by the court in IA No.2198/2012, steps to recover the amounts so determined as per 3(i) above and due from the agency may be deferred till the outcome of CMA No.1053/2013
pending before the Hon’ble High Court.

iii) The matter may be entrusted to a competent lawyer for further proceedings in the matter.

iv) The Chief Engineer, NSP is directed to go through the Government order vide reference and finalize the tenders & award the work to the new agency at the earliest.

The Dindi Lift Irrigation Scheme envisages to provide drinking water to the most severely affected areas by Flourosis and irrigation facilities to drought prone areas of Deverakonda & Munugodu constituencies of Nalgonda district and some parts of Achampet & Kalwakurthy constituencies of Mahaboobnagar district by lifting the flood water from the foreshore of Srisailam Reservoir to Dindi Reservoir at 0.5 TMC per day for
60days to a quantum of 30TMC. It involves two stage pumping, two off line and three online reservoirs system. The Gross command is 3,68,880 Acres and the net commendable area is 3,41,000 Acres and covers 5 Mandals of Mahaboobnagar District and 14 Mandals of Nalgonda District.

Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation), Hyderabad while furnishing the line estimate for the project has requested to accord administrative approval to the line estimate of Dindi Lift Irrigation Scheme for an amount of Rs.6,300 crore.

The Government after careful examination of the proposal of the Engineer-inChief (Irrigation), Hyderabad hereby accord Administrative approval to the line estimate of Dindi Lift Irrigation Scheme for an amount of Rs.6,190 crore (Rupees six thousand one hundred and ninety crore only).

Director (R&R), Irrigation & CAD Department, Sec’bad have informed that the Dindi Balancing Reservoir is having FRL contour as + 245.00 Mts on account of which the Nakkalangandi Thanda H/o Teldevarapally (V), Chandampet (M), Nalgonda District are coming under submergence and there are no structures beyond FRL contour of 245Mtrs hence no financial implication is involved in acquisition of the above village.

Director (R&R), Irrigation & CAD Department, Sec’bad and the Superintending Engineer, AMR SLBC Project Circle No.I, G.V.Gudem, Nalgonda has therefore requested the

Government for issue of Notification for declaring the Nakkalagandi Thanda,(v), H/o Teldevarapally village of Chandampet Mandal of Nalgonda District as affected zone due to falling within 100 mtrs of
surface distance from FRL water line of Dindi Balancing Reservoir as per clause 5.1 of Chapter-V of G.O.Ms.No.68, Irrigation & CAD (PW:LA.IVR&R) Dept., Dt.08.04.2005, for implementing the Resettlement &
Rehabilitation to the PAFs/PDFs.

Government order to declare Nakkalagandi Thanda,(v), H/o Teldevarapally village of Chandampet Mandal of Nalgonda District as affected zone as the dwelling houses falling within 100 meters of surface distance from FRL water lines of Dindi Balancing Reservoir as per clause 5.1 of Chapter-V of G.O.Ms.No.68, Irrigation & CAD (PW:LA.IV-R&R) Dept., Dt.08-04-2005 for implementing the Resettlement & Rehabilitation to the eligible PAFs/PDFs.

Under Para 5.1 of Chapter-V of Andhra Pradesh Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy, 2005 issued in G.O.Ms.No.68, Irrigation & C.A.D. (PW:LA.IV-R&R) Department, dated:08-04-2005, the Government of Telangana hereby declare Nakkalagandi Thanda,(v), H/o Teldevarapally village of Chandampet Mandal of Nalgonda District as affected zone due to falling within 100mtrs of surface distance from FRL water line of Dindi Balancing Reservoir for implementing the Resettlement & Rehabilitation to the eligible PAFs/PDFs, duly appointing the Joint Collector, Nalgonda District as Project Administratior subject to ensuring fulfilling/completion of all pre-requisites involving financial implications
for notification of submerged of villages, may be agreed to.

The Director (R&R), Irrigation & CAD Department, Secunderabad and the Chief Engineer, AMR Project, Nalgonda shall take further necessary action in the matter, accordingly.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance(EBS.IX) Department vide U.O.No.8007/332/A.I/EBS.IX/2014, dated: 12.01.2015.

Dindi Lift Irrigation Scheme Telangana

AMR SLBC Project – Construction of Pylon for Inauguration of Dindi Lift Irrigation Scheme at Shivannagudem(V), Marriguda (M), Nalgonda Dist- According Administrative approval for an amount of Rs 38,75,000/- and Ratification of the action of Superintending Engineer, AMR SLBC in having entrusted the work to M/s P.S.R Infra on Nomination basis

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