Abolition of Adarsha Rythu System in Telangana State GO 120 on 24 September 2014

Orders were issued for deployment of Adarsha Rythus as a facilitator at village level for agricultural development.  The Commissioner & Director of Agriculture, Telangana, in his letter has reported that out of 20,116 Adarsha Rythus, at present 16,841 Adarsha Rythus are working in the Telangana Districts.  The Adarsha Rythus are supposed to involve in the activities like Polambadi, Seed Village Programme, Vermi Compost, Organic Farming, National Food Security Mission, Crop Insurance, advanced crop planning, reduction in cost of production, livestock production, horticulture crops, micro irrigation practices and credit etc.  The Commissioner and Director of Agriculture, Telangana, has informed that the qualification of 10th class  for adarsha rythu is too low and they have no good technical knowledge for effective farmers education, technology transfer and response to farmers problems related to crop management. He has, therefore, requested the Government to reassess the present system of Adarsha Rythu.

2)     The Government, after critical review and examination of the whole system of Adarsha Rythu and the difficulties faced by the farming community due to failure of the Adarsha Rythus in providing the required Agriculture Extension, have decided to abolish the Adarsha Rythu system and to evolve a more effective agriculture extension system by appointing technically qualified persons as Assistant Agricultural Extension Officers to cater to the needs of farming community.

3)     Accordingly, Government hereby order to abolish the Adarsha Rythu system in the State of Telangana with immediate effect and to evolve a new system by appointing Assistant Agricultural Extension Officers with Diploma in Agriculture / Horticulture qualification, to cater to the needs of farming community and enable effective transfer of Agriculture Technology to the farmers.


4)     The Commissioner and Director of Agriculture, Telangana, Hyderabad, shall take necessary further action in the matter.



Agriculture and Cooperation Department – Agriculture extension services – Abolition of Adarsha Rythu System – Orders – Issued.



G.O.RT.No. 120 Dated: 24-09-2014.

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4) From the Commissioner & Director of Agriculture, Telangana,Hyderabad, Letter No.AR/3/2014, dt.19.06.2014 and 03.07.2014.


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