Aajeevika Skills Scheme in EGMM Telangana

CEO, EGMM has submitted that, the EGMM is designated as Annual Action Plan (AAP) organisation by MoRD. As per section 4.1, Aajeevika Skills guidelines, an AAP status gives the autonomy to approve individual projects without prior clearance from MoRD, but this must be done using provisions as per the guidelines only.

As per the section 4, table 2, Aajeevika Skills guidelines the final approval of proposals rests with the Project Approval Committee (PAC) of AAP states. In case of state of Telangana, a PAC needs to be constituted first and it must be incorporated in to the structure of Skill Mission of Telangana. PAC should hold meeting every month to consider proposals received over the previous months. It plays the following role in the EGMM programme:-

• The Project Approval Committee plays a vital role on pooling the funds from different sources (as per the state share) depending upon the volume of project proposals received and approved.

• The review of the program based on the status of approved project proposals shall be done on periodical basis.

• The Project Approval Committee has to play as appellate authority on the grievances / complaints of the PIAs.

• The Project Approval Committee (PAC) will decide on the unit costs as per the project proposals submitted by PIAs and approved by PAC as the unit costs given in the guidelines are the maximum permissible amounts.

• The PAC will give approval on Capital Expenditure on equipment.

• Where there is shortfall in achievement of the targets fixed for the project for SC/ST, Minorities and women up to 5% in each category, the PIA shall submit a proposal seeking relaxation from the PAC. In case the proposal for relaxation is not accepted by the PAC, then proportionate deductions shall be made from the subsequent releases for the shortfall in the assigned targets.

The CEO, EGMM has therefore requested the Govt., to constitute the Project Approval Committee (PAC) for the state of Telangana for approval of various applications received under the Aajeevika Skills Scheme.

In the circumstances reported by the CEO, EGMM, Telangana in the reference read above, Government after careful consideration hereby constitute the Project Approval Committee (PAC) for the state of Telangana with the following officials for approval of various applications received under the Ajeevika skills scheme.

Sl. No.


Proposed Project Approval Committee for Ajeevika Skills, Govt., of Telangana Designation
1 Principal Secretary to Govt., PR&RD Dept., Chairman
2 Mission Director, REEM Member
3 Mission Director, MEPMA Member
4 Commissioner, Tribal Welfare Member
5 Commissioner/Director, Dept., of Employment and Training Member
6 Commissioner/ Director, AMR- APARD Member
7 CEO, SERP Member
8 Representtive of NI-MSME Member
9 Representative of NIRD Member
10 CEO, EGMM Convener

The Chief Executive Officer, EGMM, Telangana, Hyderabad shall take necessary further action accordingly.

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