1766.92 Crores under MRR Grant for the year 2014-2015 Telangana State

The Hon’ble Chief Minister has conducted review meetings on 01-11-2014 and 07-11-2014 with the Officials of PR&RD Department and Panchayat Raj Engineers to assess the status of Rural Roads in the State. During the meeting held on 7.11.2014, among others, it has been decided to prepare Action Plan 2014- 15 and 2015-16on rural roads for the PR Engineering Department for an amount of Rs.5470 Crores in 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 and directed the Engineer-in-Chief, Panchayat Raj to submit proposals for the works to be taken up on priority basis

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Chief Engineer, Panchayat Raj, Hyderabad has submitted proposals requesting the Govt. to accord administrative sanction for 3463 works costing Rs. 1771.78 Crores to take up BT renewals and Repairs to CD works in the State of Telangana, from any available grant.

Chief Engineer, Panchayat Raj,Hyderabad has submitted revised proposals after re-examination/scrutiny of works proposed by the SEs and requested the Govt., to accord administration sanction for 3426 works costing 1766.92 Crores to take up BT renewals and repairs to CD works in the State of Telangana, from any available grant.

Government after careful examination of the proposals and keeping in view of the interest of the public to provide basic amenities, hereby accord Administrative Sanction for 3426 works for taking up BT renewals and repairs to CD works with an estimate cost of Rs.1766.92 Crores under MRR Grants subject to the following conditions:

I. the ENC (PR)/CE (PR) call for tenders taking Mandal as Unit from amongst, reputed contractors through e-Procurement.

II. Road description a special chainages shall be mentioned for all works while preparing estimates.

III. All roads proposed for BT Renewal shall be verified thoroughly for its necessity and if any reach/road is found in good condition, the same may be brought to the notice of the Government for further orders.

IV. Due quality control procedures & measures shall be strictly enforced in estimation & execution.

V. Road Furniture like KM/HM stones, Village Name Boards Information Boards etc., shall be properly provisioned and executed.

VI. All Road safety measures like signages, etc., shall be adequately provided and executed.

VII. Digital photographs/video of entire road surface shall be taken at the time of preparation of estimates and after completion of work (i.e. before & after grounding).

VIII. The work flow of the roads programme such as sanction, progress completion of works shall be captured on the website. TCS shall be asked to develop an appropriate work flow to capture the process to enable monitoring of works at all level. Advocate training shall be facilated for all SEs, EEs, DEEs and AEEs/AEs to operate the workflow based system.

5. The details of the district-wise works sanctioned are as follows: Sl
District No.of Assembly Constituencies No. of Mandals No. of roads Length of roads Sanctioned for renewal in KM Amount Sanctioned Total
1 Adilabad 10 52 306 1390.52 246.74 6.02 252.76
2 Karimnagar 13 56 271 968.88 133.57 2.63 136.2
3 Khammam 10 40 198 677.85 103.18 1.24 104.42
4 Mahabubnagar 14 64 340 1577.21 210.25 2.53 212.78
5 Medak 10 46 507 1528.9 209.22 4.58 213.8
6 Nalgonda 12 59 408 1584.18 206.12 1.49 207.61
7 Nizamabad 8 36 381 1259.99 182.31 1.22 183.53
8 Rangareddy 9 33 540 1302.95 207.95 12.44 220.39
9 Warangal 10 50 475 1716.31 227.78 7.64 235.42
Grand To tal 96 436 3426 12006.8 1727.13 39.78 1766.92
The State-wise abstract of details Constituency-wise is given in Annexure-I; district-wise details are given in Annexure-II to X which is appended to this Order.

7. The amount sanctioned in para (2) above shall be met from the following Head of Account:
“MJH – 3054 Roads & Bridges.
MH – 04 District & Other Roads.
GH – 196 Assistance to Zilla Parishads.
SH – (12) Assistance to PRIs for Maintenance of Rural Roads.
270 – Minor works.
272 – Maintenance”

8. The Superintending Engineers concerned, Panchayat Raj, shall verify that the works sanctioned in para (4) above are not already sanctioned/grounded/semi finished under any other grants. Any discrepancy noticed is to be brought it to the notice of the higher authority, immediately who will inform to Government for further necessary action. The above instructions shall be followed scrupulously. If such works as sanctioned in this GO are already grounded etc., it may deemed to have been cancelled automatically and the same may be informed to Government immediately for taking further necessary action. Any deviations to instructions in the
G.O., will be dealt with severely on all concerned

9. The Chief Engineer, Panchayat Raj, Hyderabad shall take necessary action in the matter accordingly and submit the utilization Certificates to the Government soon after completion of the works in the stipulated time.

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