1250 2BHK Houses at Gajwel Pregnapur 2

Housing Department – Hon’ble Chief Minister’s Assurances- Double Bed Room Houses Medak District– construction of (1250) 2BHK Houses at Gajwel Pregnapur Nagarapanchayath– Sanction of Rs.937.5 lakhs (Nine Cores Thirty Seven Lakhs and Fifty Thousand only) for providing infrastructure facilities – Orders – Issued.
HOUSING (HB&OP.A2) DEPARTMENT G.O.Rt.No. Dated:20-11-2015

Government have sanctioned 60,000 2BHK houses to the entire Telangana State, in that 12400 houses were reserved under State Reserve Quota.

Government have sanctioned (1250) houses to Gajwel, Pregnapur Nagarpanchayat, Medak District under State Reserve Quota. Guidelines for implementation of 2 Bed Room Housing Programme were issued in the reference 3rd read above.

District Collector, Medak District, has requested the Government for sanction of Rs.40.52 Crores ( Rupees Forty Crores and Fifty Two Lakhs Only) for providing infrastructure facilities in the Gajwel, Pregnapur Nagara Panchayath.

Government after careful examination of the matter hereby accord sanction for an amount of Rs.937.5 lakhs (Nine Cores Thirty Seven Lakhs and Fifty Thousand only) towards the infrastructure cost for (1250) 2BHK houses sanctioned in G.O. 2nd read above to take up the works as per Guidelines issued in the G.O. 3rd read above. The balance amount shall be given under Special Development Fund (SDF).

The District Collector, Medak District shall take necessary further action in the matter accordingly.


Read the following:-

1. G.O.Ms.No.08 Housing(RH&C-A1)Department, dated:26.09.2015.
2. G.O.Rt.No.135, Housing (HB&OP.A2) Dept., Dt.15.10.2015
3. G.O.Ms.No.10,Housing(RH&C.A1)Department, dated:15.10.2015.
4. From the Dist. Collector, Medak, Lr.No.H3/4447/2015, Dt.19.11.2015.

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