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Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan Cinematic Touch to His Vijayawada Camp Office

Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan Cinematic Touch to His Vijayawada Camp Office

Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan Cinematic Touch to His Vijayawada Camp Office, With Pawan Kalyan’s recent electoral success and appointment as Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, the Telugu film industry is abuzz with speculation about its future in Amaravathi. For years, Hyderabad has been the hub of Tollywood, but now, under Pawan Kalyan’s leadership, there are plans to shift a significant portion of film production to Amaravathi.

Pawan Kalyan’s Strategic Moves

Planning and Preparation

Pawan Kalyan has expressed his intention to facilitate the completion of pending shoots for his upcoming movies like #OG, Ustaad Bhagath Singh, and Hari Hara Veera Mallu. These shoots are set to take place in specially constructed sets in and around Amaravathi and Vijayawada. This strategic move not only aims to bolster the local film industry but also ensures his availability for crucial governmental responsibilities.

Overcoming Challenges

Previously, security concerns had hindered such plans under the previous administration. However, with Pawan Kalyan now in a position of influence, he is poised to navigate these challenges and pave the way for Tollywood’s expansion into Amaravathi.

Future Prospects

Impact on Tollywood

The potential relocation of a part of Tollywood to Amaravathi marks a significant shift in the industry’s landscape. It could lead to the establishment of new infrastructure, job opportunities, and economic growth in the region.

Cultural Implications

Beyond economic benefits, this move could also have cultural implications, fostering a closer integration of cinema with the local community and encouraging a new wave of storytelling rooted in Andhra Pradesh’s rich heritage.

Minister Pawan Kalyan: A Cinematic Touch to His Vijayawada Camp Office

Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Pawan Kalyan, recently visited his camp office in Vijayawada. As he prepares to assume his new responsibilities from tomorrow, Pawan Kalyan has chosen the Water Resources Department building for his residence. Accompanying him was his close friend and renowned art director, Anand Sai, who will assist in designing the building to suit the Minister’s preferences.

A Grand Welcome in Vijayawada

Pawan Kalyan, the Deputy Chief Minister and Jana Sena Party leader, visited his camp office in Vijayawada today. He traveled directly from Gannavaram Airport to the guest house of the Water Resources Department, where employees warmly welcomed him. Following this, he received an honorary salute from the police.

Multiple Responsibilities Await

In addition to his role as Deputy Chief Minister, Pawan Kalyan will oversee the Panchayati Raj, Rural Development, Rural Water Supply, Forest and Environment, and Science and Technology ministries. He is set to begin his official duties on Wednesday, June 19.

Bringing Cinema to Politics

Accompanying Pawan Kalyan was Anand Sai, a well-known art director in the film industry and a close friend of the Minister. Reports suggest that Anand Sai’s presence indicates a cinematic touch to the new camp office. Pawan Kalyan has often spoken highly of Anand Sai, who has worked on several of his films, including “Tholi Prema,” “Gudumba Shankar,” and “Balu.”

Anand Sai’s Contributions

Anand Sai is noted for his significant role in the reconstruction of the Yadadri Temple. Before this, he was involved in numerous films as an art director, earning a solid reputation in the industry. His collaboration with Pawan Kalyan is expected to bring a unique aesthetic to the camp office.

Designing the Camp Office

Anand Sai, who spent two and a half years visiting major temples across the country with the guidance of Chinna Jeeyar Swami, will now lend his expertise to the design of Pawan Kalyan’s camp office. The building is expected to feature distinct modifications, with the office on the lower floor and Pawan Kalyan’s residence on the upper floor, reflecting a blend of administrative functionality and personalized design.


As Pawan Kalyan sets his sights on expanding Tollywood into Amaravathi, all eyes are on the unfolding developments. The journey ahead promises to be transformative, not just for the film industry but for the entire state of Andhra Pradesh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Tollywood completely move from Hyderabad to Amaravathi?

While there are plans to shift a significant portion of film production to Amaravathi, Hyderabad will likely remain a crucial center for the Telugu film industry.

What are the benefits of this move for Andhra Pradesh?

This move could bring economic growth, infrastructure development, and cultural enrichment to Amaravathi and its surrounding areas.

How will Pawan Kalyan balance his film commitments with his political responsibilities?

Pawan Kalyan intends to shoot his films in Amaravathi to ensure his availability for governmental duties, demonstrating a commitment to both spheres.

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