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25 Lakh House sites for Houseless poor Andhra Pradesh

25 Lakh House sites for Houseless poor Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Lands Provision of 25 lakh House sites / Housing Units to Houseless poor people – Constitution of Committee with Officers – Orders – Issued. 25 Lakh House sites for Houseless poor Andhra Pradesh with GO 797.

The Government have decided to provide 25 lakh House sites/Housing Units to Houseless poor people in coming 5 years period in the State. Wherein sites have to be provided by Ugadi 2020. Accordingly, Government hereby constitute a committee with the following members to have better inter-departmental coordination in evolving road map and for regular monitoring of the programme of providing House Sites/ Housing Units both in rural and urban areas in the State of Andhra Pradesh:

1 Special Chief Secretary to Government, Revenue (Land)Department Chairman

2 Principal Secretary to Government, Housing Department Member

3 Principal Secretary to Government or his representative, Finance Department. Member

4 Secretary to Government, Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department Member

5 Secretary to Government, Social Welfare Department Member

6 Special Commissioner, O/o Chief Commissioner of Land Administration Member Convener

25 Lakh House sites for Houseless poor Andhra Pradesh

In 2017, Government have accorded Administrative sanction for construction of 1,20,950 EWS houses including 5786 houses sanctioned under Hud Hud Cyclone project under PMAY –HFA(Urban) in 3 models in 37 ULBs with Central Assistance of Rs.1.50 Lakhs and State Government assistance of equal share of Rs.1.50 Lakhs in addition to providing land owned by ULB/ Government at free of cost and also approved EPC tendering system on e-procurement platform for the projects with shear wall technology.

MD, APTIDCO has informed that the Commissioner, CRDA, Amaravati has reported that as a part of Land Pooling scheme, the Government have announced to provide housing for the houseless poor in capital city area and that the CRDA has conducted a detailed Socio Economic Survey in the capital city area and it has been identified that about 7000 families do not have pucca houses and they are residing in temporary houses in encroached lands and as tenants. In a review meeting on 04-05-2017.

It has been decided to construct about 5000 houses in about 10 locations spread across the capital city area under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) and the APCRDA has identified 10 parcels of land and also proposed to construct the houses in the following categories :

S.No Size                No.of Houses

1 430 Sft                           2500

 2 365 Sft                         1500

3 300 Sft 1000 Total     5000

The MD, APTIDCO has also reported that in the said meeting, the Commissioner, CRDA, Amaravati has suggested to built Cellar+7 structures, since the foundation cost in the capital city is high, as it requires pile foundation, to maximize the economic value of the pile foundation.

In the said meeting, it has also been decided that the CRDA shall hand over 50 acres of land located in 10 different locations to APTIDCO to carry out construction of 5000 houses under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY).

The Director (Land and Social Development), APCRDA shall provide the list of beneficiaries and tie up with Banking institutions.

It has also been decided to construct 992 houses with 300 Sft, SBA ,1536 houses with 365 Sft and 2496 houses with 430 Sft under G+3 Pattern with Shear wall (Monolithic Technology) in 10 locations at CRDA, Amaravati with the following unit cost and Project cost that was prepared based on Shear wall (Monolithic) Technology with current SSR rates 2016-17.

The MD, APTIDCO has therefore requested the Government to accord Administrative sanction to the above Unit costs and also to total Project cost of Rs. 344.97 Cr as the estimates were prepared adopting 2016-17 SSR Rates for Shear wall (Monolithic) Technology for carrying out civil and internal infrastructure facilities (such as Electrical, Plumbing, Water supply works) of houses in G+3 pattern for the 5,024 houses with a completion period of Fifteen months (15) in Amaravati, CRDA of Andhra Pradesh.

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