Urdugar cum Shadikhana at Musafir Khana Vinchipet, Vijayawada

M.W.(IDM) Department have requested for sanction of Rs.600.00 lakhs for construction of Urdugar-cumShadikhana-cum-Shopping at Musafir Khana, a waqf Complex called Shah Zafoor Musafir Fikhir Takhta, in Vinchipet, Vijayawada, Krishna District under the scheme Special Development Fund for Welfare and Developmental Activities, to fulfil the assurance of the Hon’ble Chief Minister proposed for the year 2015-16.

The Government after careful examination hereby accord administrative sanction for an amount of Rs.600.00 lakhs (Rupees Six Hundred lakhs only) for construction of Urdugar-cum-Shadikhana-cum-Shopping at Musafir Khana, a waqf Complex called Shah Zafoor Musafir Fikhir Takhta in Vinchipet, Vijayawada, Krishna District under the Scheme “Special Development Fund” for Welfare and Developmental Activities during the year 2015-16 in relaxation of Quarterly regulation orders, subject to the District Collector, Krishna District to
obtain work estimates for Rs.600.00 lakhs from the District Minority Welfare Officer, Krishna District and necessary sanctions shall be given at district level with proper scrutiny as per rules in vogue.

Orders were issued “Dispensing with release of LOC in respect of Capital works”. Hence, Budget Release Orders are not required in this regard.

The amount sanctioned for Rs.600.00 Lakhs shall be drawn as per the procedures for drawing the funds from the capital head of accounts, laid down in the references 1st and 2nd read above.

The amount sanctioned in para (2) above shall be debited to the following head of Account under “Special Development Fund” for Welfare and Developmental Activities:
(Rs. in lakhs) General 5475 – MH 800 GH.11 Normal State Plan- SH (08) Special Development fund for Welfare and Development activities – 530 Major works – 531 other expenditure. 600.00

The sanctioned works shall be executed by the respective departments strictly following the departmental guidelines existing in vogue.

The District Collector, Krishna District shall monitor the progress of the works on a regular basis and shall obtain and furnish utilization certificates after completion of the sanctioned works. SDF-Developmental works- Administrative sanction for an amount of Rs.600.00 lakhs towards for construction of Urdugar-cum-Shadikhana-cum-Shopping at Musafir Khana, a waqf Complex called Shah Zafoor Musafir Fikhir Takhta, in
Vinchipet, Vijayawada, Krishna District under SDF grant for the year 2015-16 in relaxation of Quarterly Regulation Orders-Orders Issued.

PLANNING(VI) DEPARTMENT G.O.RT.No. 592 Dated.09-11-2015 Read the following:-
1. G.O Ms No.328 Fin.(BG-I) Dept. Dated.08.04.2013.
2. G.O MS No.70, Fin.(BG.1) Dept. Dated.24.3.2014.
3. M.W.(IDM) Dept., U.O.Note No.3577/IDM/A1/2014,

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